Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New site...

Ok. I give the sheer force of irritation I finally concede. As you can see I've gone and changed the name of the site. Part of me wanted to keep the old name out of spite until you learned to not take yourselves so seriously, but I suppose there is one thing White South Africans can do well (and only one thing) and that's whine and whinge and f#cking whine again.

So anyway.... welcome yourself to "Shut up whitey".

Ah, thank you , thank're far too kind.

No , really....SHUT UP.

That's better.

Other than the new name I'm going to make a few other changes. I'm going to write about anything that comes to my mind related to South Africa and not just the usual anti scaremongering/expat stuff. But certainly this will still be your number one stomping ground for debunking, laughing and mocking the cretins of the world. Other stuff will still go up on my other site : The finger and thumb where I'm also going to start posting movie and music reviews in my quirky little style giving them as the name suggest, either the finger or the thumb.

With my time freed up quite nicely I'm going to try and post at least every second day. And I'm going to try and concentrate on quality original content, rather than just hacking out the first thing that comes to my mind like I have been guilty of doing lately. For the other site however I am going to update once a week, probably on the weekend, because as you probably can see I strictly only write that when I'm drunk.

So with a new site without the stigma of the old name , basically I'm going to put some effort in and see where it goes. I was always held back and limited by the old name so I didn't really give much of a toss. Anyone wanting to exchange links with me can contact me on .


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