Monday, 1 December 2008

Only in South Africa ?

ATM bombings in Australia ? Could it be ? Nooooooooo !

What a hell hole.

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With all the furore in the world right now , we live in a time in need of much tolerance . Tolerance for our differences , tolerance for our fellow man . We need to come together and accept and celebrate each others diversity .

And while a great big part of me believes that entirely . Still ... fuck Australia .

I've been nice to them for a while , since Steve Irwan died . But I just can't take it any longer . Fuck Australia . Seriously.

Everyone's always going on about how they want to go to Australia. Why? What's there to see ? Some big piles of turd looking dirt in the desert? Big fucking deal !

You know why Australia has big piles of turds lying around ? I'll tell you .Because Australia is the earth poop/ass hole. It's such a crap country it literally shits !

Some pointy opera house ? Fuck Opera ! It's all grown men in tight pants prancing around and singing about women with fat bums. Kind of a hybrid between American Football and Rap.

The animals ? Come on ! Australia has crap animals ! Duck billed f#cking platypus ? What the f#ck is that ? Kangeroos ? It's like a f#cking rat that jumps a lot ! Kill them all !

What's more... whenever they play sport they play in this crap luminous canary yellow. If Herpes had a flag, it would be canary yellow .But what do they call it? Australian gold ! Liars !!! You know what they should play in ? Black and White stripes ! Fucking convicts .

Then there's Australian culture. I use the word culture here very reluctantly and only because there is currently no word in the English language for “collective psyche of people who act like “Twats”. Australian culture can be broken down into three main aspects: Being ignorant, talking funny and most importantly: Beastiality.

Normally I would be far harder on Australians for the fact that they love to shag sheep so much. But having seen their women, I almost understand why they aren't as pedantic as most when it comes to distinguishing between man and beast.

What else is australia famous for? Adventure sports, like bungy jumping. Well big f#cking deal. If I'd lived in Australia I'd jump of a bridge too...

...without a chord .


Anonymous said...

hey rooster

me again i wrote you before bout the auto bank bombings in aussie

i have a new stroy for you
i havent checked out the facts yet
but thought u would like to read this

anjd i would like to see what you think i ddint write this story i found irt on the net

Nou toe nou..Terror-reeling India and South Africa have something in common: both are rated as one of the world’s 20 most dangerous countries.

Backed by travel advice issued by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), London’s The Telegraph newspaper has placed South Africa alongside Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria and the DRC in terms of danger to travellers.

According to the FCO, South Africa has “an underlying threat from terrorism”.

“Attacks, although unlikely, could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers.”

The FCO’s travel advisory on SA also states: “South Africa has a very high level of crime, including rape and murder. However, most cases occur in the townships and in areas away from the main tourist destinations.

“In 2007 and 2008 there were a number of incidents involving foreigners being followed from OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg, to their destinations by car and then robbed, often at gunpoint. We recommend you exercise particular caution in and around the airport and extra vigilance when driving away.

“The standard of driving is variable and there are many fatal accidents.”

Why criminals end up back on the streets
JHB cops ‘rid city of criminals’
Japanese wary of SA crime

Anonymous said...

Is that all you can come up with? Sounds like you're grasping for something newsworthy. Twat.

The Rooster said...

Backed by travel advice issued by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), London’s The Telegraph newspaper has placed South Africa alongside Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria and the DRC in terms of danger to travellers.


Well amazing considering how we have less brit tourist murders than "safe" places like thailand , the caribbean ior australia. But not surprising at all given all the melodramatic and neurotic fear mongering going around. Still brit tourists pour in more than ever with record repeat travellers. We're the number destination for brit gap years students for example and the number4 for brits emmigrants. South Africa has a few down sides , but it's such an amazingly gorgeous and fascinating country that it could get much much worse before people would stop coming. Place is insanely awesome.

The Rooster said...

Is that all you can come up with? Sounds like you're grasping for something newsworthy. Twat.


Mimicry is a true sign of flattery , no ?

Anonymous said...

Ozzie police should check for black south africans who recently arrived in OZ. Case Solved.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there - seeing the Auzzie bleeding heart liberals want to get more of the indigenous population from SA into the immigration lists. Its no wonder that the "dark race" have brought their ATM busting "skills" with them. LoL - Good luck Bruce & Sheilah! See what trash your libby morals has allowed to slip through the net?

