Friday, 29 July 2011

Tail between the legs ? Or given the boot ?

Finally seen the bankruptcy of their agenda ? Or once again the mighty work of Rooster ?

Let the mystery unravel.

And out of respect to over 90 dead people, no luls, lols or bwahahaha's from me today.

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Dachshund said...

Islandshark and Exzanian both live in the UK which is not well disposed towards right wing racists. So now that their real identities are likely to be exposed (not by me, I really couldn't care less) they don't want to lose their jobs.

Dachshund said...

The problem I have with these so called right wing blogs is that they have such a fascination with Zionism. First they are pro Israel, then they are anti Zionist, then they swing back to being pro Israel. Why do we as South Africans give a damn about Israel? It's not as if they have oil or gold. Personally I think the creation of Israel was a big waste of time, lives and money. People like Ilana Mercer who rubbish South Africa are doing it out of spite because the ANC is not pro Israel.

Dachshund said...

On the subject of "Into the cannibal's pot" author Ilana Mercer, what do you make of a Jewish woman who flees South Africa for Israel because her family were being persecuted by the apartheid police; and then she doesn't really dig Israel all that much, so she moves to America, but she can't stand blacks after all, so where in all America does she decide to live? Washington DC.

Boertjie said...

[Part 1 of 15]

Hi Rooster

Here's my promised attempt at understanding the psychology of us whiteys, especially those known as rightwingers, in the actual and stereotypical sense. Apologies for taking so long with it, but there were stuff at this side of cyberspace that required my attention.

Disclaimer : this is my layman-attempt at making sense of a lot of "rightwing" stuff.

[And something far I've been treading on eggs on this blog regarding what I say. Now I'm relaxing this a little. You'll be able to see my more emotional side now...]


Theres no need here to elaborate much on the bad stuff some black people do. These range from horrendous crimes to social ills to detestable conduct. I think these things play a part in hate against blacks in the following ways :

Boertjie said...

[Part 2 of 15]

- a) Bad things by blacks can form the base of resentment/hate against blacks ("reactionary hate" for short)

It is fairly easy to see how stereotypes for black people develop : bad apples gives the whole basket a rotten smell, although there are good apples. I think such stereotyping becomes unfair when one does not allow the stereotype in your mind to be confirmed or disproved by the individual person's actions/conduct/views/etc. In other words, when you prejudiciously put the person in a box.

What can also happen is that one's utter disgust and hatred at the black perpetrators of horrendous crimes can become self-sustaining. To illustrate... you vent your hatred against a black murderer, but the more you vent, the more you are reminded of the murderer and the more hate piles up inside you that needs to be vented.

(BTW,if I'm not mistaking, a firestorm works in a similar way. It burns big and hot enough so that the air sucked in from below to replace the hot rising air, is sucked in so fast that it actually fans the fire to burn even worse.)

Anyway, if a person fails to get control over such a self-sustaining reactionary hate for whatever reason (poor emotional intelligence, fiery personality, etc), I think it can eventually result in a deep-seated brewing and/or unresolved hate. Couple this with stereotyping and you've got one recipe for how to become a racist.

Boertjie said...

[Part 3 of 15]

- b) Bad things by blacks can be misused as an excuse/permission to direct resentment/hate at them ("default hate" for short)

Here I think the resentment/hate originates not in reaction to the blacks, but with the hater himself. There could be a million reasons why people can carry hate-without-a-target in them. One reason may be the one i've attempted to explain above. Another reason may be that the person is just hateful by his very nature. You get people like this. Some people may be a little hateful and mean-spirited and others may be composed out of highly refined pure evil. Whatever the reason(s), something like a valid/invalid bad stereotype of black people, may just provide an excuse to direct/express that hate at them.

Such a person, I think, would be extra biased against questioning the validity/fairness of the hate he directs at the black, because that would mean he must go against his need to express his hate. Its easier to just go with the flow. Some people may be so hate-carrying that they are literally unable to stop hating.

- c) Default hate and reactionary hate

Hate against blacks may be a combination of these two "types" of hate. Obviously they can compliment each other.

Boertjie said...

[Part 4 of 15]

- d) Superiority complex

I mean "superiority complex" as a personality-trait here. Some people have a personality-tendency to look down on others and to judge them. I'm not going to explore this further than to accept it as a given. In my view, such a trait alongside abovementioned factors can make a person more likely to become racist.

- e) Dehumanization

A maturation of race hate as described above.

- f) Conclusion

Valid and/or invalid stereotypes
Reactionary and/or default hate
Superiority complex
Lack of intelligence, emotional intelligence and/or morality
Highly possible racism and dehumanization

Boertjie said...

[Part 5 of 15]


Firstly, there's nothing wrong with being proud of your ethnocultural identity.

But some people get carried away with this. I haven't given this phenomenon's psychological workings that much thought, but here's some things that comes to mind :

- a) Boers then and now

I think everyone here knows how the Boer-heroes and the wider Boer-community of old are sometimes romanticized and even idolized?

