Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Provinces plot against Malema

lol. So much for the kooky idea that Malema speaks for all the A.N.C. It's getting boring always being right.

Not only is African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema facing legal woes, there are moves in the league to strip him of his power.

Provinces plot against Malema

Not only is African National Congress (ANC) Youth League president Julius Malema facing legal woes, there are moves in the league to strip him of his power.

This comes after Mr Malema was publicly isolated by President Jacob Zuma during the recent national general council of the ANC. Some party leaders say he should be disciplined for his recent public pronouncements that have offended many in the ANC.

Mr Malema’s stance on nationalisation has caused a division in the ruling party and jitters within the investment community.

There have been increasingly strident calls from within the ruling party for the youth league leader to be disciplined.

Following the national council, league provinces that are marginalised under his strong rule are joining forces in a campaign that aims to curtail his power, and ultimately remove him from the presidency when elections are held next year.

The Eastern Cape and Limpopo are two provinces where the campaign is on the go.

Leaders in these provinces have been engaging their counterparts in Gauteng and Kwa- Zulu-Natal. Eastern Cape provincial secretary Ayanda Matiti has emerged as a candidate for the position of secretary-general, now held by Vuyiswa Tulelo.

This would be the first step to curtail Mr Malema’s power as Mr Matiti is seen to be a strong minded individual, who, even if Mr Malema were to be re-elected next year, would challenge his management and leadership of the league.

Mr Matiti’s ambitions are said to have strained his relationship with Mr Malema. Sources said Mr Malema prefers a candidate who would not question his authority. “Even people close to him are interested in this position, but the president prefers a weaker candidate,” said an insider.

Youth league leaders in Gauteng have confirmed that Mr Matiti had approached them to support his campaign. Although most of them support Mr Matiti’s bid, there is no consensus on whether Mr Malema’s position would be challenged or not.

Sources in the Eastern Cape said Mr Matiti also approached the youth league leadership in KwaZulu-Natal to back his candidacy.

Mr Matiti denied being after Ms Tulelo’s position. “I don’t know about that,” he said.

Mr Malema’s national executive committee (NEC) is believed to be timid and unable to challenge him. His relationship with his deputy, Andile Lungisa, is strained as Mr Malema believes Mr Lungisa has ambitions to dethrone him.

In August, Mr Lungisa — also chairman of the National Youth Development Agency — was forced by Mr Malema to apologise for allegedly using the agency’s resources to advance his political ambitions.

Mr Lungisa hails from the Eastern Cape, one of the provinces plotting to challenge Mr Malema’s power. Although he is seen as lacking the political clout to challenge Mr Malema, he is believed to enjoy the backing of Mr Zuma.

After the punting of Mr Matiti as a strong candidate for secretary-general, a candidate could emerge to challenge Mr Malema’s position directly.

The Nelson Mandela Bay region in the Eastern Cape was the centre of a campaign against Mr Malema this year, but its efforts were set back when Mr Malema’s supporters elected Mr Matiti, then a Malema ally, as chairman of the provincial league.

A Port Elizabeth league leader said yesterday Mr Matiti was available to stand for secretary- general. The Eastern Cape has been canvassing support from provinces such as Limpopo, where many are alienated from Mr Malema.

Weekend media reports said Mr Malema could lose R50000 worth of his possessions after a court issued an execution order in a matter related to hate speech.

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