Monday, 18 January 2010

World Cup challenge.

In line with the recent alarmism E-TV were irresponsible enough to put out there in a desperate bid for some attention, I'm going to lay out a challenge.

First for context, the jokers at ETV (A third rate South African TV station famous for it's kooky sensationalism) presented the crazy blowhard statements of two nobody" thugs" in a piece they tried to present as investigative journalism.

The two were claiming they were going to steal and murder from tourists during the world cup in revenge for colonialism. Bwahahahahahaha.

Oh you not getting the joke ?

Here's the thing. Firstly this is entirely inconsistant with the mentality of violent thugs. They're just not educated or political or motivated by things like colonialism. They live shallow fast lives and are motivated by little more than getting some cash to get their dick wet. The absurd idea of some kind of noble vigilanti thugs motived by the complex wrongs of coloniaism should be evident to everyone.

Secondly only someone you can't take seriously comes onto camera and makes such claims. It reeks of all the pomp and blowhardness you can expect from the most useless and cowardly of individuals. Thirdly it's counter intiutive. If you want to murder and rob from tourists why the hell would you warn them before hand so that they would avoid coming ?

Fourthly. If this in anyway was a trend and common mindset, then why the heck does South Africa have such an extremely low rate of tourist murders ? So low in fact it's almost 10 times less than Australia.

Moreso, where did ETV find these people ? We assume they didn't go to the types of places they tell us we will get killed if we go. So what then ? Some kind of broker who offers back kick backs to the people they interview introduced them ? And were the people interviewed motivated by money ? Some kind of paid consultants ? Come on and say something dramatic and shocking and it's big news for ETV and the likes. Why the heck not ? It all just reeks of bullshit.

Aanyway this is my challenge. A year ago I asked people to prove to me that South Africa was more dangerous than Australia , Thailand or the Caribbean to travel in. I chose these three as they are very well known tourist countries and not because they're more dangrous than anywhere else. Nobody , despite thousands of hits even dared attempt to answer the question on my site. Why ? Because South Africa is far safer.

So here's the challenge.

South Africa has hosted 2 world cups , hundreds of sporting tours for cricket , rugby , soccer etc. Anyone who can name any sports tourist to come here who were murdered and I would post a picture of myself with the words "South Africa is too dangerous to visit for the world cup". I will also post this if anyone can again show me evidence that it is more dangerous than Australia , Thailand or the Carribean. There...quite a carrot to dangle. Go for it ! Waste your time. And when you come up short I hope you have the honesty to at least stop misrepresenting the country as dangerous to visit to valdate your racism.

Fail to do it and be sure I will post up your faulures to do so all over the internet.

Peace and Love


Zaza said...

Excellently put Rooster.

Anonymous said...

well i agree with what u saying but living in sa i have been told by blacks before to get out and go back to europe and that this is there country now

i remember near durban beach front a group of coloureds told me to get out of the city centre as its theres now and i was with my cousin and one of them took off there belt and wraped it around his knuckles and wanted to fight

so i do believe rascim can be a motive . and i have notcied it alot more there days i had a black who wouldnt sit next to me on a bus and i haf to ask some blacks for directions once they ignored me and only spoke to my black friend i feel sa is changing alot

so i agree and disagree with u. the attitude in sa is changing big time they want us out, i wouldnt say that bout all blacks though
and if malema does become the next president i dont think things will be good

i think zuma is doing well so far

The Rooster said...

If there's black racism against whites it's a backlash to how whites are so freaking negative and rude to black people. How the media portrays black people etc. A few years back people made an effort to be polite to oher "races" but now days many people have slipped back to od habits and are again feeling entitled that it's ok to be racist and look down on others etc. We must realise if all we put in is hate and inteolerance that's all we going to get back.

I've never had such an experience and I always engage black people in political commentry rather than fake polite small take when possible. I think it's bullshit to pretend eveything is hunky dory when we don't talk to each other enough to understand our views in a sophisticated way.

The Rooster said...

1 day. Zero answers. I'm going to call this one early. Rooster 1 , noobs 0.

Willy said...

That's the part i don't understand.

Everybody is going on about how dangerous SA is going to be during the world cup, yet we have had rugby and cricket tours to our shores and they seem to have gone off without incident.

I went down to Kingsmead to watch SA v England the other day, African guys watched my car in a "car park" they had set up on a traffic island, for ten bucks (they wanted 20 but i managed to haggle them down) Did i need a stab proof vest? Well there was such a carnival atmosphere and everyone was in such high spirits, nothing could have been further from my mind.

I agree, the tourists are going to love SA.

The Rooster said...

So basically nobody can aswer m challenge ? Oh well. I knew that all allong. Sadly it won't stop the neurotic bullshit.