Thursday, 28 July 2011

More on the hilarity of male mutilation...


Dachshund said...
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Dachshund said...

I don't condone violence, but I think this attitude may have something to do with women constantly having to validate themselves on the basis of their physical appearance. A man can let himself go to pot, but let a woman put on weight or develop a few wrinkles, and it's considered a crisis for her.

A couple of years ago a man I didn't know very well advised me to have a facelift. I was so taken aback by this, that I went straight ahead and did have a facelift. I looked better for it, I won't deny it, but it was bloody painful, and when last did you hear of a woman telling a man to have a facelift?

The man who thought I was due for a facelift was not exactly hot, with the social skills of an amoeba - he had Asperger syndrome - but he was quite clever business wise so he had lots of money. I wasn't the first woman he told to have a facelift. He told his girlfriend to have one, and even paid for it. She then dumped him for a better looking bloke.

If men were nagged about their looks the way woman are nagged about their boobs and their weight and their overall youthfulness or lack thereof, they might feel like doing a bit of amateur surgery themselves. This process of demoralisation is the result of another syndrome called "objectification".