Tuesday, 14 July 2009

All the usual suspects..

It seems all the usual suspects have alligned to bukkake their bullshit all over the guardian website in support of this very silly article.


Here they come in full force. The bitter expat neo nazi , racist, sensationalist scaremongers. Sigh. I can't be bothered , just be sure to check out the site http://www.zasucks.com to see what you're dealing with. It's asked it's membership to come and post as much hate and drivel as they can here. I'll credit you with enough brains to guess their agenda.

Prepare for a barage of conspiracy theories , cooked up stats, horror stories about how dogs eating dead babies on the streets is a common sight , and kids drugging pets to rape them is a popular township game. (Both are actual stories they have posted in recent months). How black people rape babies , before selling their dead bodies on a daily basis ....it's like stamp collecting for them....etc etc...

It's all such utter rubbish and designed to entirely portray South Africa so entirely different from what it is. Which is a perfectly place to liveand travel in for the middle classes.

They're going to totally hijack that post with their sinister agenda of trying to make the country and world cup fail for the simple reason they've disowned it because we have a black government. So anyone who has been to the country or lives here please do your best to present a fair and balanced perspective to disarm these nazi retards. If you want to know what south africa is really like just ask a brit expat who lives here.

Of course they'll over do it and push it too far to the point where even british skinheads will be saying" Now , wait a minute , that's a bit much isn't it?" and get the usual backlash they deserve. South Africans will play allong with the "South Africa is dangerous" spiel to a point. But they will start to take notice if the country is being flamed to the degree that's being happening over there and quickly turn on the negative scaremongers. And it's about time we shut them up for good.

Same old game, different day.


Anonymous said...

rooster: http://tinyurl.com/kpgffe

you'll like that

Black Coffee said...

Rooster - this is Greg B here, whom you let moderate your blog. I just posted a comment on iluvsa, some over there are blasting your comments on the article. I said that from my own experiences in Jozi for 6 months I think this article does exaggerate the crime. After I came back to US people ask me is it safe to walk around in Jozi? I tell them it all depends where you go - Rosebank or Hillbrow? I think as long as WC2010 visitors stay out of certain areas they will be just fine and the games will be a huge boost to SA and to Africa when all the naysayers are proven wrong. But the caveat is that SA does have higher crime rates than most of the countries from which visitors will come, so they have to be given warnings like don't go to Hillbrow or Joubert Park unless with a local, don't walk around Durban beaches at night, etc. If that is done my gut feeling is 99% of visitors will be just fine.

The Rooster said...

Gosh gee...but someone messed with my ip settings...what black magic have I wielded to still be able to post on my blog ! Mst be witcraft !!!


Anonymous said...

hey rooster your the talk of
the town at the moment on za sucks website
people going obut how u live in la
la land and ignore the true horrors of sa

look please dont shoot the messanger iam jsut tellijg u whats up

they say u sell soccer gear overthe net and thats why u promote sa as a safe haven u dont want to lose business so u want people to come to sa

is that true do u sell soccer stuff on line

The Rooster said...

Yes, one of my sidelines is to sell soccer goods online. I sell to people in the U.K as the goods are produced there and I made good on the pounds. How the hell would it benefit me if the world cup was here or not ? How does my clientelle coming here benefit me in any way ? It would be more expensive to ship the stuff here than diectly to them in the U.K.

I also don't sell any world cup stuff, just english premier league. Stupid muppets at S.A.S....sigh.

The Rooster said...

Hey Greg. If that is you. I keep getting fake emails from people pretending to be you...the S.A.S muppets seem quite obsessed about you. What a quirky little bunch they are. I'm often amused at their cute little tantrums and histrionics.

Black Coffee said...

I have not sent you any emails lately, so just disregard those. Let me know what emails they are coming from - you can forward them to gberchSAatgmail.com.

muntu said...

How does it feel being a fat Commie poes?