Thursday, 4 December 2008

The awakening...

It's a trend I'm start to notice everywhere. It's seeping to the surface slowly but surely. It's 99% to do with me of course, but I suppose 1% can be attributed to the fact that more and more South Africans are learning how the internet is a brilliant way to avoid actual work and actually using it. The trend is this : People aree starting to bump back at the negative cynics !

Sure they had a pretty good run. Most normal South Africans were too busy living the good life to notice they evebn existed. But now they are on to the silly keyboard warriors who are spreading a ridiculous version of South Africa all over the inernet. And some of them are reading this gunk...looking out the window with a confused frown on their face, looking back , double checking out the window and saying..."Now wait a minute ....!..What bullshit !"

People like this Terrence..... (From homecoming revolution)

Over the last 6 months I've spent quite a lot of time browsing a variety of forums, two of which are in the title. After one or two posts myself and a number of responses to other posters asking for advice I suddenly saw the pattern, I saw through the bulls**t that a new & naive poster gets caught up in so easily.

The cycle is the same in almost every instance bar one or two small differences and basically goes as follows: Step 1 - A new vulnerable, weak and naive forum registrant asks for advice on moving to South Africa. This individual is either an expat looking to return or a foreigner looking for a new life/taking a business transfer for a few years. Boy they're in for a surprise.

Step 2 - An old forum poster (one with many posts under his/her respective belt which somehow comes across as a status symbol) pounces deftly on the new poster and starts asking innocuous questions about where they're looking to stay, what field they're in and what they expect. Nice calming questions. There is one particular poster who skips the nice stuff goes straight for the jugular by opening with "don't be stupid, it's a war zone. You're an idiot for even thinking about it" or something along those lines.

Step 3 - The remaining 4 old hands groove in surreptitiously to argue semantics about exactly how the crime and murder stats were collected and just how bad the war is back home without actually saying the word war once. Pretty impressive.

Step 4 - They continue to back each other and drown out the poor newbie and any other folk with positive things to say and the post runs dry, job's a good'un. The nay sayers win another virtual battle and sleep soundly.

Step 5 - The new poster feels completely unsatisfied, unfulfilled and a little defensive. Typically they never come back.Man alive, I just lost the will to live after trying to deal with this for a few months. I mean really, there's a saying about flogging a dead horse and I'll tell you that trying to be balanced on these forums is like flogging a dead horse while being cavity searched by a lumber jack.

It's incredibly unpleasant and extremely unrewarding. The thing that goes through my mind when thinking about this is that I hope the folk hitting these forums realize that the other 47 million people still in South Africa who aren't on the forum (and apparently aren't dead because I call home every week to say hi) seem to be living there in relative happiness. Yes there's crime, yes there's bad stuff and blah, blah, blah please oh please for crying out loud can you go sprout your defeatist trivia somewhere else you negative miserable f**kers.

The prize here is that the Homecoming Revolution is actually trying to do something positive, much in the same way SA Good News went against the grain and listed the good stuff that News24 (for instance) elected to ignore. Sure the good news doesn't roll over as quick as the bad but hell that's the same everywhere. There isn't one country out there that has news filled with roses and orgasms, it doesn't exist. Funny thing I noticed: News24 suddenly stopped much of the negativity and started listing good stuff over the last few months. Nice to see.

Here's another thing to think about this issue: there is no way 9.3 million black diamonds (quoted from some report) can be wrong. Add to this the remaining middle class population and you have a rough guestimate of 14 million middle class income earners. Even if that guess is out by a million or two that's a damn good portion of the population who are only interested in climbing the class ladder. Did that happen by accident? Did it happen overnight? No and we can thank Trevor for this. Is it going to go away suddenly? Tell me, would you give up your credit card, mortgage and nice BMW for some dancing idiots tribal beliefs?

I didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Just because "News24 suddenly stopped much of the negativity and started listing good stuff over the last few months" doesn't mean that the bad stuff has gone away. The crime and corruption is still there. So is the destruction of infrastructure such as Eskom, Telcom, Railway lines,etc.


No. These people are being rocked asleep by a liberal media and idiots like yourself and the Homecoming Revolution. They are all in a Zombie like-state plugged into the matrix of liberal bullshit and a Rock-a-bye mainstream media, supported by a Marxist Terrorist regime.

At least my eyes are wide open and I am alert.

Anonymous said...

hello rooster

Thus far 3,020 Afrikaners have been murdered in rural homestead since 1994.

