Tuesday, 14 October 2008

An S.A.Ser returns..

There's a hilarious post up on S.A.S where some crap writer complains that he gives up....he just can't convince the "dellusioned" white South Africans that South Africa is a bad place and they should leave. He never stops to consider that it's because South Africa is an awesome place full of vibrancy and opportunity. He just blames this on "liberalism" and goes on to say there are far more of these liberals than "right minded people".

Basically he's admitting that the kooks at S.A.S are a minority of embittered nazi's who your average white South African would laugh off (or worse). To me this is perfectly obvious and true, because the great majority of white South Africans I know(despite the odd moan) are very happy in South Africa and love the country and fully feel part of it. Sadly on the internet though you're more likely to come across the bitter expat in his crummy new home because he's got no quality of life, friends and is stuck at his computer and miserable.

Next he goes on to describe his recent trip to South Africa ...His parts are the parts in bold letters (or to put it another way : the stupid parts) , and my deconstruction follows in regular font.

I was there over a year ago, and just seeing how different it is, very changed, (no shit sherlcok...it's a million times better)I knew it was no longer a place I want to be (because you're a racist nazi?)...just squatter camps and low cost housing all over the place. (Amazing. 20% of black people have pulled themselves out of poverty and squatter camps have increased....amaingly bullshit that is) Security villages and security estates..all very fancy yes...all very high walled. (yup..very fancy well protected gated communities everywhere...what's the problem ?) Gawd awful Joburg was a sight, urban sprawl all the way to Pretoria,(he means new developments due to the economic boom) and black heads like an ant invasion (yes there are black people in africa folks)...and the traffic...too dreadful. (Ie : Much more people can afford cars) Go into Edgars, Woolies, Pick n Pay..just AA staff, salespeople and cashiers (he means black..and yes...there are lots of black people in stores now because they have money)...hawkers at traffic lights and car gaurds everywhere. Just about the only whites you see in the large stores are the customers. I noticed even restaurants had less young white students then there were in the past (no , what you saw was the same amount of white students just with the inclusion of their black friends). It all looked and felt very different (It is different...thank god !!!)...and it was so dry and dusty. (Blame the black man for the weather now too ?)



For the expats or recent returnees out there who found the grass not to be as green as you hoped. Maybe you could post about it up here so we can balance out the information from the S.A.S types.


Anonymous said...

Geez you are dof! The DA actually counts the ammount of squatters as they increase every month. Currently it is standing at 270,000 in Kayalitsha and growing. Anyone landing at Cape Town Airport regularly will testify how Kayalitsha has simply grown exponentially since the ANC took over. Lwandle (Strand) was 20 years ago just a few hostels. It is now almost matching Kayalitsha. Masiphumeleli (Kommetjie) did not even exist ten years ago. Now it is a massive squater camp with police and ambulance sirens rushing there every night on weekends. It is simply a hell hole.

The vagrant blacks at robots are ever increasing. The crossing I drive past every day had one or two blacks standing there looking for casual day work, five years ago. Now there must be more than a hundred standing there.

Open your eyes Rooster. The country is going backwards. People are getting poorer and poorer. Whites and blacks.

The Rooster said...

It's people moving to the cities from rural areas and something called "population growth" you fucking idiot. It's not black people getting poorer. Do you want to waste everyones time go down this route where basically I pound down a heap of statisticaly info to show how much economic growth South Africa has had across all population groups ?

Really...all the facts , stats and numbers show that both crime is down and the economy is far better off than ever. Despite this idiots like you are still walking around suggesting the country is getting worse. Come to me with some fucking evidence for your insane notion or shut up.

Anonymous said...

you're a fucking retard rooster!

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck off my blog.

You are an unpatriotic white South African.

We are posting more and more Afrikaans only posts and getting more and more complaints from our English readers because in OZ they have forgotten how to speak Afrikaans.

We don't give a shit we will continue as the only true patriots.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know patriotism if it hit you in your contorted, bitter face! You should rename your trashy blog "White, bitter, limp dick South Africans suck"
That blog of yours is a joke with the same old boring bleating from a "lost race of afrikaners" day after day, month after month - nothing ever fucking changes.
If you were in any way patriotic or indeed, had any balls at all, then you would have got off your fat, puffy white arse and done something about your perceived "injustices" Instead you drum up the "support" of the white rabble by pointing out their every fuck-up and then trying to blame everyone but yourselves.
Toe rags like you, and the white trash you stand for make me want to puke!
Oh, and while I'm at it - Fuck Afrikaans - Its a bastardisation of the dregs of other shitty languages - nothing unique at all!

Anonymous said...

This UG guy is not the real SAS one. It is an imposter. Fuckin hell are you so vague that you cannot distinguish the writing styles. Personally I think it is Rooster who is trying to discredit the SAS'ers. Probably cause he has no real arguments to take them on. What a feeble brained wanker and dumbshit tosser.


Bullshit detector said...
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The Rooster said...

S.A.S highly moderate their blog to not allow any true and real informatuion through. Unlike my blog where I am so confident of being on the right side that i allow everything regardless of its content.