Friday, 12 December 2008

Sup fools...

So I have a condition called avm.

Apparently a part of my right frontol lobe is all tangled up in veins and arteries. The immediete danger is that I can have a stroke or aneurysm etc any time. It is curable but the trick is doing it in such a way that they don't damage too much brain tissue. Else I could lose anything from my memory to my personality to my motor functioning to my life(I know most people are hoping for the personality bit). I'll be going through a series of operations. One where they stick a tube into my head and glue off damaged arteries. One where I'm bombarded with radiation. And if those don't do the trick possibly one where they have to go in with the old lazer and scalpel.

This neurology stuff is very fascinating. You haven't quite seen the absurdity of your life until in the same hour ( 6 other testing procedures aside) you've had a total stranger shave your pubic hair, had a pipe shoved up your groin, been filled up with radioactive goo and been told to lie nude and dead still for an hour while a robotic monster machine whizzed up and down and about you revealing via exray the entire working of your body and brain on a big screen. The whole time being forced to watch a team of doctors in their obervation rooms reactions and trying to read the prospects of their future in their hand movements and facial expressions. Absurd !

I have so much to write about my last few days that once I've hopefully gone through the dangerous ops without too much harm I'm going to do so with a new blog. I just don't think I can carry on with the petty bitching and sillyness these racial debates come down to in the grand scheme. I don't want to be one of these self righteous asses who thinks they have the most problems in the world and everyone else should stop everything and see it from their perspective , cause those assholes are intolerable. But I would like to think a few poor bastards like me are going to be where I was a few days ago and could use a "friend".

Wednesday afternoon I was told by some callous cold neurologist that I might well have a brain tumour and I should go see someone else about it ....the next 3 hours of my life looking for a second opinion were the most soul destroying horribly frightening moments of my life. I know a big of human biology and the frontol lobes are not where you want them to be cutting away too much tissue. From the moments the universe threw me a life line a few hours later via avm specialist until now I've just managed to get a total new perspective on things. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when the prospects of brain tumours is an alternative. Whatever happens I'm going to face everyday with an extreme positivite attitude and enjoy it for what it is. It's with a sense of total focus and clarity about that what is truly important about life that I move forward. And that thing is love.

Peace and Love.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Fuck off and die.

Anonymous said...

hey rooster

i thought u would like to see this as the grass isnt all was greener is it.
A survey of schools in about 40 countries has found that bullying in Australian primary schools is in the worst category in the world.

More than a quarter of Australian year four students said they had suffered bullying, according to the Trends In International Mathematics And Science Study.

Fairfax newspapers say the results have alarmed child-health experts and education bodies, which have been running strict anti-bullying programs in schools over the past six years.

The survey shows Australian primary school students suffer bullying at a rate of almost 50 per cent above the international average, putting Australia in the worst category for bullying. Of the 36 countries sampled in the survey of year four students, only Kuwait , Qatar, Taiwan and New Zealand fared worse than Australia.

Almost 460 Australian schools took part in the study, which was produced by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.

NSW Education Minister Verity Firth said she had strengthened principals' powers to deal with bullying, increasing suspension periods to 20 days.

"NSW schools are safe places and bullying and stealing are not tolerated," a spokesman for the minister said.

However, Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW president Dianne Giblin called for strengthening of anti-bullying policies, saying the figures are of huge concern.

islandshark said...

I don't agree with your views, but I sincerely hope your condition improves.

It sounds serious and not something you would wish upon your worst enemy.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that sounds terrifying. Wishing you all the best, and I really hope you come out of this alright. -hug-

Anonymous said...

mmmmm! Arteries in the frontal lobe?Mmmmm? Must be a medical miracle or is it evolution?

Anonymous said...

stop dodging coffins and DIE ALREADY!

Devan said...

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

see? becoz they can be anonymous they're worse than savages, but they're quick to cry they're victim. they are an embarressment to their community and culture.

Anonymous said...

ANON-13 December 2008 05:09

Fuck off, it is funny how quick you will talk about shit you read in the papers or hear on the news about Australia, New Zealand or where ever. But you dont look at all the good things in these countries. South Zimbabwe is and always will be a shit hole. I hope you have a nice life while you live with the K4s in the rainbow nation.

Anonymous said...

It is called karma.

or what goes around comes around.

Be seeing ya....

Anonymous said...

Fact is that the 10 lost ribes of Israel are the Germanic tribes. That would be England, Germany, France, Holland etc. etc. Western Europe.

Now imagine your positiion, considering that you have been advocating the destruction of the Israelites.

Very precarious, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The remark about dodging coffins was from Uhuru Guru. He has a thing about coffin dodgers judging by how often he applies the term to anyone who offends his delicate sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

Gezz dont u need a brain for that to happen? hey boy dont worry u fatlips are safe c u dont have a brain !!!

2010 cant wait !!!