Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Because of me...


Next I will work to show Mr Stanton that stage 5 is way too high when you take the extremist few out of the equation.

To sum up : South Africa downgraded to level 5 (from6 out of 8) on the scale of likely genocide. 5 representing polarisation.

So what motivates me to feel "smug" about this ? Is it that I WANT farm murders to get less attention ? Is that that I'm a paid propaganda agent of the A.N.C ? Is it I'm just stubbornly mildly patriotic and don't want negative light shone on my country ?

NONE of the above.

I am against people blanket classing anything on racial terms. And I have a fucking prety impressive CV of being constantly to that position. Not to mention witnessing my whole l;ife what happens when we veer from that path.  The far right extremist farm murder bunch lie. That's a fact. Let's call a fucking spade a spade. They escalate numbers of murders, they hopelessly misrepresent how many farmers exist. They leave out inconvenient facts like they are presenting figures of ALL races. If you're one of these people own up at the very least to yourself about it.

Murders are and have been since we kept record high in South Africa relative to other countries able to keep records (although the accuracy of all those records in highly corrupt countries (hint : south America, rest of Africa, south East Asia) is fairly reasonable to doubt, in our country you can be sure it's chiefly whites doing the books. We have for example the second biggest life insurance company in the world (Old Mutual). We didn't get there without decent actuaries. And I can tell you it's a pretty sharp organisation who takes their research seriously (I worked for them).

People who say things like "South Africa is highly corrupt" while they are correct (as anyone from any country saying that about their government is) I immediately know 2 things about them.

1) They have never been to a properly highly corrupt country. (I have been to a few and I laugh at how people get worked up about travelgate and the arms deal. That's one a good day in these places.)
2) And if they existed in one they would realise that it's not even possible to make such an observation publicly without some pretty hard consequences.

  So what motivates me to be smug about this ? Firstly I'm not Smug. I am fully aware that I appear that way but it is a convenient I use to work people up. I'm quite manipulative in that way. I'm actually concerned about racial tensions. And to my mind the only way to deal with them is if the ones who have the power and who did the fucking over make the gesture. It's is beyond human dignity to expect black people to offer the peace branch after what we did to them, and you know what ??? They fucking did ! Just so many of us refused to take it. Talk about spitting in their face.

The rest of us did accept it, in fact the majority of us. I have never failed to raise a warm smile and thanks from a black person with telling them they don't need to call me boss and show them some common decency. This is the way forward. I can't stand up for people who won't show at least in spirit they support unity and equal. That's ticking the box of fascim. And expecting special attention for your group and trying to enforce crushing dominance over another is exactly that.

Now feel free to draw your parallels to the current government. They do that too. But I'm no supporter of them. But is the world black and white and if you're not with them you are against them ? Fuck no.  Not to me. I'm a libertarian and want government out of my business as much as the next person. But quite a big part of my world view is that I can't stand for hypocrisy (it's a paradox but it's valid). And the extreme hate poured out of the pores of the extreme white right leaves them on egg shells in this department. Someone has to stand up against a loud obnoxious mean spirited bully for the voice of the common man. And that's what this site is.

There is no genocide in South Africa. And I don't think pretending there is, is doing Any good to stop farm murders. In fact I would go so far as to say that that type of behaviour only increases tensions and lessens safety.

To the farmers of South Africa (white) , I have full respect and support for your existence. I know a great deal of you and the hard work and effort it takes to run a farm. You're good, solid, hard working members of our society and deserve to be protected. We NEED you. But I can't support your cause because of the context and blatant lies presented by the far right. the wolf crying and the divisive fear mongering.

And so for themselves and their hate this lot have raped you metaphorically. Used you against your will or best interests and discarded of you gleefly when they read of your demise to prop up their agenda. Again I ask does Mike smith (Probably Bert Oosthuizen) feel better or worse when he reads about a farm murder ? In fact he feels so good he is the one experiencing being "smug". Hiss "I told you so" appears more important to him than your life. I on the other hand feel deeply hurt and concerned and want to be proactive about stopping the next race based one. As he says "the truth hurts". We whites need to take it on the chin and see that we don't exist in a vacume. Hate and it bounces.

