Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The sucess rate of capturing those involved in armed farm murders recently is...

For any of the high profile ones in the last year I've noted it's pretty close to 100%. And yes, every farm murder is high profile and makes a big splash in the papers (and so it should be). Which gives the illusion that they are common place when in fact we generally only hear about 1 perhaps 2 a month. 1 EVER is too many, let's be clear on that...but....for the sake of giving some perspective to those who suggest farmers are especially the victims of violent crime in S.A, please consider in the same period in this country around 1500 people would have been murdered. Most if not almost all young black and coloured males.

Yet despite these people almost always being caught (yes the suspects for the horrific murder over the weekend have already been apprehended through D.N.A evidence. Let's just hope they get some extra D.N.A inserted up their rectums during a long painful life sentence via bubba.) And some people say the government is unwilling to act on farm murders ? Some real nut cases even say they are behind them. You guys aren't just wearing tin hats, they're pure lead !

Finally let's talk nicely to each other. Nobody is apologising for farm murderers. And nobody is saying it's ok because they happen less than other murders(well, let's say murder rates affecting black and coloured youths). It's not ok and you should remain righteously angry about such a cowardly act as murder for the sake of theft. It's an inhumane, filthy, despicable, beastly, savage act and a big fuck you to those who carry out such acts. But with that said I call for your calm and rationality to win over your reptile brain instincts. Don't allow this emotive issues to be used to manipulate people into further racial division because after all this is at the heart of all the shit in this country. Enough is fucking enough. Getting involved in racial battles has never worked here and never will solve a fucking thing. Make a stand and anyone..I mean anyone...far right or left who is talking along these lines needs to get told to shut the fuck up.

The end


Boertjie said...

Hi Rooster

I've just read this post.

Rooster quote : "Finally let's talk nicely to each other."

THANK YOU for a step in that direction! Shall I be so conceited to say it seems I may have gotten through to you? :-> Anyway, the whole post's tone is different and much more understanding than your usual shut-up-whitey-tone.

The Rooster said...

That would be conceited as IO have always taken this position. My bitch tone is thanks and response entirely to the gross and disgusting fucks who frequent here.

Middle aged murderers from the army. The type who wore teeth necklaces and bought entirely into rooi and swaart "gevaar". Boertjie you are a child. You don't even know 10% of the fucking story and psychological factors at play here.