Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who does "shoot the boer" really hurt ?

Let me clear the air. I think the song shoot the boer should be banned. Not because I actually think anyone sings it or takes it to mean that they should "shoot the boer". I mean grow up. But because the singing of it is being used by the right to distort reality and cause tensions.

So ban the song. It is is bad taste at best after all. But these are some good point I highlight here.

Equality Court Judge Collin Lamont paused African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema's hate speech case on Tuesday to order that anyone carrying firearms remove them from the court.

"People who have arms are supposed to be dispossessed of them in this court," said Lamont when power returned after a brief blackout.

He said he would not tolerate firearms in his court.

On Monday, Malema's bodyguards carried assault rifles into the court passage although on Tuesday they did not.

However, there were a number of policemen present bearing arms.

"It poses not only a threat to the witness, but also to me," said Lamont.

He told Malema's lawyer, Vincent Maleka, that he did not know if the firearms were part of his delegation, but he wanted them removed.

After a short period where people in the gallery craned their necks to see who the judge was referring to, Maleka continued cross-questioning AfriForum Youth leader Ernst Roets.

He extracted from Roets that he did not understand Zulu and Xhosa and initially did not understand what the lyrics "dubul' ibhunu" (shoot the boer/farmer) meant.

He said he felt threatened by Malema, whom he regarded a racist.

Roets did not feel welcome in South Africa due to statements such as the one being argued over, and said his Afrikaans community, which is a minority, would be increasingly threatened and marginalised by such songs.

"The concern is that songs and songs like this sung by Malema can only be damaging."

He said it went against the Constitution and democratic principles.

He conceded that he and his delegation were not harmed during a meeting with Malema at ANC headquarters, but they had joked beforehand about taking security. After the ANCYL had explained that the song had a struggle history, they gave a demonstration that left the AfriForum Youth confused, although not harmed.

He said the song had a place in museums, history books and plays, but not in the political environment.

Maleka took him to task on an AfriForum gathering where a placard was displayed saying Malema had blood on his hands, and asked Roets if this was meant literally.

Roets said it was not literal but referred to murders of farmers.

Maleka then said it was not Malema creating racial polarisation.

"In fact it is you who are creating the climate [of racial polarisation]." -- Sapa

My last word on the issue is "Thanks a fuxing lot Afriforum. You have given Malema the soap box and attention he has always dreamed of. Cunts."


Tia Mysoa said...
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The Rooster said...

Psy-ops. What's a big word for someone who believces in the old testiment literally. You moron.

The Rooster said...

Sorry Tia-creepy bible basher guy but you won't be bouncing any traffic from my site to the one you linked to. Be free to comment as much as you like but no link whoring to mister piet skiet.

just another racist said...

Rooster says...

Be free to comment as much as you like but no link whoring to...

rich coming from a government salaried whore like you.

And as to Afriforum at least they are proactive in defending the human rights of white people unlike you who never misses an opportunity to patronize, insult, offend and denigrate white people.
Fact is that you don't seem to realize how the herd mentality of the black people works; your preposterous assertions are always speculative and completely taken out of contest.
But no worries mate, life can be a real bitch: your hatred towards white people will eventually backfire and one morning you will wake up to find that your pigment has changed to black (i assume you are a cracker); but wait, maybe that will be your blessing, you will finally be in your element among your black communist brothers.

The Rooster said...

Oh no ! I've been outed ! Yes, you got me. I am paid by the A.N.C to write this site. Damn you "just another racist" ! I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you and that stupid dog !

Scoobie doobie doo !

Anonymous said...

Afriforum did not have much choice in the matter. If you leave Malema as is then he will continue and very possibly push the country into a massive fight. Considering the history of South Africa singing those type of songs can inflame the present with the past. The only reason why the ANC can stay ahead is because they remind people at elections about the past and abuse it for their own political purposes.

The Rooster said...

This whole fucking country needs to get the fucking chip off their shoulders. Fuck Malema and fuck Afriforum etc.

Dachshund said...

What stupid dog? I didn't say nuttin'.

Anonymous said...

"This whole fucking country needs to get the fucking chip off their shoulders. Fuck Malema and fuck Afriforum etc..."

Ha-ha-ha!!!!!! luv to see you froth on your own blog boetie....Sorrie, but it's NOT going to get better, the chip is not going any-fucking-where...You are doomed...Have a happy police state...

Dachshund said...

I like slap chips, those skyfies that have been knocked off and slapped around till they're lekker mellow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rooster

Thnx. Think I'll also start by reading about the history of the African continent (and Europe) on wikipedia. Maybe a good start for getting the general picture before delving into the details...

On Shoot the Boer :

Found this a while back :

It's from around the time ET was murdered. Just a glimpse into the general feeling (from seemingly all South Africans) around the issue. Also take a look at the poll results.

Hope its an interesting read.