Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sweeet !

You know what living in South Africa is like ?
It's like Christmas morning ....except you're getting your morning glory lubricated by the mouth of Kerry Mcgregor while her husband Niel Scores a 100 to beat the aussies in a test match, and your only interupted by the news you won the lottery.
Tata ma maf#cking chance baby.
Check this beautiful thing out. It's a new South African engineered and designed electrical car set for launch in 2010. The South African company producing it are calling themselves Optimal Energy . Someone help me out here: In that mythical utopia called "Pre 1994" how many big projects like this were rolling out ?
Hmmmm...not very many..if ANY ! Now days this is ho hum....South Africa is cooking ek se !


Anonymous said...

"Beautiful thing"? Dude, it looks like a piece of shit. It's fucking ugly.

The Rooster said...

I think it looks awesome for what it is. It's designed by the head designer for Jaguar (South African.). I've been saying for years that South Africa need to come out with it's own brand of car seeing as we already produce so many quality cars in the country. The government is sponosoring 55% of this project which is good work, as well as ordering the first 10 000 models (to inject some cash into the company). These will be all over africa in a few years.

The Rooster said...

And the elctricity taken from the grid is 20% of the effective fuel cost. The car drives 200 000km on 7 hours battery charging. Eskom have confirmed they have more than enough power for 100 000's of these on our roads...so suck my balls doom merchants.

and you expats..you can't have one...fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Big projects in Apartheid years...?

Let's see...

Just take a look around you. Who built all those Scyscrapers,Universities, bridges and dams?

SA was a neuclear power. It had a space program at Houwtech (behind Grabouw, Western Cape).

Blacks were just a source of cheap labour, just as a donkey is a source of cheap labour for the farmer who plows the field.

The Rooster said...

S.A was a dirt hole for the vast majority of it's people under apartheid.

Get this whitey....we don't care how nostalgic you are for the days when you were colonial overlords..you still live like kings with maids and servants and easy and excellent employment opportunites, luxury cars and mansion homes with huge gardens....just now you have to maybe work for it (GAAAASSSSSSPPPPP) ....but here's the thing....


for the gross majority of South Africans live has got much better. For no group has it gotten worse except some might argue for whitey who don't enjoy the extra protection of the army and entire police force for themselves...but still enjoy a far less rate of violence than any other group and are still far richer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but SA still developed nuclear warheads, whether blacks were impoverished. And blacks were still the source for cheap labour, of those dams and bridges and buildings.

And this "colonial" story is crap. The whites came in handfuls. The blacks were in the masses. Why didn't the blacks simply defend their land? Because they hadn't developed gun powder, that's why.

The whites won the land because they had technology. |Blacks didn't.

The Rooster said...

Might is not right my friend....but it is random. Certainly you've got a lot of reading to do if you are to understand why Europeans rose to promminance during the colonial era. You got rich off parasiting off others. If the chinese had known what to use gunpowder for then it'd be them that were your overlords now (unless these encountered the same form on enlightenment and respect for equality you nazi's so much loath). Subsaharan africa , seperated from the rest of the world by the sahara dessert developed slighyl slower and has since been the doormat for the world. You're inability to take responsibility for this is a piss in the face of the empoverished people whose suffering helped make you and your kind rich.

Anonymous said...

rooster, stop trying to pretend you're not white. it's so silly. hahahaha

and stop with your propaganda "there were loads of factors" shit. the europeans rose to power because they were the most progressive.

"If the chinese had known what to use gunpowder for then it'd be them that were your overlords now"

but they didn't. hahahaha. who cares about "ifs" and "buts". the europeans were better and won more land.

might is right. we're all just evolved animals, and only the powerful survive. someone breaks into my home, I shoot him dead. i am stronger than him.

you keep avoiding the part about the europeans with their advanced technologies that they were either clever enough to develop, or clever enough to buy.

running water in europe thousands of years ago, vs africans still carrying water on their heads today.


The Rooster said...

You know the species is 150 000 years old and there has scarcely been a few hundred years that you could point out a discerable difference in the way we lived. Firstly we changed from hunter gatherers to subsistance farmers...this cleared up mans time to experiment and explore with ways to conquer his environment. He build permimnent shelters (because he didn't need to migrate) and it developed from there. This happened sooner in Europe and asia than africa purely because of the environment being less arid. The time that passed since then and now is but a blink of an eye...the greta majority of those 150 000 years of humanity europeans were no more sophisticated than anyone else and arguable less sophisticated than the east asians/mayans ...and other than small pockets like the ancients mostly they remained unsophisticated barbarians at best.

Other environmental factors revolve around what could have been an ice age/a genocidal war with neaderthals etc....it's really a complicated and sophisticated thing. The point is that for an extremely small time in the grand scheme of things...about 30 generations at most ...has there been any difference in the quality of whites and blacks as a whole ....genetically speaking that is a ridiculously low number to have expected any significant changed in a species as a whole. But carry on with your silly ignorant pseudo beliefs if you want.

Anonymous said...

"This happened sooner in Europe and asia than africa purely because of the environment being less arid."

bullshit. there is no way of knowing that. you've made another sweeping statement, like you so often do, with fuckall scientific data. what you're saying is opinion, nothing more.

you can explain as much as you want, but you can't remove the fact that europeans developed faster than africans and were more progressive. and what they didn't develop themselves, they bought / borrowed from the asians (who also developed quickly).

europeans and asians still develop fast today.

while africans were carrying water on their heads and building huts, europeans were developing science and walking on the moon and now even flying to mars.


The Rooster said...

