Sunday, 12 October 2008

Debunking South African myths : No electricity.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this. Simply put there is not power crisis in South Africa. There was a few months ago,but it's been sorted out. It's a non's what I have to say to people who still in passing state "no electricity" in a manner of factly manner.

Where ? What ? How ? When ? What country are you living in ?


Jesus Christ.


Packed for Perth said...

Take it from a very informed source - we have a very severe power problem. Just because it is not manifesting itself at the moment does not mean it's not there.

Try to restrict your comments to things you actually know about. I doubt you know the difference between an amp and a volt.

The Rooster said...

And to think i wasted all that time at university when I could have been learning to be an electrician. The shame.

You know what ? Every country in the world has a serious potential problem with electricty given the dwindling state of natural energy resources. The point is to portray it as if we have frequent power cuts in South Africa is utter bull crap. Someone ought to tell the expats though...because they seem to think this is the case because they're still going on about it.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Every country in the world has an energy crisis. Every single one. Lets hope the EU's fusion plans work out.

Now rooster - SA is the best and most beautifull country in the world - but Ive been globalized.

The Rooster said...

I think that touches on something. Saffers who leave with the intention of coming back always come to that realisation.

Anonymous said...

rooster, stick to topics you actually know something about, mate.

The Rooster said...

I'll tell you what I know. I know ther light hardly (if ever) go out. I know we have the cheapest electricity in the world. I know we gave access to electricity to a few million people. To portray the situation as "bad" is pure shite. We're also currently building a whole bunch of power stations. So be honest and drop this nonsense of fyour list of bullshit critiques about south africa.

Bullshit detector said...
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Anonymous said...

Whatever floats your boat bro. Ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets look at this objectively now - I moved to the UK coming up to 10 years ago and guess what? - The lights haven't gone out once, yes, not fucking once in all that time...
Can you say the same? No, fuckwit, you can't and I'll tell you why - We have all your nicely qualified electrical engineers looking after us! "OMG - outrage! They are all white"! Yes, but unlike you "turd world trolls", we don't have massive chips on our shoulders about employing "the right person for the job"
Oh, and good luck with your nice shiny new power stations. I for one wouldn't like to live next to a pebble bed reactor with AA\BEE goons running it! May be a "true life" episode of Homer albeit with a black face! "Eish-Doh" LoL!

Anonymous said...

I know we gave access to electricity to a few million people. To portray the situation as "bad" is pure shite. We're also currently building a whole bunch of power stations. So be honest and drop this nonsense of fyour list of bullshit critiques about south africa.


Let me put this in the most simple of terms so your dumb fuck brain can understand it.

Think of it in terms of water. You have the dams (power stations) and you are building more dams. Fine. No problem other than they are about 10 years behind where they need to be. You have the millions of people wanting the water. Fine. But the pipes and pump stations (transmission lines/cables and substations) that get the water from the dams to the houses are FUCKED. They have not been maintained or extended or re-inforced in years. There are no skilled people to build/fix/maintain the pipes - because they have all been 'affirmatived'.

Do me a favour. Phone your local Eskom branch and ask if they have a skills shortage problem and what the state of their transmission / distribution systems are in. I can send you some photos if you like.

Once these systems break down - it is too late. You cannot buy substation equipment from Wardkiss. You cannot erect new transmission lines overnight. You cannot get Sipho at the local toch labour point to fix high voltage cables, transformers and circuit breakers - which is not a very exagerated form of the true scenario.

Please do some research on things before you go and boldly state that "South Africa does not have a power crisis". Just becuase Rooster says it is so does not make it so.

Catch a wake up dude!

The Rooster said...

It's a developing country you fucks. Do you think the West had no hiccups on the way ?

They are building power stations. The fact of the matter is no one could have predicteds how fast the economy would grow and how many people would get hooked to the grid. To put things into perspective since the "crisis" I've had one power cut for 2 hours. Hardly fucking the "dark ages" now is it ?

