Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yeah, I'm a lazy bastard.

The world cup is a terrible thing for someone like me who likes any excuse to crack out the beers. So I've been to busy partying to really have any motivation to write.

Also I am finding the world cup is perfectly capable of speaking for itself. None of the nightmarish scenarios and alarmism have come to fruition (as I knew they wouldn't). Our team performed honorably and I for one am more than satisfied. Anyone feeling disappointment at us not going through are forgetting that we're not very good. For the remainder of the world cup I'll follow my roots and support the poms and Ghana(providing both don't crash out today, then I'll have to find someone else to lend my cheers to.)

Watching the BBC at the start of the world cup you'd think the country was one big squatter camp. They spent so much time telling "that" story about African poverty and hopes (yaaaaawwwwn). They've now gotten bored of playing the worlds smallest violin and m0ved on to showing all the unexpected positives and treasures of the country. The crime and violence and people dropping dead from starvation in the streets didn't happen so they had to go to plan B.

The internet is littered with people now telling the story about how everything you think about Africa and South Africa is wrong (unless you think it's a perfectly safe , wonderful, friendly and diverse country to visit). How many tourists were suckered in by tabloid afro pessimism and the overtly dramatic ramblings of racist South African expats before coming only well to come to South Africa and see it how it really is. If you have been here you get the joke.

Well all this aside I really will make an effort to post more in the coming days.

Peace and love


Black Coffee said...

What are the chances that people over at SAS, Exzanian, etc. will apologize after the World Cup goes off without any major incidents of crime against visitors?

The Rooster said...

No chance whatsoever. He is already pack pedaling massively on his joke of a site. It's good for a laugh to go in there every morning and post him a comment about how he's amusing me (which he never posts.)

Exzanian is a miserable sack of shit who I for one am extremely glad left the country. You can tell he really hates his life abroad and spends way too much of his time trying to find any bad news about South Africa so he can somehow justify his new crappy life. Shame.

Alison said...

You are so right! About life, the Universe, South Africa, everything - and I don't say these words lightly.

Your views and insight are worth blogging about :)