Ask yourself who the real enemy is.

Peace and love


Boertjie said...


Sorry about that Rooster, but you give yourself too much credit. I know you are in contact with GW, but that latest statement of GW was my work. Realizing (late in the game) that all you fighting bloggers communicate with GW, Boertjie wrote them a long overview of SA with plenty of (non rightwing) outside references. I was my old balanced self. Many of the phrases in GWs latest statement are from my email.

BTW, kudos for warning them about adriana.

And it was me who alerted you just now 'bout the latest development.

The Rooster said...

Take your word for it. But I dfo have the emails between Greg and me where he promised to do what he has done.

Boertjie said...

Hi Rooster

Now that your post includes a very noble rationale of why you appear to feel smug about GWs downgrading of SA, my "HAHAHA" looks callous.

To anyone reading this:Just to prevent any confusion, I wrote that immediately after Rooster posted about GW's downgrading of SA BEFORE he wrote why he appears smug.

Back to you Rooster...maybe you misunderstood me a little. By the time I sent the email, I already knew they were going to downgrade SA. I not sure if that was due to your correspondence with them. After all, back in (May?) 2010, they said they'll raise the warning level for SA should Mr M not be disciplined by the ANC. When they did so, they said they'll keep SA at the higher warning level until Mr M is removed. Now that he's removed, GW lowered the warning level again, like they said they would.

There's little doubt they value your warnings about misinformation, but I doubt you (or me) had much to do with their reclassification of SA. Maybe i'm wrong. I dunno. Thats just what it seems to me the case is...

The Rooster said...

No Greg personally thnked me for informing him about

a) adriana's hidden agenda.
b) The removal of Malema.

His site is not S.a focused and he doesn't have the time to follow S.a's every political move. To give you an examplke he thought nMalema was 50 years old until i corrected him. He relied on Adriana's worm tonguing into his ear to form his intitial move to level 6. All I did was present him with the evidence of her lies and agenda and since then he's admitted that Gw agrees with me she is a racist and motivated chiefly by that.

It was very much because of me the downgrade to level 5 has happened. Do me a favour and post on somewhere this has taken place such as myboradband. I'd like to see the reaction of that kkk apologist forum membership on the current affairs section.

The Rooster said...

Do we have polarisation ? (level 5) ? I suppose one could argue wer do but surely it's far less today than it was when polarisartion was legally legislated. If we do you can only blame Apartheid.

The Rooster said...

and I think you will find very few under 25's with much polarisation. So if anything it's the older verkramptes who firstly caused this... and are now perpetuating this (and then moaning about it at the same time). Fucking pathetic !

Boertjie said...

OK, Rooster, I believe you. Sure polarization in SA is not what it was during Apartheid. Did you think I thought otherwise? If so, you need to look closer at who/what I am. In my writing I told them, among loads of other things, polarization in SA outside of Mr M's following is of a mild form and not violent/genocidal. And I know this thought will occur to you (if not already)...I told them SA whites is still better off relative to blacks. If you read their latest statement carefully, you'll see they now have a better understanding of SA.

It was precisely because I knew they didn't have time to follow every minute SA-detail that I wrote to them. This is what put them at risk of falling victim to misinformation by the likes of Adriana.

And can I ask you something "scientific" that is completely off-topic?

The Rooster said...

Sure go for it. Ask me anything.

Boertjie said...

Oh, and this...

Rooster quote "and I think you will find very few under 25's with much polarisation."

I think you might want rethink that statement.

Boertjie said...

OK, you know I'm a pianist. As far as I know science says a pianist cannot control the sound texture, only the volume. This because the only variable (seemingly) under a pianists control is the speed at which the hammer strikes the key.

99% of pianists, myself included, says you can control the sound texture. Before I say why, does your scientific mind have anny thoughts on this?

The Rooster said...

Been doing this for 4 years. I've thought of everything on this issue from every angle.

Boertjie said...

I meant the speed at which the hammer strikes the string.

The Rooster said...

OK, you know I'm a pianist. As far as I know science says a pianist cannot control the sound texture, only the volume. This because the only variable (seemingly) under a pianists control is the speed at which the hammer strikes the key.