Anonymous said...

ATM blasts should make the ex-pats feel right at home.
Maybe they just got nostalgic and arranged them to come over for a short spree :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rooster

This article is old man. You are stareting to dissipoint now. Come up with something new and original for a change. So far you have not debunked SHIT! All you have succeeded in doing so far is showing your amazing wealth and debth of ignorance.

Come, we are waiting for your bullshit. Bring it on so we can expose your stupity even further.

This is like playing intellectual tag with a two year old chimp. Quite amusing actually.

Anonymous said...

hey rooster

well your right

my old boss is from capetown and he said tis full of poms they all move to cape town to retire anf buy nice houses cause the pound or euro is worth alot of rands

and alot of pommie tourists get stuffed up in oz cause of the crime i think they visit aussie thinking tis so safe but it to has its downfalls

Ron. said...

Humourous but totally distasteful.

the bs detector said...

Bloody hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The List: Murder Capitals of the World

Murder rate: 62 per 100,000 inhabitants

A European bastion in the heart of turbulent South Africa, picturesque Cape Town nonetheless has the country’s highest murder rate. The city’s homicides usually take place in suburban townships rather than in the more upscale urban areas where tourists visit. According to the South African Police Service, most of the Cape Town area’s violent crimes happen between people who know one another, including a horrific case last year in which four males doused a female friend in gasoline and lit her on fire. Occurring just outside city limits, the incident apparently happened after the assailants had taken hard drugs, the use of which has risen along with Cape Town’s violent crime rate. The whopping 12.7 percent rise in the city’s murder rate from 2006 to 2007 certainly has local politicians worried, especially as South Africa prepares to host the 2010 World Cup. The government has hired more police officers to prepare for the tournament, which could help cut crime in soccer-fan hot spots. But until better efforts are made to police Cape Town’s poverty-stricken townships, it’s unlikely that the murder rate—an average of 5.9 per day—will see any major drop.

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:19 - that is interesting about Cape Town, but its homicide rate is still lower than in New Orleans. In Cape Town I understand most of it occurs in the Flats and other poor townships. How does Johannesburg compare on that list?

Anonymous said...

I wish you would jump of a bridge with out the cord you black aids infested cunt.
If you dont know what you are talking about then shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...


Its all over the radio and TV and all the newspapers are running this as a headline story here in the UK.

Everywhere you turn people are talking about it in the streets and the office. Radio shows are talking about nothing else.

There has been panel discussions on TV and the strongest public outcry against this most heinous of crimes.

Here is the story............


The husband of a woman fighting for her life after being run down outside her home by a car-jacker spoke today of his devastation.

Caroline Johnson was attacked as she prepared to take her son to school yesterday morning.

She was scraping ice off her windscreen when a man jumped into her car and drove off, leaving her lying in the road in Langley, Berkshire.

The 46-year-old suffered serious internal injuries and injuries to her arms and legs.

Today, she was in a critical but stable condition in Wexham Park Hospital.

Her husband Mark Collins said: "This whole incident has left us devastated and will continue to do so for months to come.

"What happened yesterday was completely unnecessary, and I urge anyone who can help the police catch whoever did this to my wife to come forward.

"I would like to thank the local community and our neighbours who have been immensely supportive to me and my family."

Mrs Johnson's car, a champagne-coloured Citroen Picasso, was found last night, abandoned but in a good condition, about two and a half miles from her home, Thames Valley Police said.

As the thief drove away, the mother of four was hit by her car and knocked to the ground.

Pc Clive Benson said: "Over 14 years of road traffic collisions, I have never seen anyone with as many injuries as this woman has sustained.

"The family are struggling to deal with what has happened and they are naturally devastated. It's an incident no one expected to happen.

"Sometimes in these type of incidents, when someone is scraping ice off their car, they leave the engine running and pop inside for a cup of tea and then the vehicle is stolen. It's very, very rare that an incident like this happens."

Police will now examine the car for forensic evidence.

Questions: -

So how well does the media cover a story like this in SA?

What is the public reaction to an event of this nature in SA?

How well do the police liaise with the community in instances of this nature in SA?