Monday, 18 October 2010

Lies of the radicals.

I just thought I'd respond to this gem posted on a certain blow hard right winged fundamentalist website.

As you read this, the pre-meditated, carefully planned slaughter of innocent Whites continue unabated. 68 000 of our kin murdered in the past 14 years, of which 3 100 are farmers. For almost four years, SA Sucks have gone all-out to show the world what is really happening in our beloved country.

Written by that silly man, Uhuru Guru. Now I don't for a second think he actually believe that at all. If he does he's not only drinking the Kool-Aid, he's gulping it down.

I'm done and dusted with the over 3000 farmers thing. I think I've firmly buried that into the ground for the rubbish that it is. Regarding the rest that would mean 4857 whites are killed a year. Or 13.3 a day. A quick simple glance at anything close to reality would immedietly allow you to laugh off Uhuru Guru for the bullshit snake oil peddlar that he is.

That would be a murder rate of 121 per 100 000 people. To my calculations but only for lenience being very kind, he's inflated the figures times 10 !

(It should dg without saying that even 1 murder is too many, so let's all credit each other with the sensitivity to realise that.)

Using the types of hyperbole Uhuru Guru finds "convenient", I bet when catching a 2 Kg's fish he says it's 20kg's. Or claims himself to be over 60 feet tall.

But we don't need maths to know it's a bollocks number. We just need to see where it's coming from. But at worst if still skeptical we can just look at the media where every white murder gets huge attention and tell that a figure of +13 a day is way off the charts.

I'm not here to deny crime is a problem is our country. We're no longer even flogging a dead horse with that one folks, we're beating away at some dusty bones. I'm just here to ask you to question skeptically some of the types of rubbish you'll read about South Africa. And when you recognise it to double guess the sinister agenda at the heart of it.

Peace and love



Anonymous said...

Why did Bert Oosthuizen give such short notice of his talk in London? I suspect someone else was invited to speak but wasn't able to make it at the last moment. Or maybe he died of old age. 22 pub crawlers then pounced on the one other guy who didn't like the way the k word is used on South Africa Sucks. Same old, same old intimidation technique. If that was the full extent of Bert's Octoberfest, I can do a damn sight better in my own back garden.

The Rooster said...

AS far as I know about 10 people turned up. These fools make a lot of noise online, but away from that they really don't have an actual following. Bunch of fucking blowhards.