Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ever heard the one about the 3000 white farmers murdered since 1994 ?

This is a hell of a rush job and I've had no time to spell check or make my points as lucid as they could be. Just saw people making the statement on the my broadband forum about the white farmer genocide and thought I'd quickly put that to bed before I have to rush out and do some work.

This is the source of the so called "evidence" for this boer genocide. A website run by a white extremist called Adriana Striujt with a total hard on for being a "boer".

It's been her work for the past few years. It's full of distortions and total manipulative flat out lies. And this is me debunking it in less than 5 minutes (although I will return to do so more thoroughly later).

First thing you will notice that number goes back to 1987 not 1994. But forget that for now but that's misleading on its own.

Can anyone tell me how all these people from cities are farmers ? Just go through the list.

Oh right...you're going to backpedal to tell me it's rural dwellers now not farmers right ?

How is Port Elizabeth, Pretoria , Bloemfontein, Cape Town etc rural ? Just take a look through the list. The gross majority come from these places.

Second backpedal coming up : Oh it's rural and Peri-Urban areas.

What the fuck are you on about ? Peri Urban means between the suburbs and the country side. So knowing her agenda it's blatant she's she's played the semantics game to puff up her bullshit numbers. More commonly small holding dwellers or those living on the leafier city outskirts are Peri urban dwellers. In no fucking way can these people be described as farmers. But as you will later see none of this really matters.

Before we go on another little inconvenient fact is that this list isn't even all white people. Take Mr (and I apologise to anyone I offended here by using the names of your loved ones who died tragically to make a point. I swear I have no intention to trivialize the death of anyone.) Mabaza and Mr Masango for example. I bet they're not happy to have their deaths used to defame their people into carrying out kind of genocide.

Then you heard the one about the white Farmers having the highest murder rate in the world ? Yeah you know they throw the number of 313/100 000 around ?

Well on the incredibly biast and manipulative censorbugbear site they admit this is farmers and farm workers (and "peri-urban" dwellers...reeking the bullshit yet ?) But how do they come to this figure ?

The take the number of 40 000 white farmers and divide it by the 3000 "farm murders" including all races and then somehow....some fucking how ...try and sell us the idea that it represent the white farmer murder rate.

First thing first. 3000 farmers and farm workers murdered over a period of 23 years = 130 per year. 40 000 x 2.5 = 100 000. 130 = 325. So it's clear they are working on these assumptions.

The obvious flaw is that for every white farmer there are tens of farm workers. Hundreds on bigger farms. How can you honestly use the white farm numbers and then divide it by the total of all farm murders ? So assuming white farmers plus farm workers (and not even including peri fucking urban dwellers which make up hundreds of thousands themselves) we can conservatively assume at the very least a number of 400 000 if we just keep it to the farmers and farm workers. What does the murder rate then become ?

400 000/ 4 = 100 000. 130/4 = 32.5

Lower the national average. (37 per 100 000)

And that's remembering that most of these weren't even on farms. And the list isn't even of white people. And that I didn't factor in fucking peri-urban dwellers into the equation which would again totally decrease the murder rate. All things taken into consider this is one of the most bullshit and flimsy arguments you will ever come across. It works on the one assumption you won't question the logic or check the sources. When you do you're left with a sad old hag with a fucking agenda to bullshit you because she's wet for men with beards and khaki pants.

So next time you hear any of this rubbish laugh it off for the total manipulative crap it is. And miss (i can only assume no one married that horrible sack of bones) Striujt knows fully well that it's crap herself.

(I know this will piss on a lot of people's cornflakes but there it is. When you make up the population group leasy affected by crime and poverty you can't really expect me to see you as the main victim in the country (whites). Shut up whitey. With that said. I'm not here to debate boring bankrupt notions like boer genocide and want to focus more on the positives of the world cup. So I wouldn't write any long winded responses in defense of this stupid idea because they might get deleted. Oops.)


Anonymous said...

Adriana's information links back to Beeld who have a reputation for inflating things:


Here's what Jonathan Jansen has to say about Afrikaner paranoia in the media:


Babashoeshoe said...

"with a total hard on for being a "boer"...
Yebo my friend, they were killing us in soweto in 1985, now it is there turn, that is all!!! Good riddance to the boer/ afrikaner, I for one am glad, and thank you for making a stand!

Lisa said...

K, thought you could sort this ou-vrou out: Adriana Stuijt. http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.africancrisis.org/images/farm0033.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php%3FID%3D47276&usg=__RPFvg1B2Dxwi-0Pa5wtxuchGSJU=&h=292&w=250&sz=10&hl=en&start=4&sig2=4yniIOKvoW3khYPq4da9Gg&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=19ysIsBzxiF8rM:&tbnh=115&tbnw=98&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dfarmer%2Bsouth%2Bafrica%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-GB:official%26tbs%3Disch:1&ei=qtYQTLuJCIL44Aay98jhBw
(YAY for Microsoft!)

The Rooster said...

"with a total hard on for being a "boer"...
Yebo my friend, they were killing us in soweto in 1985, now it is there turn, that is all!!! Good riddance to the boer/ afrikaner, I for one am glad, and thank you for making a stand!


Fuck off with that bullshit. I know you're a white trying to cause kak, but whoever you are know I do not fucking support violence against anyone.

The Rooster said...

Fake Lisa ...what's your point ?

Anonymous said...

I can't google on the first link from anonymous 5:33 or Lisa's link on Adriana Stuijt cos they are cut off.

Anonymous said...

This woman Lucille van Niekerk was subsequently fired.

