Monday, 14 February 2011


I was doing some sniping on the Mybroadband forums. I pop on there once in a while, unleash some facts and watch them squirm. I like to leave a few tell tale markers that it's me to really inspire a reaction. I also like to keep my behaviors immaculate so that each and every time I am banned it's more and more perfectly clear that the reason is that they simply find the truth distasteful. It's a bastion for right winged extremist dogma. Anyway, this was my post regarding the recent Bono/Freedom song fiasco.

I think it's right that they have been ordered to stop singing the song and it has no place in our modern society. I don't ever think Julius Malema cared as much about the song as simply not wanting to be told what to do by white people anyway. But Julius's fragile ego and chip on his shoulder is of little concern to me.

But did the media take this way out of proportion and are people being over sensitive about his comments in context ? Absolutely. What a silly country we are sometimes.

At the same time stop inciting hatred by perpetuating the false notion of "boer genocide". This myth itself has the potential to lead to the ill treatment/murder of black people by "boers." And it is a myth that is very divisive.

Consider studies like this and this found that whites are the ethnic group by far the least affected by violent crime.

Certainly there are not "thousands" of white being murdered each year as some people implied.

There's a lot of misinformation out there about "boer genocide" as well as many very real murders that make the blood boil (such as that of a three year old girl, or old people who are tortured for hours). I know it's a bit grim but for the sake of looking at the issue rationally here are some numbers you can work out by reading the studies. Going by the studies figures, of the 2 million white women in South Africa each year about 56 are murdered while 230 white males out of 2 million are murdered. Only a few of these are "boers".

(The white murder rate for white women is 2.8 per 100 000, and the murder rate for white males is 13 per 100 000.)

So out of the average of 19 000+ murders a year (Although the murder rate is now 16 800 these figures go back to 1994 where it was well above 20 000) 286 happened to white people. If whites were murdered at the average rate, given we are +- 10% of the population, you would expect 1900 white to be murdered a year just to be equal to other ethnic groups. However instead whites are 6.6 times less likely to be murdered than other groups. Even then many white murders are carried out by other whites. This does not make a good case for genocide.

Please feel free to read the studies and come to your own conclusions, but I do think it's important we undertake unpleasant subjects like this with a cool and rational head. If both sides refuse to look closer we allow ourselves to be manipulated by race rhetoric. Traditionally this has lead to genocide. So while it's probably not true there is anything close to genocide in this country, if both sides keep pushing each others buttons it could lead to it.

Few of the many article I have read about the lies of boer genocide and the 3000 "murdered white farmers."


Anonymous said...

are you saying that there are gangs of white people that go into black's homes and torture and rape and then sometimes leave with nothing of value? I dont believe that for a second because if it did happen it would be all over the news! (Look at the media circus when a black woman claimed to be sworn at outside a rugby stadium or when those blacks were filmed drinking orange juice! There is absolutely no way that actions white gangs of violent killers would be covered up!

The Rooster said...

Huh ? What have any of those things got to do with anything I have written ?

Anonymous said...

are you not claiming that there is no deliberate killing of whites by blacks? That there is no deliberate misinformation in the media about the killing of whites by blacks?

Anonymous said...

Watch them squirm? Hahahaha!

You go there, get yourself properly schooled and are then once again promptly hoofed out on your self-righteous, abrasive, full-of-shit arse, ol' cockboy.

You practically melt the internet with the amount of tripe you speak.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, Your MyBB trolling day are over, idiot

I had a chat with the mods and they have implemented some new rules.

The Rooster said...

Whatever you no life piece of fuckall.

The Rooster said...

This post absolute ruins the notion of "boer genocide" being valid. If you take the time to read it and follow the links then in your heart you know that.

Also see my expose : and learn how the jmythology of the "3000" boers came into being. Before you go prepare to stomach some hard truth (which I demonstrate and you can look up yourself) such as...

there are less than 1200 names on her list. Most of those 1200 aren't farmers by any description. Many are not white. SOME ARE NOT EVEN THE NAMES OF MURDERED PEOPLE BUT PEOPLE WHO WERE ROBBED.

Sorry to break your hearts and stub out your invalid sense of victimisation.