I can see why some people are proud to be associated/descended from past-heroes, and like to "share" the spotlight (even if it is only in the privacy of their own inner being), but some people I think lose perspective over this and "ascribe" perceived good/heroic attributes of the past-heroes to themselves and elevate themselves above other people based on their lineage. This goes hand in hand with the superiority-complex-personality i've mentioned earlier.

It also goes along with the human trait which connects a "coolness" to belonging to an "exclusive", "limited" or "closely knit" group.

Examples : it feels nice (I imagine)...

- to be on the rugby-team
- to be a member of a popular band
- to be a member of a team of developers working on a software-project
- etc...

In the same way I think the way-too-sentimental-about-Boer-history people like being a Boer. All about belonging to a "special" group.

Boertjie said...

[Part 6 of 15]

- b) Flags & stickers

Rooster, you mock Afrikaners who put mags on their little nissan-bakkies? That mocking would be much better directed

at those who goes overboard with the stickers 'n stuff. Heres a perfect example :


Now, I don't have a problem if someone puts a sticker of a Boer-republic flag on his/her car (I know very decent

people who does this). However, guys like this Barend Pienaar (see link) tesselating his bakkie with stickers kind

of illustrates how ridiculously serious some people take their Boer-ness.

BTW, there's such a guy driving around in such a bakkie in my hometown. :->

Boertjie said...

[Part 7 of 15]


Who doesn't know that us whiteys like to whine?...

...[crickets chirping]...

Right, now that I know that you know...
...and you know that I know that you know...
...there is no need to tell me what you think of my whining...
...because everyone knows.

I have a lot to say about whining. I'll work my way from my views of the more understandable whining up to confirmation bias and hyperbole and those kind of stuff.

- a) Socializing/Bonding/Group therapy

Which whitey isn't disgruntled at some of the bad stuff of SA? Stuff like crime, corruption, etc?

We tend to get quite wound up about some of these stuff. These mutual bottled up feelings is common ground on which we can relate to each other. From here on further its socializing, bonding and group-therapy all in one! We can get stuff off our chests to a person who totally knows what you're feeling. Great socializing, bonding and group-therapy! This is why we whine so gleefully! ;)

Boertjie said...

[Part 8 of 15]

- b) Why we get overly wound up

Is it just me or is it really that, when someone high-up in the politics messes up, everyone has to raise a big stink before the ANC reluctantly respond in the right direction? Examples :

Our favourite Mr Malema gets softhandled for so long?

After a big outcry the ANC agrees to go back to the drawing board regarding the proposed media tribunal?

Super corrupt seriously hormonal Jacob Zuma got support! And Rooster, don't shoot the messenger that is the media. And even if they did vilify him unfairly, is that enough reason for people to throw their support behind him?

Is there anyone that disagrees that there is political sluggishness and reluctancy to take a stand to some things thats obviously wrong? It's this kind of thing that makes us whiteys extra whiny.

And why do a huge majority of SA blacks still support the ANC? Honestly and seriously, that is not a rhetorical question!

Oops! I'm whining! Apologies...(well, not really) Lets move on...

Boertjie said...

[Part 9 of 15]

- c) Isolating ourselves against others

In some circles we are expected to shut up. Translation : bottle it up. Seriously now, as an analogy : did anyone ever try to tell someone suffering from depression (or any kind of emotional turmoil) to shut up and snap out of it? Tell him to bottle it up and put on a fake smile for the same results.

(I know drawing that parrallel is overly dramatic, but I intended it that way to illustrate my point more clearly.)

If someone shout at us to stop whining, we just assume that the person doesn't see (unwittingly or on purpose) the obvious and valid reasons we have for our whining. Hence we don't bother with someone who doesn't see the obvious. We clam up towards that person.

And this is my main issue with you, Rooster. That's why I'm all about carefully choosing how I say something (when you're not talking to the radicals, obviously). Thats why I harp on about feelings. (Hmmm...that sounds metrosexual...).

I'm pretty sure "Yes, I understand, but listen to this, whitey" would be more effective at reaching us whiners than "Shut up whitey". I also demonstrated this in my first long post under "So its over, i win". I acknowledged Adrianas lies, went on to explain my view, and got a warm response from you. YOU, who can't tolerate whining, talks of farmer-genocide and talks of white-persecution. I can only imagine your response had I presented my views like this :

Boertjie said...

[Part 10 of 15]

"There were closer to 2000 farmmurders

Racial tension is alive and well in SA

Blacks in SA have violent tendencies

The ANC doesn't like whites

Julius Malema incites blacks

Genocide Watch says theres more to this than crime"

But I chose my words carefully, gave a nod to you (agreeing on Adriana), and you responded :

"Thanks again for taking the time to post your thoughts on my humble little site. I certainly am here to allow all versions of the story to be heard.

Peace, biltong , boerewors en koeksisters broer."

I chose "Yes, I understand, but listen to this, Rooster" in stead of "Shut up Rooster"

See my point?

Boertjie said...

[Part 11 of 15]

And the other thing that makes us isolate ourselves is the white-guilt thing.