Afrikaners who describe this as a genocide are not being paranoid: there is considerable evidence of police collusion in this attacks: besides the fact that police so frequently fail to respond to emergency calls from besieged Afrikaner families, on June 26, 2008 the SA police directorate also carried out a mass-arrest of the entire Police CID unit at the Magalies police station - which controls the greater-Pretoria smallholdings region. Police captain Patrick Magonono, and five colleagues were charged with carrying out armed robberies targetting Afrikaner smallholders throughout the region for the past

five years. This case is still pending:

taken from

from klippies 202

The Rooster said...

Thus far 3,020 Afrikaners have been murdered in rural homestead since 1994.


I don't need to even read the rest. Around 1300 rural (including rural towns) wehite south africans (not specifically afrikaaners) have been murdered since 1994. You're second sentence of your post contained a bald faced I don't need to continue , you're full of shit and lies and i'm not interested in dealing with such people.

I have shown over and opver and over how this bullshit figure of 3000 people has been manufactured.Try fucking learn something and you might be able tyo let go of your stupid ignorant world view.

Anonymous said...

thing is rooster

u swear and rubbish anyone who doesn t agree with you

so you are no0 diff from sas
and whats you right and everyone else wrong ?

Anonymous said...

Dec 5 2008 - PRETORIA. South African parliamentarian Dr Pieter Mulder this week lodged a petition to the labour department about the callous, cruel and illegal mass-firings of 600 SA Post Office staffers - with just one week notice, right before Christmas.

"What rankles even more, besides the callous way in which these workers were sent packing with just one week's notice; but also the claims by many SAPO workers that their top managers waste massive sums of the taxpayers' money on lavish socalled 'team building excursions', he noted.

The Freedom Front opposition party leader said the state-run post office had caused great trauma and hardship for these families, who will not easily find employment anywhere else and will soon be destitute and homeless.

"One female worker with three children got only one week’s notice that her contract work would end on the 31st October,' said Mulder. This is cruel and callous of a state enterprise to get rid of workers in times of economic pressure in which South Africa finds itself in and it is a shocking shame that the practice is allowed by the ruling African National Congress party.'"

However, the SA post office claimed in August this year that it had shown a 7% rise in revenue and a 12% growth in profit before taxes. It's not clear why these workers needed to be fired.

klippies 202

Anonymous said...

I have shown over and opver and over how this bullshit figure of 3000 people has been manufactured.Try fucking learn something and you might be able tyo let go of your stupid ignorant world view.

sp rooster you prove one thing
and someone else proves another
but what makes u right ?

why is the figure of 3000 bullshit but yourd is right

so are all the farmers i have seen marching for there rights telling fibs cause thye have nothing better to do ?

Anonymous said...

bankers and economists yesterday all urged acting-president Kgalema Motlanthe to urgently address the country's dangerously polluted water resources -- or he would face an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis.

The parliamentary joint working group meeting with the commercial community and the acting president was called after the country's top water-research expert, Dr Anthony Turton of the CSIR, warned last week that South Africa was facing very rapid socio-economic collapse due to the heavily polluted South African fresh-water resources. The country's (very limited) fresh water supplies now were so heavily polluted with human excrement and waste from some 80,000 overcrowded squatter camps, chemical waste from industries and mines that South Africa's very low rainfall was unable to wash it clean any longer.

This was mainly due to the near-total collapse of the 181 of the country's 232 municipal waste-water purification plants, all sited along the countrys network of rivers and dams. Municipal purification plants pour thousands of tons of human and chemical waste directly into the country's fresh-water streams asnd rivers. Taxpayers countrywide complain of falling ill from drinking the municipal water. And all this is mainly due to the fact that more than 9,000 municipal posts have fallen vacant after some 80% of the country's qualified engineers emigrated since 1994 -- these 'paler-skinned' South African citizens lost their jobs due to the ANC government's black-economic empowerment laws. Turton, initially suspended from the state-run Council for Science and Industrial Research for telling the truth in his report, has since resigned.

He warns in his document that due to the fact that South Africa gets so little rainfall, as does all of southern Africa; and also now is rapidly polluting with faeces and chemicals all of its scarce water-resources - the 'dilution factor' wshing pollutants from the water with the country's less than 450mm annual rainfall, no longer exists. The chemical and faecal waste levels have simply become far too high in SA open-water supplies to still get cleaned up by any annual rains. Even crocodiles - creatures with the oldest and best immune systems on the planet -- are now dying of this population, by eating fishes who are dying from it in the Crocodile river at the Kruger National Wildlife Park.Read report here and here:

Declare a national emergency, farmers urge president:
Yesterday, the country's largest commercial farmers' union urged acting-president Kgalema Motlanthe to declare a national emergency over the water crisis. Its chairman, Ben Marais, who represents about 13,000 Afrikaans-speaking farmers in the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TLU) warned that emergency measures were needed to assure that consumers' health would not be endangered from crops being contaminated by the country's heavily-polluted water. The farmers had already launched their own plans to purify their fresh-water before irrigation - but the municipal purification plants needed to be repaired urgently, and the 9,000 open engineering posts filled with qualified engineers, they warned.

