Wednesday, 2 March 2011

To whom it may concern. And on Georgia.

He ,who needed to hear that heard it.

Now I just saw a piece on BBC about S.A farmers visiting Georgia.

Previously I made 2 predictions. Anyone thinking Georgia is a Utopia is up for a shock, and that they would not be greeted with the enthusiam they imagine.

The BBC piece ?

Scene one : Farmers shocked at poverty in Georgia.
Scene two : Georgian farmers angry that the government isn't helping them but considering helping foriegners.

Ta Da !

Rooster is some kind of a wunderkind.

Average income of a Georgian farmer ?

150$ a month. About half the average black South African farm WORKER.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha ! Go to Georgia. Suckers.


Anonymous said...

They don't highlight the opposition to it in their politics.

-- Georgian opposition politicians claim that the new arrivals are being sold the best land at knock-down prices while Georgian farmers are neglected.

Then I sometimes wonder where the hell it all got lost when I read what Mr Kemp says.

---Mr Kemp insisted that he and others were ready to try it. "I don't want to come and make a new South Africa in Georgia," he said. "If I am going, I will be a Georgian."

So let me get this, Mr Kemp wants to live in a homeland in South Africa as he does not want to be South African. Then pisses off to Georgia and wants to be a Georgian.

I have a feeling its not going to end well!

Anonymous said...

Rooster, I love the Monty Python clip; so true.

This is not on topic but if you are interested here are a few interesting videos I found today. Also the futuretimeline website is very cool.