Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wanted : contributers

I'm currently looking for anyone who might be interesting in contributing the odd article to this site. Email me at .

Oh and this...Still surfing through telkom ? Don't be a moron.

Great hosting company, great service , unbeatable prices. My uncapped runs me under 300 bucks a month with good speeds and reliability. Sign up through the link and save us both a few bucks (50%) with a two month DOUBLE your money back guarantee if for whatever reason you are unhappy, but after you deal with them I bet that won't be the case. No more 10 minutes waiting to talk to someone should you have an issue. In fact no more issues.


Dachshund said...

You might consider getting a black South African contributor. It's difficult as a white person to not come over as patronisingly liberal (racist) or outright racist.

I will continue to send you news or other articles that you might find interesting.

The Rooster said...

I would love that. I think people would love to hear from a black persons perspective and be put in their place when they say incredibly stupid things like "apartheid was a glorious time for this country and blacks were better off".

Dachshund said...

The trouble with surfing with Afrihost is that you are still dependent on a Telkom line. I prefer taking the hsdpa route and managed to get a non-contractual "contract" with Mweb so I can keep on using their faxmail. How did I manage that? When I was still on contract with Mweb they stuffed up my account - they say MTN stuffed it up but the end result was the same - so that my usage log didn't coincide with the huge out of cap penalty charge they hit me with. So I said sod that, and cancelled the debit order and have been paying prepaid ever since, even though the two year contract period is up. This then costs me R449 for 2G a month; I top up every other month with another MTN sim buying purely prepaid at R389 per 2G. So I'm paying an extra R60 a month to have access to faxmail.

This is a fairly convoluted, not to mention expensive way of doing things, but is a walk in the park compared to having to deal with Telkom in any guise or form. If anyone has a better idea, I'd like to hear it, as long it has nothing to do with Telkom, Cell C or Vodacom, or a contract of any kind with MTN.

The Rooster said...

Well I haven't had to deal with telscum for many a year. But when you do it is like pulling teeth, so I know where you are coming from.

If you don't go Afrihost then go mweb. When seacom went down the only two providers who went the extra mile to keep you surfing with proxy servers were afrihost and mweb. They are both great companies, but afrihost win it for me with their customer service and ease of use. You don't need to go through timeless credit checks etc every time you want to set up a new domain etc, it's painless and a great service.

The Rooster said...

Also with afrihost, even if unlike me you can survive on 2-3 gigs a month (I use closer to 80) you can get it for 9 rand a gig. I put a link in the sidebar for that. Oh and you get a free gig anyway.

Dachshund said...

I should have added: "or a contract with Mweb" because Mweb uses MTN who charge exorbitant and unsubstantiated "out of cap" charges if you're on a contract! That's why I'm on a prepaid basis with Mweb, I prepay them for the month's usage by EFT and if I exceed their cap then that's their tough cigar. Mweb don't want another contract with me either, either because I bitch like hell when MTN stuff up, or they don't trust MTN not to stuff up. That, I am afraid, is what the telecommunications conglomerates are like in South Africa. On one occasion, when I complained to Mweb about MTN, I had this smarmy call centre agent telling me that Mweb has tens of thousands of other customers who don't object the way I do. As a consumer you have to ask, why should I put up with lousy service and overcharging in the first place? I will let sleeping dogs lie with Mweb as they don't seem to be giving any hassles lately.

The Rooster said...

Hey fuck them all. But I really have found afrihost to be a totally alien animal. Their customer service is fantastic. I sat with a (while we are at it black individual) into the early hours of tyhe morning trying to sort out the issues of one of my hosted sites. They're a small concern right now relatively speaking but will obviously grow quickly with the promotions they run such as this one. Oh..and they called me!

But yes, let's see if they maintain such kiss ass service when they are the size of MTN.

And bitch people, bitch until you can't anymore. When living in south korea my internet fucked out. Within 30 minutes a technician was in my place working on it and logging reports on his phone. We deserve as much given we pay WAY more for our internet.

Dachshund said...

Have you got any idea how to block this Babylon search program that pops up when you use Mozilla Firefox? It sucks. I have tried uninstalling MF but it bounces right back when you reinstall.

The Rooster said...

Babylon ? I use firefox all the time (can't live without it as a web developer) and never had such issues with it.

Boertjie said...

Hi Rooster, Dachshund

You use close to 80Gigs a month?? WOOOW!!! Do you download stuff 24/7 or what?!

Ans something thats always interesting for me to ask people...Rooster, Dachshund, do you have a favourite antivirus-suite and why is it your favourite.

Rooster Quote : "I think people would love to hear from a black persons perspective"

I also think thats a great idea. You just can't ask black people certain things in 3d-space without putting yourself at risk for being politically incorrect. I found Khayas post on why blacks don't vote DA particularly valueble. This blog just might be the right place for whiteys and darkies to talk to each other about things they don't have the courage to talk about in 3d-space.

The Rooster said...

I download a fair bit, yeah.

I don't want to say anything about which anti virus software I use. I deal with enough hacker twats already (not this site but others.)

Boertjie said...

Hackers and malware-writers...nasty folks.

Well then I'd just like to share that, at this stage, I'm a Kaspersky-fan for these reasons:

-the settings is super-customizable
-relatively good heuristics
-big userbase (thus more watchposts for new malware)

The only thing i HATE about Kaspersky right now is this apparent vulnerability:

Before the K-icon appears in the systemtray, you can disable K's processes via Taskmanager! Eek!

Dachshund said...

Boertjie: I know all about hackers and cyberterrorism from first hand experience. I use Eset antivirus and firewall software as I find it highly effective and the least disruptive. I have downloaded Zone Alarm's free firewall as an extra precaution.

Fyn said...

by far your best post ever!

Boertjie said...

Dachshund...cyberterrorism? firsthand experience? What exactly happened? was it SAS or something not related?

Oh, forgot to say about Kaspersky...I use only the antivirus, not the Internet Security, but apparantly the IS and Kaspersky Pure has a nice extra feature called "Safe Run" or something. Basically it lets you run stuff, including your browser, in a virtual/sandbox system.

I dont have internet on my PC, but I got so much malware-moeilikheid that I needed an AV that you can update from another computer. From the AV's I could find out about that you can do this with, Kaspersky seemed the most effective.

I once tried Bitdefender, but it was (in my case anyway) obtrusive as hell. Its scans gave me a load of false positives and the application-behaviour-component also blocked a lot of safe apps. Plus, it said only "bitdefender deemed this application malicious". Kaspersky tells you what kind of behaviour the application shows (keylogger, invader, trying to connect to the 'net, etc). You can also, if you know your system welland you run something new, let kaspersky ask you what to do (block,allow,quarantine) when it detects some potentially dangerous behaviour. In short, Kaspersky is nice for control-freaks like me.

Eset generally scores well with both heuristics and reactive tests. I'm especially fussy about heuristics, because, in my layman-mind, the effectiveness of the heuristics is directly related at how fast an AV-company identifies new malware and release database-entries for it.

Dachshund said...

I had Bitdefender on my computer when it was hacked into and infected with a virus nearly 3 years ago. I don't know what they are like now, these programs change all the time. I like Eset because it is so unobtrusive while being highly effective. And yes, it was an attack by a then member of SAS, but his affiliation with SAS was coincidental because this guy is a total nut job no matter his political views. But let me put it this way, it isn't John Kane-Berman of the SA Institute of Race Relations who still phones at all hours of the night.