Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A war I'm resigned to losing.

I have been banned from for "controversially" stating that dehumanising black people is not a good thing. I'm serious. In contrast countless users on the same forum made highly offensive and blatantly racist comments without reprimand. 9 pages full and not a single ban. Please see the post about an 80 odd year old woman being murdered in current affairs and make up your own mind. I was posting under the name of Mcfearess and start around page 8 or 9. But read it all to get context.

I was previously banned for....I honesty don't know. Pretty much the same thing I suppose. Pissing in the corkflakes of hateful racists. I truly feel I'm as much of a troll as someone going on a nazi forum as stating "Hey isn't killing jews a little naughty?" . But they seem to see it different. Oh well.

I will be organising my thoughts and planning a backlash to remove the moderater responsible and hold them to account to explain their rationality and ethics. I will fail. There's just not enough support in this country for crazy people like me who think no good can come from dehumanisng our fellow country men. That nothing good can be achieved from stereotyping all black people as monsters based on the actions of a very few. I truly stand before you a little stunned at how much distaste my simple message of tolerance inspired.

This is the first time in a while I'm feeling hopeless about this country. And black people have nothing to do with it. The whites it seems just have no interest in making this country work or relating to it's fellow citizens. And when you're touted the bad guy for simply stating that perhaps it's wrong to demonise a whole group of people because of the actions of a tiny minority who share their melanin levels in the skin...well....that's sure to make you lose heart.

Anyway. Burn it all you dumb fucks. There's no hope for you with your current attitude. Maybe I should just leave this country and the fucking idiot hick whites that seem to saturate it with last century ideas. I mean fuck liberalism and it's apologism and undeserved entitlement, but also fuck this paranoid, negative gall bladder wanking of self defeatism too. I've never asked anyone to cheer on the country , I've just asked you be fucking rational about it.

But you know what White South Africa your biggest problem is ? You're dumb ! You're a bunch of fucking ignorant inbred idiots. Living abroad I've heard this about you for years and I've defended you. Maybe it's time to break my ties and let you implode into your own pile of neurotic bullshit.

Rant over. I just can not believe I just got banned from a forum for being a "troll" because I dared say "Hey, Dehumanising people is wrong !" 1939 Germany.

Is there anyone out there not drinking the kool aid ?


Anonymous said...

actually i think you were banned because yo uwere banned before and you came back, i couldn't find anything wrong with what you said. however i found that the more times someone is reported the greater the chance they have of being banned, and the righties on that forum tend to be the tittle-taling type.

you know what you're problem is? you have too much wit and charm :p if you had to just be a dull to the point and always poltie guy you'd nail them each time and still drive them crazy. and to be fair another member was banned before you came for the racist remarks he made in the same thread.

i'm a rightie myself, but the sheer idiocy of most posts get to me. i can't believe people think they have opinions.

The Rooster said...

Well previously I did absolutely nothing too. I was just annoying the supremists too much with my rationality. I was accused of insulting people but in fact all I was doing was responding to their arguments and they were looking stupid. Just because when compared to mine your aguments are simplistic , invalid and child like and it reflects badly on you , that doesn't mean I've insulted you.

Anyway...yes I am a little smug and witty at times. But is envy of my intellect really a valid reason to ban me ?

Oh well. I don't really care. If I decide to I can easily come back by hiding/changing my IP and presenting my views in a different way. But I don't really care. The place is full of ballies and red necks anyway. Let them have their cynical little circle wank.

The Rooster said...

And as a rightie you should hate these morons more than anyone. They make everyone on the right appear to be a simplistic, bitter, stupid idiot with poor impulse control. There are intelligent people on the right but these guys make it far too easy to laugh the right off as a bunch of gung-ho idiot wankers.

Anonymous said...

You mustn't let it get to you. Sod mybroadband and other bs blogs with an axe to grind. There's no way you can get a bigot to change their mind, you're wasting your time and energies there. They're losers trying to control other people's minds because their own lives are out of control. I Luv SA are now just as bad as SA Sucks because they also harp on and on about everything being negative; it's called confirmation bias whereby any information is qualitatively slanted according to that person's perception. Most of them don't even live in South Africa anymore, they just want South Africa to fail to justify their own decision to emigrate. The UK isn't such a great place. The Ozzies aren't all that friendly. Canada is freezing cold. The reason they bitch on about South Africa is to make themselves feel comparatively better off. And that, I'm afraid, is what makes a lot of people tick: if they think they're slightly better off than someone else it makes them "happy".

The Rooster said...

To the above poster. That's the best comment ever on my site. It sums up the truth so clearly. Well done sir.

The Rooster said...

Confirmation bias. Yes ! Brillaint !

Anonymous said...

Malema is well-known for this luxurious lifestyle. He owns what appears to be a Breitling watch valued at R250 000 and has had quarrels with his neighbours in Sandton over loud and extravagant parties at his home.

In an earlier interview with Rapport, Malema stated that his lifestyle serves as an example for the poor, proving "that the ANC can change a township man's life".


Now that malema has explained that he lives a lavish lifestyle to prove a point to the poor,makes me feel a lot better. well done malema taking one for the team

Anonymous said...

Hehhe,You are talking to your self again?

You are such an idiot Rooster.