Thursday, 23 September 2010

Update : New blog

Starting up the new blog has taken a little longer than I anticipated. Uploading video and dealing with issues such as editing and sound problems is a nightmare in the current form and I lack the ambition to drag myself through the schlep at anything but my own convenience.

It is fun dabbling in new forms of media and I will get around to doing it as the mood strikes me.

For now read this.


89% of tourists here for the world cup found South Africans "extremely friendly". The other 11% considered us just "friendly".

About 70% of tourists felt safe in South Africa, while 26.4% believed they were very safe. Only 3.8% felt they were somewhat unsafe.


Anonymous said...

All in good time Rooster,we wait in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Please spare us, is there not enough shit on the net?