Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Heeeeeerrrrreeeee's Johny !

I'm back after a rather long break. Feeling fresh and healthy and full of ....spunk ?

Today I'm here to do 2 quick stat slap downs.

1) A ginger named Mila from mybroadband, who probably has the collective brain output comparible to the earliest Atari, announced on a forum recently that farmers in South Africa were 5 times more likely to get killed than any other profession. Her source was some kooky christian site and it's frankly one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard since doing these stat slap downs.

Why ? We if we take a look at the T.A.U reports of farm murders we see that last year there were 33 farm murders of all races and genders. So it goes without saying that then if the murder rate is 5 times the average (although she said 5 times higher than any other profession but I'll let the cretin off easily) that would be a murder rate of 32*5 =160 per 100 000.

I think even the dumb right whingers can keep up this far. Now how many farmers would that mean we have in the country if Mila is right ? Any guesses ?

Just under 20 000. Let me explain If the farmers murder rate is 160 per 100 000 but 33 happened in a year (2011) then we must find out how 160 correlates to 33 And when we do find 33 * 5= 165 so close enough. Now remember your simple algerbra ? What we do to the top number we must do to the bottom.  What is 100 000 / 5 ? 20 000.

Now to some people that sounds about right. Namely ignorant people. Because according to the T.A.U there are 39 000 commercial farms alone in South Africa. So assuming all these farmers are infirtile, bachelors and orphans single handidly running 2 farms each, we are forced to make a serious face palm in Mila's direction.

But even then the absolute dumbness of Mila's claim is not even begun to be explored. You see we have 200 000 farming practicing small holdings and yes they also make up the numbers of T.A.U when they are murdered (as do wives and children and workers etc).

So at the very least, if we assume these farms are single handidly run without wives, kids, parents, brothers, sisters and workers living on them the murder rate can at best be 13.75 per 100 000. Nearly 3 times less than the average murder rate. (239 000 / 2.4 = 100 000. 33/2.4 = 13.75)

But of course we know it's absurd to say there are no wives and kids and workers etc. So in reality it would be conservative even if we are to ignore workers, domestics, gardeners, etc  (who the T.A.U don't ignore in their murder stats) there are at least 4 timesthe amount. Easily AT THE VERY LEAST 4 times the amount. This means the murder rate is closer to 3,4 per 100 000. 10 times lower than the average South African. And close to 30 times lower than a policeman (the actual highest).

Dumb bitch.


Anonymous said...

Hi ROoster, welcome back! Glad you're OK. are you still busy on the genocide watch front?

Anonymous said...

So where's the 2nd slapdown then, ya smarmy prick?

Anonymous said...

hey hey

Thank you so much you loony!

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Cry more kid,your tears are delicious

Anonymous said...

Rooster, whats up? How come you're so quiet? Health issues again? I really hope not.

Anyway, any updates on Genocide Watch? I'm really itching to see how that plays out.


Anonymous said...

Rooster, please dont make me worry now... are you still... with us?