Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Quirky quicky question time.

Was reading this thread.

A 36 year old woman has had sex with a 12 year boy over 200 times. The first time by getting him drunk and giving the kid a blowjob.

The response of the forum posters ?

"Lol. What a lucky boy !This isn't rape ! "

Questions : What's the message here ? Are women never responsible for their actions even when they are adults ? And are men always resonsible for their actions even when they are children ?

Is everything sexual happening to men enjoyable but anything sexual happening to women horrific ?

Because that's what directly implied in the sentiments of those self hating male posters on mybroadband.

More lighty and on South African issues...

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, why did nothing like this ever happen to me when I was 12? Some okes have all the luck. I had to wait another five years before a 34 year old married family friend fucked my brains out. Best I ever had.