I'm not saying we don't need to be astute...I'm saying as we stand right now to run around tleling people "you know there's not even electricity is south africa" is a bald faced lie.

Anonymous said...

And another thing - good luck financing your pretty, 21st century environmentally friendly power stations! The cost of these will make your eyes water and your sphincter tighten!(and need to be paid for with real money - pounds, dollars & euro's) With the world economies in ruins, your new public enterprise minister, Brigitte Mabandla (remember her? does "crime is not so bad in SA" ring a bell?) has got more chance of shitting a Tesla coil than getting any money in the begging bowl from western nations. Not to mention that she is not going to have enough time to get the ball rolling as Zuma will "have his man in" next year. I think they refer to this kind of situation in developed countries as a "clusterfuck"
Jesus H Christ! Where are you going to get Eskom's 343 billion rand (last month's exchange rates) for its 5-year expansion?
Here's an understatement of the century courtesy of Eskom itself:
"Eskom has said it plans to get the extra cash from the government, tariffs, the World Bank and global capital markets, and that a ratings downgrade by Moody's may hurt its chances"
No Shit Sherlock? Not going to happen in my lifetime!
My advice? Stock up with candles!

And if you think I'm blowing this out my ass here is the link:,,2-7-2335_2402189,00.html

Anonymous said...

Going back to your discussion about AIDS, I found this:

Denialist arguments have centered around claims that HIV does not exist or has not been adequately isolated,[45] that the virus does not fulfill Koch's postulates,[46] that HIV testing is inaccurate,[47] or that antibodies to HIV neutralize the virus and render it harmless.[48] Suggested alternative causes of AIDS include recreational drugs, malnutrition and the very antiretroviral drugs used to treat the syndrome.[49] Denialists claim that these drugs are exceptionally toxic and cause the very symptoms they are supposed to delay.[50] To support this claim, they cite two studies from the late 1980s whose authors said they found it difficult to distinguish adverse events possibly associated with administration of Retrovir (AZT) from underlying signs of HIV disease or intercurrent illnesses.[51]
Such claims have been examined extensively in the peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature; a scientific consensus has arisen that denialist claims have been convincingly disproved, and that HIV does indeed cause AIDS.[2][52][53] In the cases cited by Duesberg where HIV "cannot be isolated", PCR or other techniques demonstrate the presence of the virus,[54] and many denialist claims of HIV test inaccuracy result from an incorrect or outdated understanding of how HIV antibody testing is performed and interpreted.[55][56]
Early denialist arguments held that the HIV/AIDS paradigm was flawed because it had not led to effective treatments. However, the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy in the mid-1990s and dramatic improvements in survival of HIV/AIDS patients reversed this argument, as these treatments were based directly on the HIV/AIDS paradigm.[57] The development of effective anti-HIV therapy has been a major factor in convincing some denialist scientists to accept the causative role of HIV in AIDS.[41]

Combine that with Gary Null (a guy believes that magnets heal people), and his hypotheses on AIDS.

And combine that with Peter Duesberg, a guy whose hypotheses have been debunked over and over again.

The majority of the scientific community considers that Duesberg's arguments are the result of cherry-picking predominantly outdated scientific data[1] and selectively ignoring evidence in favour of HIV's role in AIDS.[2] There is broad scientific consensus that the Duesberg hypothesis is incorrect, and that HIV is the cause of AIDS.[3][4][5]

And combine that with the Perth Group, who have no credible science to justify their claims.

And combine that all with old "facts" and cherry-picked data from the 80s, and you have yourself a bunch of horse shit.

If Thabo Mbeki was right, where is the credible science to support it? Where are the peer reviews that support it? Don't point me to videos by magnet lovers. Don't point to conspiracy theories.

Point me to the science.

Anonymous said...

What happened to my comment about HIV? Why didn't you post it. This censorship / moderation thing is silly.

The Rooster said...

I hate having to moderate the blog. But as soon as I take it down it gets spammed.