Allegations of corruption at Beeld

A series of anonymous letters from employees and former employees of daily newspaper Beeld to the board of its holding company, Media24, has accused Beeld management of "serious corruption" and fingered its former chief executive, Lucille van Niekerk, as being "seriously implicated" in an internal audit report.

The employees appeal to the company's shareholders to intervene. "It is recommended in the [audit] report that steps be taken against [Van Niekerk]. In the meantime she has been promoted to the senior manager of Rapport," the letter says.

Van Niekerk is now chief executive of RCP Media, a Media24 subsidiary that publishes Rapport and City Press.

The letter goes on: "Hear our plea as dedicated employees and some former employees for your urgent intervention in a matter of ongoing corruption that could hurt share values. We thought that lessons would have been learned after the Media24 magazine scandal."

This refers to the revelation earlier this year that titles in the magazine section of Media24 had fraudulently inflated their circulation figures.

Company sources say Van Niekerk was investigated for selling fake ads in an attempt to reach the advertising targets while she was Beeld's advertising chief (until three years ago). She then became Beeld CEO and in January this year was promoted again.

"Many of us was [sic] a part of the investigation and know the truth," the letter says. "For to [sic] long we have been silent victims of the Beeld scandal. We do not want to hurt our company, we want to save it. Act soon or we will have to release more info." Several such letters have been received by Media24 management in the past six weeks.

Media24 insiders said Van Niekerk was extremely unpopular among some staffers, who called her "Lucifer". Others said she had simply attracted jealousy because she flaunted her high income. One former employee alleged that complaints about Van Niekerk were ignored because she had contacts in the right places.

Approached for comment, Van Niekerk said the allegations were "ludicrous" and that she has to deal with chauvinism from the men and jealousy from the women because of her management position.

Media24 CEO Francois Groepe confirmed that the letter had been received, but declined to give details of how the matter is being handled.

Anonymous said...

Racist hysteria feeds crime reporting

Jonathan Jansen writes in The Times:

n 1987 a survey among white South Africans asked whether they believed that under a black government “black men would molest white women.”

Between 78percent and 91percent of Afrikaners answered “yes” and more than 70percent of English-speaking whites said the same.

I have long pondered what kind of racist depravity would even enable such questions to be posed; but they were, and therein lies an answer, I believe, to the obsession with reporting crime day and night on the front pages of almost every white-owned South African newspaper.

Do not get me wrong. The level of crime is serious, and I have been a victim of it in every city in which I have lived (a stolen car in Durban, the theft of my security-gate motor in Johannesburg and the loss of a laptop computer in Pretoria) after 1994.

But there is something about the fervour with which many newspapers report crime that raises deeper questions about the racial psyche of whites in our country.

First of all, South Africa has always been a very violent country and it is the case that long before 1994 black citizens bore the brunt of both state violence and everyday crime in this racially divided country.

Second, some major cities in the world have violent spasms of murder (in malls, at schools and university campuses) from time to time, but you seldom see these events reported day after day on the front pages of most newspapers.

Third, crime is not simply “what blacks do to whites”; it is a truly non-racial sport in South Africa —- in fact, my security-gate motor was stolen by a young white man.

Useful samples of local front- page reporting are the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld and the English- language Pretoria News. Go to their websites to look at their current and previous front pages and you will find the most heart-rending crime stories highlighted in bold letters.

It is not simply recording the facts about crime that concern me; it is the wrenching and salacious detail with which newspapers report especially intimate crimes that makes raises questions in my mind about the South African racial psyche.

Take the brutal crime of rape. Black men break into a Johannesburg house inhabited by whites. The newspapers report every minute detail about the young woman isolated from her family, who are bound in another room; how she is dragged to her bedroom and raped by black robbers taking their turn with her.

The family patriarch lives through the unbearable ordeal of not being able to do anything to help his daughter.

As the robbers leave with their loot, one is reported to say “white bitch”.

Even as I write this I am sick to the stomach and angry at these men for what they have done to the family, and will probably get away with.

Yet as I reflect on this and similar accounts on front pages, I can not recall this level of detail in reporting on the many more black women raped in South Africa.

And why would the media go into such fine detail of what black men do to a white woman?

Surely this information is, at some level, private and the family could be spared reliving these intimate horrors (details which they will give to the police) spread across the front pages of national newspapers?

My sickened disgust at these men is exactly what the newspapers intend to evoke. And to have it replayed as “black men molesting white women” feeds historical and racist fears that lurk deep in the psyche of many white South Africans.

I think that most white South Africans cannot believe that the transition from apartheid was so peaceful and that they got away, scot-free, with centuries of racial hatred and oppression of black people.

When whites witness the racial and economic meltdown in Zimbabwe, their fears about what could happen to them in return for what they did to blacks appears to find resonance.

Many white South Africans, says a psychologist friend of mine, are still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Rooster said...

This fucking house of cards is over due a toppling. Good to see you aren't all drinking the kool aid.

Sean said...

Glad to see all of you supporting the killing of innocent people! Who cares how many have been killed? Shouldn't the fact that innocent people being tortured and killed mean anything to you?! But instead you more worried about the statistics! Bunch of sick people! Must be really proud of yourselves!

The Rooster said...

Since writing this I have been told there are in fact 150 000 white farmers in South Africa which changes the fugures even more dramatically. Also the average murder rate is now 34 per 1000 people. The T.A.U reported a study of their own to say at most 1200 people of all races have been murdered on farms. They are a right winged conservative orginisation.

The Rooster said...

Since writing this I have been told there are in fact 150 000 white farmers in South Africa which changes the fugures even more dramatically. Also the average murder rate is now 34 per 1000 people. The T.A.U reported a study of their own to say at most 1200 people of all races have been murdered on farms. They are a right winged conservative orginisation.