Saturday, 27 September 2008

South Africa : Even more awesome ?

South Africa is already in the advanced stages of awesomeness. Almost everything about this country is so brilliant it makes my dick hard. The vibrancy, the cultural diversity, the physical beauty, the amazing economic revival…everything ! Could it really be any better ? Could South Africa get even more awesome ?

The answer amazingly is yes. And it just did. With widespread talk about a new party forming from the core of members who have left the current A.N.C brings a great sense of joy to me. As with all things in the world they work better when there is competition and that’s exactly what a new A.N.C split party will bring the country. I’ve gone from despondent to wildly excited about the recent developments in the government.

And let me add my voice to masses of praise Mr Mbeki is receiving for his responsible and altruistic decision to give up power so gracefully. He has been a brilliant president and right about every single issue. The media has got their b#llshit pot shots and smear campaigns to taint his image in, but history will surely validate Mr Mbeki as a highly intelligent, dignified and ethical man.

I’m currently enjoying reading the brain farts disguised as “opinions” about South Africa as people hilariously try and spin this as a negative thing. God I love this

And now for something completely different and unrelated.

The video is a little random....but did anyone notice how insanely good South African production values are getting lately ? Our film, music and tv have seriously taken giant strides the last 3-4 years.


Anonymous said...

Seems rooster got pussy whipped today.

The Rooster said...

I can't even pretend to understand what you are on about. I don't speak "stupid".

Anonymous said...

but history will surely validate Mr Mbeki as a highly intelligent, dignified and ethical man.

Dunno about the ethical part but he definately had dignity. A proble into the arms deal which he so fearlessly resisted will reveal that Shabir Sheik, Tony Yengeni and the herd boy himself were relatively minor players. Read Andrew Feinsteins book.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is not an excuse

Anonymous said...

UP until 1994 the activities of the wonderful organisation, the Natal Parks Board (now KZN Wildlife) were monitored and guided by a non-political, unremunerated board of dedicated people. Work ethic and integrity were clearly evident and, by and large, the organisation was squeaky clean.

Alas, that no longer seems to be the case and we read of the suspension of the CEO and forensic audit reports naming a significant number of employees involved in fraud and criminal activities. The entire board of civil servants was suspended by Mthimkhulu following a forensic audit report by financial services group Deloitte & Touche, which suggested that 47 Ezemvelo employees - three at executive level, 25 at management level and 19 below management level - had failed to declare certain business transactions and were involved in fraud and corruption and are currently being investigated. The employees had been fingered for allegations ranging from "inappropriate use of corporate cards" to misappropriation of funds and VAT payments to suppliers who were not VAT-registered. The audit report recommended that police institute criminal investigations against six employees and disciplinary action against the others.

This week Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife boss Khulani Mkhize was demoted by a disciplinary tribunal. Under the influence of alcohol he crashed a car he was not authorised to use and failed to report the incident. Mkhize was suspended by the provincial MEC for agriculture and environmental affairs, Mtholephi Mthimkhulu, after the incident, which happened after a meeting of Ezemvelo board members at Tembe Elephant Reserve near the Mozambique border earlier this year. Mkhize was also ordered to reimburse Ezemvelo R128 600, which was the value of the vehicle the CEO was driving at the time of the accident.

Sadly this state of affairs is the direct result of the transform-at-all-costs mindset, which has cleansed Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife (EKZNW) of hundreds of years of conservation experience and institutional knowledge and is now a government department run by incapable and inefficient staff.

The Uhuru Guru said...

The ANC is fragmenting into small pieces.

Only a matter of time before whitey takes back full control.

You see, we engineered as a third force the split in the ANC and you had your head up your arse and did not even see it coming.

By the way please tell your buddy Greg to get off my blog. Come to think of it - same applies to you.

The Rooster said...

Greg is a good bloke. He rocked up in S.A...hung out in the worst areas and came away with a good impression. That alone should shut up idiotic nonsense like South Africa sucks.


I'm making a documentary about the hyperbole regarding the situation in South Africa. Well that's the conclusion before I started filming but of couse as i'm a rational and objective person it may change. So far I've gotten as far as buying a really expensive digitial camera and some audio equipment. However I'll be interviewing people from sites such as S.A.S who want to have their say. Anyone interested and can be available in South Africa around december should please contact me. Of course that goes for people from across the spectrum who feel they have anything to contribute to the issue.

Anonymous said...

Another ANC party, they will do more crime, take more money for them selves, they will be involved in fraud and criminal activities.
The whole of Africa is proof of this so South Zimbabwe wont be any diffrent.


Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before whitey takes back full control.
The uhuru guru, sorry to say this but it will never happen. The whites dont have the balls. Even if they did get some balls and stand up.....4million whites against 40million blacks who have the army and police behind them. U in SA are doomed.


Anonymous said...

hey dickey... why don't you apply for "e-grant" for your documentary?
sure your anc buddies will throw some scraps your way seeing to want to show "how far sa has come" (and please mention how the "boere" keep running the place down - wouldnt be "balanced" if you left that out)
might even get your hardware paid for as well - who knows?
sure taxpayers would appreciate seeing their "bucks" going towards a good cause!

The Rooster said...

Oh i don't care about making money from it. I'll probably put it on youtube or something. Just learning a new hobby really.

Anonymous said...

Rooster clucked...
Oh i don't care about making money from it.


Just as well. Do you think people would actually pay to listen to your bullshit?

The Rooster said...


The Rooster said...

En Masse.