99% of pianists, myself included, says you can control the sound texture. Before I say why, does your scientific mind have anny thoughts on this?


Actually I didn't know but that's interesting. I own a beautiful collectors over a century old ebony and ivory with pearl insetting (real deal) R.Gors and Kallsman (german) piano with silver candle holders. But I at best dabble on it.

From a physics point of view i would agree with the status quo that other than the speed variable and controllable pedal distance from the keystrings to the hammer, there is little space for any subjective control over what your output would be. but when mastered as only a very talented individual could do you can of course produce that results that subjectively exceed those of the layman and the subjective experience is notable to the ear.

The Rooster said...

What I mean is an excellent pianist could probably beat a robotically programmed one (if some objective test was possible which I doubt it is)....BUT ....only if the programmer was an excellent pianist himself.

Same as chess....a computer only recently beat a grandmaster when it was taught the ability to immitate him. With comptersised drumming it has been shown that the best programms allow for a slight deliberate mis timing of beat as this appears more authentic and aappealing to the human ear which always seeks out nuance over perfection. Juxta position and all that.

The Rooster said...

I meant the speed at which the hammer strikes the string.


I tried to answer as best I could. If we're talking the tiny space between a strikes b and ....the quality of the strike being variable rather than the velocity. I have to agree with Newton on that one.

Boertjie said...

I've been researcing (not studying), RESEARCHING piano-playing technique for the past three years. And there is indeed factors other than hammer-speed under the pianists control that affect sound texture.

Firstly, the jarring vibrations of the hammer itself interferes with the strings' vibrations for the few milliseconds it is in contact with the string. Minimize this hammer-jarring by working towards a steady acceleration of the key rather than an intial quick jab of the key.

Secondly, when the hammer rebounds off the string back against the rest of the piano-mechanism, and you rigidly hold the key down (and thus keep the mechanism rigid), the shock travels through the piano's frame to the strings and soundboard, again disturbing the vibrations. Be flexible against the rebound-shock to minimize this.

Thirdly, when you press the key and hit the key-bed, that shock again interferes with the sound. Avoid key-bedding (a big subject in piano technique) to minimize this shock against the sound.

These are "small" factors which have a big effect. The sound produced by a great artist is indeed different rather than being beautiful becuase of illusion.

The Rooster said...

So sound an expert on the subject. I feel I have little to teach you or argue with you about in that respect as I am not. I just add little aother than newtownian principles which you seem to be pin pointing so I think you may have an interesting point. That's reductionism not carried out in totallity is far too simple a perspective to make any conlousions of. It's like these 19th century reductionism athiest who think they understand the world : a form of dogmatic ignorance equivelent religious dogma. Quantum physics has shown us that.

Boertjie said...

I once believed myself that sound-texture is more a product of illusion rather than actual differences in sound-quality. That was until I accidentally managed to get a sound out of my old worn down piano that would rival any steinway concert grand piano. There was no doubt. The sound iteself was different. I really stumbled onto the ultimate piano technique. And the next day I lost it again! But that sound left such an impression on me, that it led me to obsessively research piano technique. That was three years ago. Today i've still not cracked that technique again, but I've progressed many lengths.

If you're not into classical music, look at the last two minutes of this video to see the kind of technique I'm on about.


And now you can pick your jaw up from the floor again. :-)

The Rooster said...

I am into classical music to SOMe extent. For an easy credit i even studied "music appreciation" at university level. I can tell a codenza (although I can't spell it) from the next persona.

A symphony of sorrowful songs is worth a google but it's hardly classical, but a favourite. So is something composed and disovered on youtube described as "the piano"



The Rooster said...

Minimilism and the nuance have always appealed to my post modern absurdist but deeply humanist tastes.

The Rooster said...

I showed that video to a bunch of Korean students when I was lecturing. Hardly a dry tear in the room.

Anonymous said...

Man up to it Rooster..."Boertjie" is simply a persona of yourself...Reading this little interchange all I can sense is schizophrenia.....

The Rooster said...

Jokes on you if you don't even know what schizophrenia is. Leave the psycho analysis up to the pro's. Fucking noob.

clue : It's not the same thing as you try to imply : multiple personality disorder. Fucking twat.