So tell me genius. What is your greatest achievment ? Fuckign blowhard south african whites with no education and any inisght in the issues are always the ones carrying the racist world views. Taking credit for something done by europeans and americans.

Actually there are things in this world called "thinking people" and "scientists" who have tackled the issue of what makes us human beings different ? Our genes or environment ? And the answered resoundingly has been "Our environment"....so any claims of yours that race is significant is a fart against the wind of rationality. You want to make kooky outdated unscientific statements then the burden of proof is on your fuck face.

Anonymous said...

@chickendick -
"The car drives 200 000km on 7 hours battery charging"
200 000km? (124 274 miles) Yeah right - now suck another "fact" out your limp dick. This idiotic comment just shows you wouldn't know your basic ampere-hour from a blackout you cerebral pinprick!
And you have the audacity to comment about the (or, as you state - lack of?) an electricity crisis in your neck of the woods? Pleeze! You should get a job at Eishkom!
A previous commentator was right - you don't know the difference between an fuckin' amp and a volt let alone current battery capacities! To make a car run for 200 000km you would have to haul about 100km of batteries behind you and these would take a couple of years to charge!
Why don't you comment on things you know something about?
Oh-No, that wouldn't work either - your blog would be blank!
Oh well, never mind - Keep up the steady stream of funny bullshit - It keeps us minions amused!
Sigh* -So much for "yoonerversity edukashun" Not what it used to be!
No wonder you are still stuck in SA!

The Rooster said...

My bad. I meant 200 km (not miles) and 400km if you put in new batteries. Just watch the video...it's all there.

Anonymous said...

bla bla bla.

"So tell me genius. What is your greatest achievment ?"

hahaha, now you're trying to find the philosophical / psychological "holistic" route so that you can remove scientific advancement from the list of european achievements like rocketry and running water and space travel and printing and internal combustion and even the internet, that you happen to be using to present your opinions.

no one gives a shit about mud huts and straw beds and diseases and long walks to nowhere.

all people desire scientific advancement. african tribes do too. eg, they try new ways of hunting etc.

nigeria gained independece in 1960. 50 years later, it's still a dump. it even has the world's largest township. it took 10 years for the US to decide on, and to land on the moon. 12 times. and now they're going to mars.

meanwhile, china is expanding and progressing and will soon be in the space race. japan has one of the strongest economies.

so don't come with your "define mankind's greatest achievement" mantra.

The Rooster said...

Listen your intellectual midget, run along with your twisting of social darwinism and tell it to people who don't know better. I didn't spend half a decade at university so that I could weaste my time son idiots like you. Go do some reading and come back when you know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

"Listen your intellectual midget, run along with your twisting of social darwinism and tell it to people who don't know better. I didn't spend half a decade at university so that I could weaste my time son idiots like you. Go do some reading and come back when you know what you're talking about."

you have no comeback because you know you can't.

oh, i've done my reading and studies over the decades, don't you worry. i just don't go sucking my own cock about it, like you keep doing all over your blog.

Anonymous said...

One can always tell when Rooster lost the argument...like just about every argument thus far. HaHA-HA-HAha.

He reverts to name calling and Ad Hominems. A sign of a realy inferior intelectual capacity.

Stop bragging about university Rooster. Firstly it doesn't impress anybody and secondly...if you are really good at something, you don't need to brag about it. It should be self evident.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that, in South Africa, when somebody creates something cool we all begin a lengthy dialogue of nonsensical racial posturing? Aren’t you all sick of the same old stupid debate?
We DO have a power crisis in SA (even if it is not manifesting itself at the moment) but instead of talking about conventional plants vs wave power or thermal energy we would rather debate at length the virtues of melanin concentration.
Grow up you stupid fucks and get a life.
I think the car is great and would really consider buying one but I feel so deflated by the obtuse commentary that I can’t be bothered to find out more right now, so well done, you win.

le_coq_sportif said...

The Joule will be nothing more than a vehicular 2010 world cup. I.e. At best, a wonderful PR excercise, from which no lasting benefit will come.

The costs of these batteries are still prohibitively expensive, They have a life span of 3-4 years, at operating temps of 25-30 degrees celcius. They do not like temperature ranges exceeding those limits and they form, by far, the largest cost of the vehicle.

Factor this into your running costs, and you will be buying the equivalent of a new car every two to three years and still driving the same clap-heap. Further, you vehicle will become redundent every 18 months, as better motors and regenerative braking elements hit the market.

This is the most severe case of "second mouse will get the cheese" that I have ever seen...

The Rooster said...

Well said buddy....if you can;t find anything positive in a fucking african country leading the way in a new technology...then you're not looking fucking hard enough.

Anonymous said...

"Well said buddy....if you can;t find anything positive in a fucking african country leading the way in a new technology...then you're not looking fucking hard enough."

What's the bet it was developed by white people...

Anonymous said...

Bloody right whites have invented this car. Blacks are totally useless. When whites arrived in SA, blacks haven't even invented a piss-pot yet. When Phoenecians sailed arround the Cape before Christ, blacks did not even have dug-out canoes yet. They still haven't even invented it

Anonymous said...

Built by K4s, it will not last long and it will fall apart. It will just be a piece of junk and keep braking down. I dont know who will be dumb enough to buy one. Another flop for South Africa, they cant do fokall.

Anonymous said...

The car drives 200 000km on 7 hours battery charging.

FUCK OFF, that is the biggest bullshit story I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Rooster you are blikseming your name with a plank with all your stupid kak. Keep it up. You are a good laugh.