Sunday, 17 October 2010

More on Apartheid nostalgia and apology.

A few posts from this forum.

The thing about apartheid was the total and utter banality of the system it produced. Simplistic, greedy and selfish pretty much sums it up.

Listening to to the rock spiders go on about the "Rooi Gevaar" and "meid naai" whenever possible as a reason for the policies which they supported - good riddance.

Discussing the vastly disproportionally few apparently 'positive' results of apartheid is nonsensical, since we couldn't have known how successfully the country might have turned out if decades of animosity hadn't been built up by treating 40 million people like second class citizens. There is no way to put a positive spin on something that was essentially a massive orchestrated attempt to sideline and exploit a huge group of people in SA. You cannot possibly suggest that apartheid was a benevolent system, designed to let blacks develop equally but apart from whites when that is not at all how it happened. Lets not forget the racial hatred encouraged by the SA government. Using all sorts of pejorative language was quite acceptable when talking about blacks... you'll still find it in some quarters. I'm not surprised by your example of the Board of Regents member agreeing that it was the best system. Many people support(ed) apartheid. No surprise. Some advocate race wars. It takes all kinds.

If we were all supposed to develop equally but apart then allocation of resources would have been vastly different and the idea that one group was somehow inferior would not have been propagated. Do you remember the 'nie-blankes' (non-whites) on signs all over the place?

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