Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Thanks S.A.S

Previously I proved that South Africa was only the 9th most dangerous country in the world (bar those not providing stats). S.A.S however posted something on their site suggesting that on safety and security we scored higher than 6 other subsaharan countries. If they stand by this stat that makes us the 14th (angola already was included as higher than us ) most violet country if you don't count most of South East Asia and Latin America.

Moving on up baby !

From number 1 in 2001 to number 14 in 2008.....wooo hooooo !

Thanks S.A.S.

(P.S : overall in all catagories South Africa did phenominally well ranking 5th overall competing against the continent with the highest economic growth and social development on the planet at the moment. Not that these stats could be said to be accurate given 80% of sub saharan african have no infrastructure to report crime statistics.)


Anonymous said...

I also got some stats from somewhere that said that corruption in SA was ranked 42nd (1st being the worst) out of 124 countries. This was an improvement over 2005/06 from 23rd out od 108 countries.

I therefore deduce from this that robbery and theft overall are on the decrease and that SA is now ranked 28th in the world for robbery from 4th in 2006/07.

Wooooooooo Hoooooooo

The Rooster said...

Actually robbery and non violent crimes in South Africa are totally nominal. Australia has more housebreaking than South Africa.

Anonymous said...

How dim are you?

You don't even realise that someone is taking the piss with those stats.

Come on smart guy. See if you can figure it out.


The Rooster said...

Ah no, no. I'm well in on the joke.

Anonymous said...

"Australia has more housebreaking than South Africa" We do not report house breaking to the police anymore because they do not go to these scenes anymore - I am still waiting even after the 3rd one? mmmm. SA rocks but the crime sucks.