Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Cherry picking and card houses...

The S.A.S website has about as much credibility as a valentines card from a lap dancing crackwhore. Previously when I've used the South African police statistics to demonstrate that South Africa has between the 9th(worse case scenario) and 45th(best case scenario) highest murder rate, not the first, they've screamed themselves blue insisting the S.A police stats were not to be trusted. The S.A police was too illiterate to capture the data correctly and it was all a conspiracy by the bilderburg group and the loch ness monster ...yadda yadda yadda...

Low and behold almost daily however you can visit their site(if you're a masochist and haven't on earlier occasion gouged your eyes out)and find them using nothing other then South African police statistics to validate increase in business robbery etc. This is what generous people would call "cherry picking your data"....that's to say only believing those things which suit your agenda and dismissing those which don't. A less generous person would call it "bullshit". I'm less generous.

The entire premise from whose bowels that site excretes itself, is based on the entirely incorrect proposal that South Africa has gotten worse since 1994. I proved this time and time again and you can see my "South African myth quick fix page" if you need the proof. However despite smacking them in the face with it constantly there is a reluctance for them to face up to the truth and adapt their argument. Instead they pound away with the same old lies. Lately however I've noticed a very strong dwindling in their enthusiasm and output. Could it be faced with my barrage of truth that they're losing their delusional sense of righteousness ?

Could the house of cards be falling down ?


Anonymous said...

Rooster...Sounds like you missed the propagandistic bandwagon and tried to make your own out of bubblegum and your wanker readers like Greg Berchensko is digesting it.

Your bullshit propagandistic arguments are like this:

"Computer games are good for childhood or teenage literacy because they have to read the instructions"

You are an intellectual dyslexic. Every time you are slightly challenged, you revert to swearing, ad hominem attacks and name-calling. You are the intellectual equivalent of a baboon who got his hand trapped inside the pumpkin, too stupid to admit defeat and too simple to know when to let go. So you just scream and make baboon noises. Overcoming feelings of intellectual inadequacy is probably very hard for you, Rooster, but you just have to accept that you cannot change it. You are what you are. Dof and stupid.

You are no match for the bloggers of SAS, who are by the way all University graduates, unlike you who think you are. Those okes at SAS will slaughter and bury every one of your bullshit arguments.

Go on. Try it. You will fail time and again. That is why you are too shit scared to take them on at SAS. It will give them a nice opportunity to debunk your Bullshit. How about you teach yourself how to ride a bike first before you enter the Tour De France?

Us as commentators are excused from spelling mistakes etc. But you are the so called Blog owner and five year university graduate. You are not excused. Learn to use spellcheckers for fuck sakes. You make yourself look KAK.

Maybe those five years were all in your first year? Or what...?

The Rooster said...

Funny...I've been calling those fuckwads out for months now and they still haven't provided a single shred of counter evidece to back up their bullshit world view.

I'm clearly far intellectually superior to the bloggers at S.A.S. I write better, I'm wittier , I'm funnier, i'm more creative, I have actual statistics to back up my facts...I actually live in the country I'm talking about.....and all of that without even trying...really I spend about 5 minutes a day on this blog and manage to ass rape the S.A.S site day after day....because frankly what they say is so silly it doesn't require any effort.

Bullshit detector said...
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Bullshit detector said...
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Anonymous said...

BS detector, tell me something. Were you not until recently supporting the SAS people with your comments? And were you not the maaitjie of Adriana Stuijt who I see has been kicked off for a second time for making senile comments. Do you think posting here will somehow absolve you from what you said on SAS comments? You must be way past your prime. A true reflexion of what years and years of alcohol abuse does to someones brain.