Tuesday, 14 October 2008


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Is it just me, or should the last people in the world to complain about racism be dutch....er Afrikaaner.... rugby supporters ?

Now I don't even like Luke Watson. Let me explain.

I faced the terrible dilemna of going to a school where I had to play rugby reasonably well if I ever wanted to get laid. This didn't gel well with the fact that I didn't want to get killed. The compromise was that I turned out for the second team, where the opposition were still big ...but not quite fast enough that I couldn't run away from them. However in second team rugby there's always that one type of guy...you all know him....the smallish nuggety tough bastard whose not big enough to make first team and he's pretty pissed off about it and going to take it out on you. Well Luke Watson reminds me of that guy. F#ck him.

But still here's the kicker. If you're going to run around basically hating everyone (as afrikaaners do) you have got to expect some of it back. It's called revenge. I know you afrikaaners all believe in it because you always want to moer me when I insult you in pubs. I also know you idiots all believe in the ethical mindfart known as "the death penalty" (which is a total joke and I'll write about it later).

Also I think they should keep the springbok emblem. I don't find there anything inhernetly racist in a small stripey antelope that jumps a lot. In fact the springbok is a pretty nice metaphor for South Africa with it's black white and brown textures and what with it always having to gun it because a lion is on its ass. I love this country man. I really do.

I posted some stuff about 9/11 for those interested in the conspiracy section on the forum. Just follow the link on the left hand side of the page there. I'll be posting something unique on the forum once a day to try and encourage at least some of my hundreds of ungrateful daily readers to sign up.


varkots said...

Luke thinks he has a god given right to wear the springbok jersey just because his dad did rejected it back around 1976.

I read about his outburst and I don't care if he calls us dutchman. He is a plank for that.

I do feel for him though, not being good enough, losing favour, from our current national side's black couch, being overlooked by Jake White and having a black player (Kabamba Floors) picked ahead of him at some stage in 2005/2006 I think it was.

Poor lad. Have you heard those dutchmen roar BEEEAAAAST! when Tendai Mtawarira touches the ball?

Luke has good offload skills but he is WAY TOO SMALL to be a flanker in international rugby. Especially in our team where flankers are also jumpers in the line outs,(taller is better) hence we have the best line out in the world. Finish en klaar.

Plus, never before have we had so many options and players to pick from at 6 & 7, plus impact players that can play at 6 or 8 and 7 or 8 and all of them world class and unfortunately, all of them dutchmen. Life is just that cruel sometimes....

Simply, there is fully multi-racial national team representing our country and he isn't good enough to be in it and now he is bitter.

The Rooster said...

Agreed, he's not good enough. And I think ammongst those afrikaans South Africans which aren't total veldskoen wearing "plaas boere" they're a whole bunch which are decent, good people who aren't racist idiots and do have a lot invested in the future of the country.

One of the biggest problems with being a racist is that you're making your own bed. Every sarcastic comment , every spiteful gesure , every condescending attitude etc just makes one more black person who hates white people. You don't need to be machiavellian super genius to note that the key to people getting on and living ammongst each other is tolerance and not FUCKING DEHUMANISING ONE ANOTHER.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of us Whiteys don't have it as a number one prioity to suck the blacks dicks to get them to 'like' us.

If blacks like me - cool. If they don't - also cool. I couldn't give a shit either way. Why the fuck must I suck up to them to get them to like me?

varkots said...

I really liked this.

A lesson for Luke from a dusty township scrum


Rugby was only one of the things I learnt about during my township rugby-playing days. Later in my first season we, the Pumas, played against another club, the All Blacks. I was the only white person in the Longdale Stadium, our ground west of Johannesburg.

As our hooker was about to throw the ball into the lineout, one of the opposition supporters chanted “AWB! AWB! AWB!” to try to distract me. The referee, who was known as a karate expert, stopped the game immediately, pointed at the culprit and shouted: “Hey jy, fokof! (hey you, f*ck off!)”

The chanter had to leave the stadium sheepishly. Only once the poor sucker had closed the gate behind him, the ref said to the hooker: “Gooi in! (throw in!)”

Saru was serious when it said no racism was allowed on those fields — even when it was directed at a Dutchman like me.

That still applies today and Luke, who should be a role model for kids, should take that to heart.