Monday, 29 September 2008

Dutchmen, Kurt Darren and music.

It's been a pretty shitty Monday so I have nothing interesting to offer. So let's just make fun of Afrikaans people instead. It's so easy.


Peace and love


Anonymous said...

"ekse, eye smaak the aksent videyeo stullend my chiyna"

Anonymous said...

To Rooster, the other day I thought I could have a decent conversation with you, but after this stunt, I'm not so sure anymore.

Om die Afrikaner vir 'n gat te vat is nie mooi nie. Ja, Kurt Darren se musiek is kak, en die meeste van die nuwe sokkie bokkie goed wat nou uitkom. Maar nie al die Afrikaners is so nie.

Ek kan dan net sowel gaan en se dat alle swartes is bloeddorstige moordenaars en verkragters.
En ek kan kak grappe maak oor swartes se uitspraak wanneer hulle Engels praat. Dis horrible.

So ja, let's stop dissing each other, and rather try working together and try to make something of this country in these difficult times.

The Rooster said...

Oh don't be so touchy. If you learn the ability to laugh at yourself then you've learnt the ability for self reflection. And once you have that you Afrikaaners can become fully functioning sentient human beings...just like a real person.

Anonymous said...

And blacks have the ability to laugh at themselves / laugh when whites make jokes about them. No fucking way sir.

When a white make fun of / vat 'n swarte vir 'n gat - he / she is branded a... wait for it... A RACIST!
And oh fuck no, just not that. Being branded a racist is worse than being convicted for murder of rape.

Bullshit detector said...
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The Rooster said...

praat kak

unlike apartheid you're actually free to rabble rous as much as you like these days/