Before I continue...apartheid...SA blacks were horribly oppressed for a long time. There were a lot of bad stuff. I understand (in broad terms) where SA blacks came from. But I'm extremely reluctant to talk about the finer details of what was going on, because I see so many conflicting info that I have to rely on anecdotal info from people I know personally to try to get a picture of the finer details.

With that being said, back to the white guilt. I get the impression that the sentiment going around outside our whiner circle is that all whites, regardless if they were bad-asses during apartheid or not, and regardless whether they even lived during apartheid or not, are expected to feel guilty and stand aside for SA's black people. Kind of makes one resistent to acknowledging the wrongs of the past, because acknowledging it feels like saying we agree that we should hate ourselves unfairly, regard ourselves as SA's open toilets and stand back for blacks. The sense of entitlement among some SA blacks also doesn't really help. So thats another thing that makes us clam up.

Boertjie said...

[Part 12 of 15]

- d) Confirmation Bias

Lack of political will (high up and down here on earth) to, at the very least, give the bad apples in the ANC-basket a thorough bum-kick


Crime and corruption


Bad stereotypes for black people


easy confirmation bias.

Is the messenger (media) really THAT guilty of causing a confirmation bias or is it more the inevitable result of human weaknesses in the given environment?

And when someone else agrees with some of our politically incorrect views, we rejoice (and bang on it) because at least SOMEONE out there doesn't think we're nuts! I guess you lost count of how many times you've been told there's a Genocide Watch issued for SA farmers? And BTW, they don't decide to put a country on their at-risk-list based on a few whims.

Boertjie said...

[Part 13 of 15]

- e) getting fixated on bad stuff

I don't really have a structured idea in my mind of how this happens. I can only throw some thoughts around...

If you have some personal emotional connection to the bad stuff happening, it can become an overly large factor of your life. My thoughts immediately jumps to you, Rooster.

You had really bad experiences with the extreme rightwing. It seems that, at first, you got along well with most Afrikaners. This kinda baffled me because I know a lot of us Afrikaners like to whine and you hate whining, yet you got along with them? But it seems since then you have discovered that a much larger segment of us Afrikaans whiteys than just the rightwing are disgruntled at a bunch of things. (We are careful to whom we open up about our politically incorrect views.) Hence your recent raging frustration at this. Am I wrong about anything in this paragraph, Rooster? Please resond.

If you got so fixated on this that it made you leave SA, I really don't think you can point fingers to people who got so fed-up with crime and politics that they decided to leave. You and these people find yourselves in very similar boats. And leaving a beautiful country like SA is no light decision! If I ever stand before that decision, it would certainly be a very hard decision to make! Which (Afrikaans?) expat doesn't have some yearning for SA (home)?!

OK, more thoughts on fixation...I think getting fixated on bad things lies close to that self-sustaining type of blowing off steam : the more you blow off steam, the more you are reminded the bad stuff and the more steam builds up that needs to be released.

Another thing I think can happen is something along these lines : you feel the relief of blowing off steam and you want more of that relief. So you go and look for stuff to vent about...

Boertjie said...

[Part 14 of 15]

- f) exaggerations, hyperboles and lies

What can I say here? At the moderate end of the scale... overstating/stretching the truth so that what you're trying to say comes across more clearly and less deniably.

At the extreme end of the scale...lying to justify your extreme and twisted worldviews?


Whats the extremist motivations behind this? I think it's merely an extension of the things I tried to make sense of above :

The workings of racism


The "exclusivity" of being a Boer


Overfixation on bad stuff in SA


Lies of the radicals

Apartheid nostalgia

Like i've said, I'm extremely reluctant to talk about apartheid in anything more than broad terms. Therefore I'm in no position to comment about some rightwingers' nostalgia for things past. I refuse to walk into that minefield.

* * *

Boertjie said...

[Part 15 of 15]

So there you have it, Rooster: My attempt to make sense of us whiteys' psychology. I trust you can see all is not always black and white (seriously, that pun is not intended). Most of this is extrapolations based on my own emotions, views and opinions around these stuff.

Just a quick question...murder rates are the highest for coloured people, followed by blacks and then whites. When I think of murders on coloured people, the first things that comes to mind is gangsterism and drug-problems. Murders on black people makes me think of poverty and social-fabric crimes. Are my general ideas around this correct?

And another question...I have my own ideas about where on the left-right political spectrum I am, but where would you place me?

The Rooster said...

A lengthy post but I promise to read it all when I get time. As always your views and positions are most welcome here boertjie. I love and respect your fair handed rationality and your open mind.

Boertjie said...

Thank you, Rooster. If I can only get my mind to STOP working sometimes...It causes me to lose too much sleep as I lay awake thinking about loads of stuff...

The Rooster said...

Boertjie that's a great post. As I said before you remind me of a younger me. You think and have an honest approach to these matters. I don't know where to place you politically but as a seemingly smart young man I suggest you will end up libertarian like myself.

Keep up thinking for yourself (as I know you will) and you make up your own mind about all of this. I won't pretend I am any sort of authority.