Monday, 13 February 2012

Ron Paul comes a close second in Maine primary !

Oh I don't give a fuck if you don't know what I'm talking about. Actually I do because he's the last hope for the free world so google the man and listen to him. America is becomming a socialist republic. The government controls everything ! A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away !

Look how consitant and right he's been in the past.

Fucking legend !

Fuck off from our education systems government ! We don't want poilitical leanings and agendas poisening our childrens free minds !

Fuck off from medical care governments ! Private medical care opens a free market and offers the best service and costs to the public. Those that can't provide for themselves....guess what....??? Pull your thumb out over payed doctor and do your job for fucking free sometimes if you have to. Society with reward you with gtreat endearment and gratitude and I'm pretty sure genorious charity will ensue.

Fuck off government from taxing us too much. We know better how to spend our money and what we need in our community. Not some fat ward councellor. Give 10% of it back to our community and we'll personally fix the roads etc better than you do. And fuck all the obvious crap we shouldn't have to pay for. Sinced when did I vote you the authority to tell me if or if not I can fish for a fee ? Or get mud prawns ? Or ride my 4x4 on the beach ? Fuck off !! I will make sure my own rivers and beaches are not abused if neccesary.

Fuck off government with over policing me with beurocracy. I'm a fucking adult and a human being and I don't want to stand in your ques for your documents to legitimise my existance and rights. Fuck  the hell off with that.

Fuck off government for your corruption and Fiat monetary system and the private based reserve bank inflation backed profits that buy you off. We've seen through the fucking scam and we're not going to take it anymore.

Fuck off for trying to legislate our past times, like sport. Mind your own fucking business. We will play with who and how we want. You cross a line when you fuck with our stupid games !

Fuck out of my life governments......leave me the fuck alone and I will leave other people alone except to trade with them and if we mutually choose engage in social intereaction in various forms.

fuck off wide....past and present....fuck off !!!!!



The Rooster said...

Sorry for all the swearing. Bad habit but I write off the cuff. I don't come with an plan or machiovellian agenda to try charm anyone or win anyone over...I just throw my current thoughts out there at breakneck speed (I type really fast but not as fast as I think hence all the typos and freudian slips). It's my personal style to express my disgust, anger and emotion through using swearing. I can't think of a better tone other than sarcasm (despite the dim witted belief it's a low form of wit) but my patience has gone beyond that. Sarcasm is representing the polar opposite of what you believe to express the absurdity of it. But when things have gotten so fucking absurd and out of control you just want to wake and shake people up and rant and shock them into consciousness out of their tranquilised space.

Anonymous said...

There is no more true "left" or "right" in Western democracy...It's all just rhetorical rhubard and a mad scrabble for middle ground...The seat of power is almost always dead centre...Look at Zuma for instance or even Obama, never mind the "coalition" UK government (lol my ass off!)...fuck 'em all, fuck ALL governments and presidential wannabe's, including Ron Paul or whoever....fuck 'em all...

The Rooster said...

No there is no true right or left....and paul fucking doesn't rub well with either of the institutions., He's a lone wolf and a honest man. Believe ! Take it from a massive cynic , Paul is the real deal !

Dachshund said...

Ron Paul rocks my boat too.

The Rooster said...

Ron Paul rocks my boat too.


Give that man a blow job !

Dachshund said...

Slurp lick slurp.

The Rooster said...

I have to add a little personal experience to my views to give context.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with american troops on r@r. I know they are very unhappy with their work in iraq and Afghanistan. They think they are unwanted their and doing nothing to help anyone. I've shared a beer with hundreds of these individuals who just came back from duty and they are fucking upset. Paul gets double the donations that all his opposition put together including G.o.P and democrats from serving soldiers. I used to be massively anti bush and for a brief time fell for Obama's bullshit.

My dad also went to war under false pretenses (rooi gevaar/swaart gevaar). And that man taught me a great deal about politics and governments and their machiovellian bullshit.

Everytime he has enough beer in him he down talks his experiences...(he's not fucking proud of his servgice despite commanding a platoon he lost 3 soldiers including 10 from another platoon watching with his own eyes as an rpg took out a helicopter full of them who burnt to death (screaming in horrific pain as the doors melted and they couldn't escape). He still admits to nightmares of the smell of burning human flesh. And it relates to me the horrors of it.

He could claim he was a he excelled in the army. But somewhere along the line he is left wondering where he stands with god. Something he believes in and found in the trenches of angola. I love my fucking father more than anyone in the world and i'm deeply hurt at what's he's been put through due to the stupidity and devisivness of humanity.

I hence have sworn off ever throwing fuel on a political fire and written off goverments entirely. The only solution to mliving together is to leave each other the fuck alone.

Fuck and within an hour someone will call me a liberal hippie. Twat.

The Rooster said...

Ok we crossed a line of 'too graphic" there. ha ha.

Gibbering Madness said...

Ron Paul, win or lose, has begun a movement. A movement of tireless and energetic people who have used the internet to bypass the mainstream media and truly educate themselves on how the game is played.

This is a very interesting time to be alive. Look into Struass-Howe Generational Theory.

The Rooster said...

I noticed even 'Gitt" romney talking about small government, lower spending etc etc in his victory speach tonight. Paul won't win but yes, he has moved the debate in the right direction. But still...fucking romney ??? Fucking stupid Americans. You can't breed this level of has to be taught. And has been for close to a century.