Saturday, 7 January 2012


After a break and with so much to vent and nowhere to vent it I realised I missed writing this blog. So just to let you know I will be starting to blog again here that I'm back from the holidays. The same goes for updating . I know I'm still reposting revised articles of mine on there but I will be posting weekly new stuff on there when I've got the back catalogue in there.

Thought for the day.

Remember having to change the batteries for your walkman ? Or even the days before cellphones ? Now consider how much the charging of cellphones, ipod's etc adds to the electricity grid when there are something like 50 million cellphones in the country (in usuage alone). It's at least the energy equivelent of 100 million duracells aa batteries a day alone.

100 million. At around 5 cm's a piece that's 500 km's head to head.

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