Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bwahahahahahahaha !


Dachshund said...

Jan Lamprecht's African Crisis has also disappeared, although there wasn't much that anyone could object to there, unless things got more drastic. I haven't been following African Crisis for quite a while. Dan Roodt says part of his Praag blog has been tampered with, but there again, I don't follow Praag.

Maybe it's a certain bitter expat's wife, or rather, blog widow, in the UK who had MS Politicalcommentary taken down on the sly.

Dachshund said...

Have you noticed the introduction of such English-isms as "Oh do come on!" in MS's writing? Reminds me of the fictional Kommandant van Heerden in Tom Sharpe's Riotous Assembly. Kommandant van Heerden is an anglophile Afrikaner who secretly yearns to have the heart of an English gentleman and eventually he does have a heart transplant from an Englishman.

"Oh do come on"'s wife has apparently had it with his obsessive blogging and stalking. If my husband obsessed about and stalked another woman the way he did, I would be horrified, I would kick him out on his bum. It would be even more mortifying if that other woman did not even welcome his advances and had told him to piss off on several occasions. Even at my age, other women's husbands occasionally come on to me, something I don't look for, but there is nobody quite as undeterrable as the hard up but paradoxically conceited older man.

It was mentioned on one of Rendier's friends' blog - now taken down as a result of a truce between them - that that blogger's wife was looking for a divorce after she caught him blogging about South Africa after he had promised her he would not do this in the UK after all the trouble it caused in SA. He'd been blogging under a different name for months on end. Upon being busted he did a Jack Nicholson act as per the performance with the axe in the Stephen King horror movie The Shining, upon which she planned to flee the house with the children. Don't know whether she did. Has he corrrrected her? I'd certainly crack his skull open with a baseball bat at the top of a long staircase if I were in her shoes, but I would have thrown him out into the snow immediately instead of locking him up in the food cellar.

Dachshund said...

This is what Dan Roodt, who lives on Dainfern Estate, really believes. He believes that Britain is the arch enemy of the Boer, and that if only whites had voted "no" in 1992, only Afrikaans would be spoken in white circles, there would be only Afrikaans programs on tv - but allowed to be dubbed from German into Afrikaans - and every single Afrikaner would be well off. This guy stalked and harassed Max du Preez with hate speech to the extent that it was affecting Du Preez's income and he had to resort to legal action to restrain Roodt.

The Rooster said...

Yeah he's a tard, no real need to explain it. It's self evident.

Dachshund said...

Yes we both know he's a tard, most people can see he's a tard, but does HE know he's a tard? He wrote that crap on that link just yesterday, from his unit at Dainfern Estate. Dan Roodt got the maniac blogger from MSPC to write those defamatory blogs on Max du Preez about a year ago. When du Preez objected to the kak being written about him, Roodt offered to sell him the offending websites for R10k, with our body odour guy from the UK with harassed wife in tow cheering him on and shouting the odds that Roodt would bankrupt du Preez. These are the kind of cheap perverted f**ks we're dealing with. I mean, these guys are all "Go Boere go, ons haat die Ingelse", but this fat blogger lives in the UK? How can he stand to breathe the same air as those vile pommies whose ancestors raped his great granny during the Boer War? Huh? How can he stand it? I still think he closed his blog down to draw attention to himself. Jan Lamprecht is another hysterical twat who still lives with his mom, you know, and he's oh so sensitive. Do you know what age Jan Lamprecht is? Well into his forties. Beats me how he makes a living, tries to flog conspiracy theory books that suck eggs, can't even sell them as e-books.

Dachshund said...
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Dachshund said...

They're back at it again, but don't let it bother you. There are two contributors to that blog writing under one name, and one of them is Uhuru Guru, you can see it from the writing style of the more childish posts.

You hit it bang on the head when you came up with research showing that bigoted people are dumb. They're more prone to divorce and suicide too. Fuck 'em.

Dachshund said...

Check out this link:

Laager said...

Sad, sad, sad!

Two old has beens talking to one another on this plonker's site.

The only two who have time to waste on this dinosaur of a site.

Totally out of touch with events in the real South Africa

Like two old dowegers back in the UK sipping tea and reminiscing about the good old colonial days back in Africa

Sad, sad, sad!