Monday, 27 June 2011

Listen up Julius and feminazis !

I fell in love with this guy when he combined big ass nerd glasses and the word "axiomatic assumption".


Dachshund said...

I couldn't get past the "fee" video seminar bit at the very beginning. I'm too broke to cough up for this particular download.

The Rooster said...

A shame as it's a good talk.

Black Coffee said...

Rooster - anything by Walter Williams promises to be interesting. You should know, and perhaps you do, that while he describes himself as a "Jeffersonian liberal" in terms of his philosophy, many Americans, including me consider him somewhat of a black conservative. Williams has for over the past 20 years, if not longer, denied that discrimination is a major hurdle that holds black Americans back. I am not so sure that is true, despite America having elected its first black President in 2008. Williams has also opposed affirmative action for over the past 20 years, which is music to the ears of many whites who, as in South Africa, misperceive it as "reverse discrimination." But thank you for posting his lecture, I look forward to listening.