Friday, 5 December 2008

Take a look inside.

I came across this interesting dodcumentary.

It shows many things.

- The reality of life for South Africa's poorest and the socio-economic conditions that breed crime.

- Teh real people who are making up the huge brunt of the violent crime victims in the country.

- A few people who have dedicated their lives to helping these people. The type of people South Africa needs and truly make a F#cking difference. Not some b#llshit expats bitching.

Now this makes up a tiny , tiny part of South Africa. It's not pretty and it's highly dysfunctional but it exists. It's horrible and these people are living in the worst situation you could imagine. Don't they deserve our attention and sympathy instead of our loathing ?

I for one have been toying with the idea of working in such communities. If there's anyone whose interested in getting involved you can contact me at and we can bounce around some ideas as to how to put our silly lives to some use.


Anonymous said...

hey rooster

i jsut watched that iam an african
ad on you tube by mbeki

and surprise surprise
no whites indians or colorueds on the ad only blacks

anf the only sport u see is soccer
no cricket or rugby arnt those african sports to?

again the anc trying to say only blacks are african trying to show the world they are the only race in africa . go to only blacks in the advert and on the webpage

and this is the ad they show over seas no whites or indians or coloureds

pretty disapointing

The Rooster said...

Actually I watched that video too. There's plenty of white people and co,oured people , you fail.The reason there;s a lot of "soccer" is because it was released to celebrate the winning of thew 2010 world cup hosting you fucking knob.

God my readers are dumb !

Anonymous said...

no i ddint fail cause there
are tons of ads here in aussie saying come to south africa and there are no whites or indians or colourds

and i didnt see any on the south ad only blakcs the only whites where tourists

no i didnt fail

Anonymous said...

2. Crime Statistics.

The following data on the number of crimes
reported are taken from the the 1992 Annual Report
of the Commissioner of Police (hereinafter 1992
Annual Report) which covers the period between
January 1 to 31 December 1992.

*Murder. In 1992, there were 16,067 murders
reported to the police. The rate of reported
murders per 100,000 population was 176 in Natal,
110 on the Witwatersrand and in Soweto, and 61 in
the Western Cape. (1992 Annual Report: 60).

*Theft. In 1992, there were 78,677 cases of
reported robbery. The rate per 100,000
population, was 7 on the Witwatersrand and Soweto,
5 in Natal, and 2 in the Western Cape. (1992
Annual Report: 60).

*Rape. In 1992, there were 24,360 cases of rape
reported to the Police. According to specialists,
a large percentage of rapes are never reported to
the Police. Estimates of the proportion of rapes
that are reported to the police in this country
range from one in every two cases, to one in every
twenty cases. This suggests that between 24,360
and 462, 840 rapes were not reported in 1992
(Hansson and Russell, 1993:14). Of all
rapes reported, 18.90% took place on the
Witwatersrand, 17.48% in the Western Cape, 14.54%
in Natal, 10.72% in the Eastern Cape, and 8.30% in
Soweto. The rate per 100,000 population was 146
cases in Natal, 139 in the Eastern Cape, 120 in the
Western Cape, and 90 on the Witwatersrand. (1992
Annual Report: 61).

*Drug offenses. A total of 20,071 persons were
arrested in 1992 in connection with the drug
trade. (1992 Annual Report: 62).

*Crime regions. Of the serious crimes committed
in 1992, 24.12% were on the Witwatersrand and in
Soweto (61 serious crimes per 1,000 population),
17.75% in the Western Cape (66 per 1,000 population)
and 16.83% in Natal (91 per 1,000 population).
(1992 Annual Report: 54).


1. Groups Most victimized by crime.

Africans constitute the largest group of
violent crime victims (per capita), while whites
are the most frequent victims of monetary or
property crimes. A 1981 survey revealed that of
those persons interviewed, 8% of blacks, 7% of
coloured, 5% of Indians and 2% of whites were
affected by robbery with violence. In addition,
20% of the black respondents, 10% of coloured, 5%
of Indian and 2% of white respondents reported
being victims of assault. Finally, 4% of the
black and 2% of the coloured respondents reported
being rape victims. (Lotter, 1992: 145). As South
Africa is a highly patriarchal society, African
women suffer high levels of domestic violence and
sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

talks bout sa crime

it says sa is the 2nd in the world for murder and second in the world for gun violence ifi understood the site right

but i jsut had a fast look i will let u check it out

you can leave a comment on the site as well

Anonymous said...

LONDON. The British government has confirmed that it will drastically increase the pressure it is exerting on Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe by awarding him an honorary degree before stripping him of it in absentia in a London ceremony. "European governments don't get tougher than this," said a spokesman this morning. "If this doesn't cripple him, nothing will."

The move signals a dramatic policy shift in Britain towards a more confrontational response after years of rewarding African despots for human rights abuses.

"We suspect the old approach might not be working any more," said Downing Street spokesman Alistair Throb-Mongrel, adding that the Thatcher government's response to Mugabe's 1984 ethnic cleansing massacres in Matabeleland – doubling British aide to Zimbabwe – had "probably not been the best thing to do at the time".

Likewise, he said, Britain "may have fumbled the rugger ball" in its response to Mugabe's violent and corrupt presidential run-off election in 1994.

"As a nation we had two clear choices, once Mr Mugabe had stopped cracking open women's heads with half-bricks.

"One, we could hit him with sanctions or charges from the International Criminal Court.

"Or two, we could make him a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath."

He said the second option had "somehow seemed less supportive at the time".

As a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath Mugabe was awarded a scroll, a velvet hat and a free ball-and-claw bath. However reports from Harare suggest that he has been unable to use the bath since 2004 as it has been converted into a reservoir for cholera-free drinking water.

But Throb-Mongrel said that the days of appeasement and diplomacy were over.

"The gloves are coming off," he said.

"Mugabe is a monster. He is out of control, a murderous, corrupt cancer killing the heart of his people, and he needs to broken right now.

"Which is why we're going to make him an honorary Doctor of Agriculture at Leeds University. And then we're going to take it all away from him.

"The scroll, the velvet hat, the graduation photos.

"All of it."

He said that the awarding and stripping of honorary degrees was working relatively well in most conflict areas in Africa, but conceded that the warlords of the Democratic Republic of Congo had refused to surrender their scrolls and velvet hats. He said they were also insisting on being called names such as Papa Deathmonger PhD and My Learned Colleague Bundu The Slaughterer.

"They just haven't understood that they're beyond the pale academically," he said.

"It's really terribly gauche of them."

The Rooster said...

talks bout sa crime

it says sa is the 2nd in the world for murder and second in the world for gun violence ifi understood the site right

but i jsut had a fast look i will let u check it out

you can leave a comment on the site as well


they are using a old murder rate. The current murder rate in South Africa is 38/100 000. Please follow my link on the left had side that says "S.A myth quickfix"

violdent Crime is down 44% since since 1994.