Saturday, 9 April 2011

A question to hard line racists.

One cute thing hard line racists do predictably is point out the existence of many poor black people as an example as to the "racial" (genetic to those of us who are intelligent beings) differences in human "races".

Now I won't blow their mind by revealing that there is scientific consensus that race does not exist in a biological sense in any significance between races as between individuals within races. We're talking after all the dumbest of the dumb ren necks here who don't even know what a phenotype is after all. So let's keep it simple and ask them a question in the way the dumb asshats will understand :

If white people are rich and hard working because of their "racial" up make, then why do we find poor and lazy whites ?

I already know what you're going to answer in your neo caveman speak : "They have bad parents or they grew up poor because of some bad circumstances."

And of course the fact that you're arguing a social constructionist framework will by pass your fucking dull reptile like brains with absolute no ironical resonance at all.

So let's move on. I suppose some might argue that they probably have a water downed racial make up. Given the Aryan brotherhood in the states are the biggest bunch of redneck social service sycophants known to man that's clearly not true. But one place it does seem to be true.

South Africa.

AS shown in a famous study, of all the "white" populations in the world a large majority of Afrikaans have "black" ancestors in their recent past. As many as 70% making them the "blackest whites" groups in the world considered white. While for the English they only have a very small make up of "mixed blood".

And this does seem to follow a trend.

Afrikaans are dumber than the English on the whole after all. They are poorer too. They are more prone to preferring brandy to hard work certainly. So I suppose you're right. From now on I will look down on Afrikaners for their racial inferiority. That's clearly what they're insisting I do. So give them what they want, no ?

So no more whinging about the great trek and Boer war and the concentration camps and the British etc please. It all comes down to your race if you ended up some place in the world. Circumstances and history had nothing to do with it. 

Well I suppose I would , if I wasn't happy with myself and needed to find a better place in the world for myself anyway.

Careful what you ask for people.


Anonymous said...

I think you just gave definitive proof that it all comes down to the gene pool.

Blacks are stupid and the Afrikaners, well lets face it 25% of them live in squatter camps now which means 1 in 4 Afrikaners are from poor genetic stock.

I like to think of it as being survival of the fittest and being white does not automatically make you fit.

BTW many of these 'Aryans' in the US are nothing more than trailer park trash. Black trash, white trash, this world is a dirt bin.

Bring back Hitler to clean up the mess! People like Zuma and Malema should be bloody sterilized as their genetic stock is piss poor. Dumb people only breed more dumb people.

Anonymous said...

Aw Roostie hun, aren't you going to reply to your favourite two faced bitch?

The Rooster said...

They said it all. Hitler and all. And I used so little cheese in my little rat trap.

Dachshund said...

Yes, it's always those with a generous slap of the tarbrush while pretending to be white who are the most racist.

just another racist said...

Anonymous 09 April 2011 at 9h39 said:

Bring back Hitler to clean up the mess! People like Zuma and Malema should be bloody sterilized as their genetic stock is piss poor. Dumb people only breed more dumb people.

Can we add rooster to the list of people to be sterilized? The thought of him poking beautiful white intelligent girls is revolting but of him having offspring with white people is shit scary!

I hope he's gay and enjoys black roosters though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rooster. You touched a topic I've been wondering about for quite a while. I think this is a good opportunity to share my casual ponderings on the subject. Bear in mind that these are my CASUAL thoughts on the matter and I apologize for any ignorance on my part.

From my own observations most blacks reveal themselves to be persons I tend to disrespect. BTW, I treat EVERYONE the way I would like to be treated (and always have). Among most blacks in SA I observe what I can only describe as a dumb-and-sometimes-arrogant mentality. I actually find it hard not to become racist. It also seems that worldwide blacks are associated the most with poverty, crime and social problems. My thoughts turned to my very limited knowledge of history. I know colonialism and slavery took a toll on Africa. I asked myself : what about before that? What about the times when some areas of Africa was still "untouched" by Europe? As far as I know, blacks in Africa never advanced very far in civilisation compared to Europe at that time.

I asked myself how come Europe had developed a seemingly more advanced civilisation than Africa?

Could it be the differing environments? I don't really think so. Central and Southern Africa seems to be more harsh than Europe. Lots of dangerous animals. But then again, Europe also had wild animals like wolves and I think bears. Plus, Europe has much colder winters. Seems both environments are harsh in their own ways.

Could it be differences in moral and social standards, mentality, religion, sulture, etc? Quite possibly in my opinion. I read something about "individualism" in Europe and "communalism" in Africa. Individualism generally meaning to be responsible for your own well-being. Communalism generally meaning to care for the community and be cared for by the community. In my opinion, the latter seems to be less productive since people may be less hard-working with the "safety-net" of the community.

Genetic differences between races/cultures/ethnic groups? I can't discount the possibility, but I also cannot say "definitively yes". I can't form an opinion one way or the other. I have many conflicting thoughts on the matter. What causes the mentality I see? Is it the result of poor social conditions? Or is it the cause of poor social conditions in the first place?

So, these are some random samplings of my thoughts on this and related matters. Hope it provided some fresh leads for futher reading and discussion for those who are more interested in this topic than me.

And in case you're wondering who and what I am...I'm an Afrikaner/Boer and proud of it. I DON'T like sokkie-music (I'm a classical pianist). I like two-tone and plain bush shirts and rugby shorts. I live and let live.

And the current political climate and, to a lesser extent, social climate most certainly is hostile to Afrikaners. And don't bother to try to convince me otherwise. I've seen, heard and read just about everyone's view on this, including yours Rooster.



The Rooster said...

Boertjie pick up an anthropology book. It will cure you of your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I studied Paleoanthropology and Archaeology and your statement about race not existing is spot on.

Having black ancestors in your gentic lineage is a positive thing as it enhances your genetic variance(unless you are black, then it doesnt matter). Coloured people are considered to have the biggest genetic variance of any group in the world.

The problem in South Africa is numbers. If 10% of Blacks are idiots, we have 4 000 000 black idiots. If 10% white people are total idiots, we have 400 000 white idiots. All races have idiotic individuals.

However calling Afrikaners as a whole dumb is a bit of a stretch, I do however think you are trying to give the hyper conservative Afrikaner a sarcastic blow, since Afrikaners have done some pretty amazing things in the past, and currently.

I am Afrikaans, and had my IQ measured, and the result was in the top 2% of the country, but even that, I do know that a powerful brain is nothing if you have a f'up mindset.

Blak Geneyis said...

dem wite rassis be hatin onn da blak peepel cuz dey be gellus ov owr itiluct. i b a circimfized blak jenieyis so i'z noos al bout it bruva.