The TLU presented a comprehensive plan for cleaning up and protecting the country's water-resources to the president at yesterday's parliamentary joint working group which met to address the water crisis.
The country's commercial farmers also warned in an earlier report to the president that there are just not enough of them left to produce enough food for the entire population - and that this will plunge South Africa into an unprecedented famine.
"At our recent annual congress, speaker after speaker raised the tenuous situation of South Africa’s commercial farming sector, the deterioration and pollution of South Africa’s water supply, the alarming loss of topsoil, the desertification of South Africa’s already meager arable land and the loss of farms and farmers as a result of the government’s discredited land redistribution policy.
At a time when food and the environment are the top concerns of the world body, what situation does agriculture find itself in after nearly 15 years of ANC rule?
The most important role of the president is to feed the people...
"The most important role of the president is to feed the people – food is the absolute basic need, and without the knowledge, expertise and dedication of South Africa’s commercial farming sector, no future president will survive. "This may sound drastic, but then hunger is drastic and food riots and shortages can and do bring down governments.

"Thus, a halt must be immediately made to the government’s ill-fated land redistribution program. (Read here for results of this programme:)
"This benefits no one, and even those whom the government believed would vote for it if they received productive farms are already disillusioned with the plan and will not support a government which cannot feed them

The Rooster said...

Guys...I ecven posted a letter where S.A.s members are arguing ammongst each othe rasking people not to post this ridiculous 3000 farmer lie and goes into details about how they manipulate the figure. They have included all races , and not just farm workers but rural towns to make this number. Please do me a favour and read over my posts and it will all become very clear.

i can only lead you to water need to go the next step yourself. Do you love this country ? Then fucking roll up your sleeves and drop these rubbish self defeating lies.

Anonymous said...

I was there over a year ago, and just seeing how different it is, very changed, (no shit's a million times better)I knew it was no longer a place I want to be (because you're a racist nazi?)...just squatter camps and low cost housing all over the place. (Amazing. 20% of black people have pulled themselves out of poverty and squatter camps have increased....amaingly bullshit that is) Security villages and security estates..all very fancy yes...all very high walled. (yup..very fancy well protected gated communities everywhere...what's the problem ?) Gawd awful Joburg was a sight, urban sprawl all the way to Pretoria,(he means new developments due to the economic boom) and black heads like an ant invasion (yes there are black people in africa folks)...and the traffic...too dreadful. (Ie : Much more people can afford cars) Go into Edgars, Woolies, Pick n Pay..just AA staff, salespeople and cashiers (he means black..and yes...there are lots of black people in stores now because they have money)...hawkers at traffic lights and car gaurds everywhere. Just about the only whites you see in the large stores are the customers. I noticed even restaurants had less young white students then there were in the past (no , what you saw was the same amount of white students just with the inclusion of their black friends). It all looked and felt very different (It is different...thank god !!!)...and it was so dry and dusty. (Blame the black man for the weather now too ?)

no he isnt a rascist nazi sa is dangerous and i am from durban and there a sqauter camps everywhere on the way to pinetown pietermarizburg and so on, ja 20 percent of blacks might have momney now but there still a ton of poor people out there so again sas is right, the fact we have gated communities is not a good thing points to high levels of crime australia new zealand do not have gated communities australia and new zealand do not need ot nbe well protected so gated communities are nit a good sign if people were so safe in sa why gated communities ?and i dont buy thid rascist white media excuse. and jorbug traffice is terrible taxis everywhere tis dangerous aussies have cars but the traffice no where near as bad and yes aa staff everywhete whites struggle to find work not a good thing and since i have been bacl to sa there is less and less whites they are all living else where and yes durban city was very dirty and so was joburg rotting fruit everywhere not good

Anonymous said...

hi rooster

even if the numver is only 1300

thats still really high murder count since 94

The Rooster said...

hi rooster

even if the numver is only 1300

thats still really high murder count since 94

---------- a way it's high. it's 1300 people out of 5 million people in 16 years. let's say a 100 people a year (it's less....actually much less if you mean"farm murders" ...we're talking about murders of white people away from big that goes in your favour).

so 100 out of 5 million people means 2/100 000 ?

More than half the rate of murder in the united states of america.

suck that up you dumb fuck.