Friday, 1 October 2010

Julius steps down : predictions

So Julius Malema is set to step down from the A.N.C youth league. Here are some of my predictions :

- No matter what he does next, no matter how insignificant a position he holds in the grand scheme of events. Every controversial thing he says will be polished and isolated into it's most base form and still be posted all over the white media. People simply want to believe that somehow Julius Malema represents black people. No matter how far that is from reality. The white racists need their Julius so they can carry on to fuel their prejudices.

- No matter who his replacement is, you can be certain without him having said a word, he would be painted as a bufoon by the white media.

- The public outcry of glee, much of it dripping with detectable racial bias, when Malema leaves the ANCYL will make Malema much more popular with the extreme left thinking people of the country, or those black people with racial scars than he ever was. In fact the worst possible thing a white person who doesn't like Malema can do is to make it public. You make him a martyr against white prejudice. Why else did you think Zuma came into popularity ? You made him the poster boy for standing up against white prejudice and abuse. Learn you dumb fucks !


Anonymous said...

Used to be a great joke telling white people that we really believed in Julius Malema and what he was achieving for "us blacks". Man, it had us in stitches when whitey got all red in the face and spluttering furious.

Whites are SO dumb.

Anonymous said...

Nah, most whites don't believe Julius is the poster child for black people; they believe he's the poster child for STUPID black people. And let's face the hard, cold facts here, chickenfucker - there aint exactly a shortage of them in our wonderful "rainbow" nation, are there?

Anonymous said...

you people are Racist scum. All of you who have contributed to this post / comments. black and white alike.