Sunday, 10 April 2011

Meet the hero of mybroadband ....Master Cain.

He's got all the attributes.

He's a racist and proud of it.

(That and at least 5 other open proud admissions.)

He was old enough to vote in 1978 making him a ballie. And considered the Nats too "liberal" and hence voted CP. Can you say "vekrampte" ?

In this thread he shows he strongly believes in soothsayers and wishes blacks to be shoved in the sea.

He promotes race war on that thread as well as the next one frequently.

Despite this he is not only tolerated on this forum, they walk egg shells around him banning others who present a non racist perspective. He on the other hands constantly starts threads to discuss "boer genocide" ( the mythology of which you can read here) as well as trying to promote divisive race based discussions and the obsession with a "boer" (not Afrikaners or white) homeland.

(As I write this this example just came in ... )

I therefore will be contacting all the companies with whom I have current services and advertise on the mybroadband site of their tolerance to such bigots and warmongerers. I will also inform them that their association to this racist website has lost my business and that I will be writing to the newspapers about it.

Ethical and good people out there will hopefully follow my example. Let us for once stamp out the right winged extremist moderation leanings on South Africans most prominent social forum.

Peace and Love

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