Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Poor Rooster

Hi folks. People have been saying it for years and today it's official : there is something wrong with my brain.

Spent the day looking at cat scans with neurologists and looks like I'm going to be in for a little dose the old scalpel/radio-surgery. Flippancy aside it's been a shit few weeks. It may assume my enemies that the condition I have is found in 1 in 100 000 people. And no , this is not a joke.

I don't know how to feel. Mild relief in not being diagnosed with a tumour foir one part. But my condition instead is to do with blood vessels and remains very serious. As I understand it, I now have to undergo an operation to stop blood flowing into certain vessels in my brain.

I obviously won't be writing too much until I've sorted it out or it's sorted me. Although the docs assure me I should be up and on my way my next week, but they're paid to say that sort of thing. Throw a prayer my way if that's your thing.

Peace and love


The Fox said...

My respect and sympathy to you, Rooster, even when I believe you have a low IQ.
I am wondering how many "sane" and clever cyber warriors would go public with the same issue.
Anyway... I wish you get well soon and stop this useless cyber shitting. Life is short, Kumpel. Make something right of it.


Anonymous said...

get well soon rooster

and keep doing what u are doing
will have you in my prayers for sure

The Rooster said...

It's not my intention to go public. But if time allows i'll reveal more and write about my condition and treatment. Writing is very cathartic. And I know for me it's been very comforting to read through the thoughts of other human beings going through this, rather than the neurosurgeon babble we have thrown at us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rooster:

Just wanted to say get well soon. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and check it on a daily basis.

Mike from USA

Anonymous said...

Well if it is not your AIDS that will kill you then your dumb brain will. As you are such a retard and a pile of shit I wont wish you well. When you die, please take this stupid site with you to hell.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Liberalism is a mental disorder. We have been saying it for years. Yours, if true, is a case in point. Like I always say...bad things happen to bad people.

I hope you stop your shit now, take some time to reflect and then do some good for your own race.

May God have mercy on your sorry-ass soul.

Anonymous said...

"stop blood going to a certain part of your brain"?
Make sure they leave the blood going to the "blogger bit" mate!
(emphasize that to the scalpel jockeys pre-op!)
Best of luck rooster & GWS!

Martinus said...

Score! Hell yeah! I knew you couldn't be normal upstairs and have those psycho delusions about race. If you come out of it a normal white guy, good. But if you don't change your ways, I hope you die soon after!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get well again. Prayers will not be ignored.
I had quite a giggle at your warped sense of where you are and what you do.
I will not be checking back, but a thought did come to mind: if only you could divert some of your misdirected energy towards Eskom, we might have some "juice" for winter heaters next June!

Anonymous said...

Something wrong???
If you consider extreme racism something wrong.

I'd call it karma.
Hell awaits only those Enosh that have done more than their fair share.
You sure qualify for the Express.

Anonymous said...

Stupif fuck - you still have arteries in your brain - looser.