Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I have been known to at times be guilty of being a bit of a ....how do you say.....doos ...at times to my fellow Afrikaans country men. You will want to read this and this for some examples (don't read if you can't take a joke). But "Die Heuwels Fantasties" put me to shame for my cynical view. A great band of thinking young Afrikaaners of whose members also form Aking/Fokof which in themselves are good.

Some of the following songs speak deeply of what it means to live in Africa. I really suggest you give them a look. Expats I fully ,without irony, expect some of you to cry and start packing for home straigt away.

Wish youtube had the real video for this one....but anyway... all about the lyrics really.

This next one is a sub culture of South Africa that I don't actually like......but watching this video tugged the crap out of my heart strings. This is part of me whether I like it or not and to deny it would to deny my upbringing. There's love in the funniest of places.

This next one is a related band....and just for you old school boys. It's another time and pure nostaliga, but it's a thing , no matter how dysfunctional, I feel is worth remembering and preserving.

From the same related group of seriously talented lads I put up some aking videos. No agenda other than to showcase some deserving talent. Cause well...they kick serious ass.

Anyway....tons and tons more I could put up but I'll let you digest this for now. Now expats.....how does this work make you feel ?

Let me know......


Much love...


Why not? One more !

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