Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"Shocking and radical" new policies of the A.N.C.

In his first television appearance since being elected caretaker president on Thursday, Motlanthe assured South Africans that the political turmoil brought about by the ANC’s decision to remove Thabo Mbeki from the presidency was over and that his administration was ready to help the country forge ahead.

Motlanthe repeated his earlier promise that his government would not deviate from the policies and programmes of the Mbeki era, but he identified seven revised priorities (see box below).

Motlanthe said the country was “emerging from one of the most difficult weeks in the history of our young democracy” and had no choice but to move on.

“It has been a week of uncertainty and doubt, hurt and anger. Yet, it is at moments like this that the true character of our nation emerges.

“It is when we are tested that we demonstrate our resilience and determination. We have shown in the past that, though we might at times experience difficulty, we have both the will and the means to rise above the challenges of the moment,” Motlanthe said.

He extended an olive branch to ANC members and others unhappy with Mbeki’s axing.

As he did during his acceptance speech in parliament on Thursday, Motlanthe praised Mbeki’s legacy.

“It is difficult to reduce into mere words the contribution that [former] president Mbeki has made to the advancement of our nation. It is to him, to his leadership and to his vision that we owe so much of our achievements of the last decade,” Motlanthe said.

He said he would focus on his seven priorities, which were among a series of service-delivery promises made by Mbeki’s government in 2004.

“Working together, we will continue to grow our economy so that it can meet the needs of our people.

“Even under difficult global conditions, we will remain true to the course that we have set, knowing that we have done what is necessary to weather the storm.”

He said his administration would give particular attention to improving health-care, and stamping out crime and violence.

Motlanthe assured Africa and the world that his government would continue along Mbeki’s path by playing an active role in international institutions and forums.

“We will continue to provide whatever assistance we can in the pursuit of peace, security, democracy and development in Africa,” he said.

Motlanthe assured Fifa and the world that his government would fulfil its World Cup obligations.

“We are confident that … we will host the best World Cup ever. Let us welcome the world to our country, demonstrating the hospitality for which we are well known.”

The Seven-Point plan


Helping to cut unemployment and poverty by half within 10 years;

Providing the skills required by the economy;

Ensuring all South Africans are fully able to exercise their constitutional rights;

Providing compassionate and competent service to the people;

Massively reducing maternal deaths and cases of TB, diabetes and malnutrition, and “turning the tide” against HIV-Aids;

Effectively reducing serious and priority crimes, with a programme that also addresses the social roots of criminality; and

Positioning South Africa strategically as an effective force in global relations.

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