Friday, 25 February 2011


After my expose on the hyperbolic claims of Adriana Stuijt, she has temporarily (I assume) taken down her bogus list of so called "Over 3700 white farmers murdered since 1994."

She'll no doubt come back with a new "corrected" list, but don't think I won't be on her case to make sure she doesn't make any more "honest mistakes." (Honest my ass.)

This is in no small part to people contacting her and asking her to make corrections including TIA blogger him/herself...who since is putting her head in the sand and since calling me out, refusing to allow me to post any evidence that she was requesting claiming that I was "Ranting and raving" and other ad hom. attacks. I was doing nothing of the sort , I just publishing the links and proof and she censored it. To her defence eventually she admits that I have not lied.

A quick update for those of you who don't know what all the fuss is about.

1) There are not 3700 names in the list, there are closer to 1200. Nobody just bothered to question it. I suppose people just thought much like me "Who would lie about such a horrible thing?" Here.

2) Even then of those +-1200 most are not farmers. Here.

3) Many are not even white. Here.

4) Some are not even DEAD !!!!! Here and here.

5) The list goes back to 1987 ?

It's a list from 1987-2011. A fact she used to include on her page but it conveniently disappeared. Now she claims it's from 1994 without ever adjusting the numbers. Here is a copy of that list which is identical to the one she claims is not from 1994. Note it states it is since 1987.

Consider on the NEW list we have :

PRINSLOO, first name unknown, 1987 or 1988 FARM LEMOENKLOOF SENEKAL 1987/88

As well as many others. AGAIN JUST READ IT !!!

Here are some more accurate estimates of farm murders.

The T.A.U (also a strongly political right winged pro farmer group) claims there have been under 1300 murders of all races on farms since 1992 for example.


Anonymous said...

Sorry rooster, but I have to agree with tia myspa on this. when I way up the two ur argument falls to pieces from question 1 where u attack the number on the list. On the tia blog it mentions that Adriana never claimed her list had 3,788 names. I checked it myself and even looked at the cached version. tia is right and you are wrong so who is misleading who here????????? if I were you id delete ur miserable blog ‘cause ur only making a total arsehole of urself

The Rooster said...

How can you say she never claimed there are 3788 eyc names when that is precisely the entire claim she is making ?!!!!

And it's the same list Steven Hoffmeyer and everyone is using to make the same baseless claim. A list of less than 1200 names of people who are mostly not farmers, often not white and often not dead and often befOre 1994 CAN NOT BE REPRESENTATIONAL OF A LIST OF OVER 3000 WHITE FARMERS MURDERED AFTER 1994.


The Rooster said...

I'm dealing with so much backpedaling here.

Now people say ...oh she never said there were over 3700 names ! (She did)

Oh she meant people who were murdered or attempted to be murder ! (She said murdered !)

Oh she never said it was juts farmers ! (She did).

Oh she never said it was just whites! (She certainly mislead people into thinking this.)


Anonymous said...

1000, 2000....3000.

Doesnt the fact that we are speaking about 1000s of white lives that have been taken by blacks, somehow schock itself.

Your hate for the Afrikaner has blinded you to the fact that they are also human beings that deserve every human right you claim for yourself and the blacks in South Africa.

Would it be better if 10 000 have been murdered, or pehaps 20 324.

Always remember that those who deny genocide is just as guilty as those perpetrating it.

Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch is very concerned about the Farm Murders in South Africa. He is neither a racist nor a mad man. On the contrary, hes a very respected man internationally.

But even his research and warnings will not be able to sway your hate for the Afrikaner.

You are a sick man and I can only pray that your heart will one day soften towards the plight of the defensless worldwide, including the old White Farmers and their wives in South Africa.

The Rooster said...

1000, 2000....3000.


No , not 2000. Not 3000. Certainly not over 3700. 1000 whites maybe but definately not that many farmers.


Doesnt the fact that we are speaking about 1000s of white lives that have been taken by blacks, somehow schock itself.


Of course every murder is 1 too many. Isn't that obvious ? Where here do you find me trying to validate murder ? Disgusting assumtion on your part.

It's not the same thing to say whites are killed in South Africa than to say there is an active genocide against whites. I'm not arguing that whites aren't also victims to violent crime in South Africa. Of course they are. But that doesn't mean we need to lose our minds about it and start calling for civil war does it ?


Anonymous said...

It's not the same thing to say whites are killed in South Africa than to say there is an active genocide against whites.

You are wasting your time as most of these bloggers suffer from 'Jammer Jannie Syndrome". They want the world to feel sorry for them so they create a fake genocide. Pretty sick!

Anonymous said...

To those against what Rooster is doing here, don't you realise (like Steve Hofmeyer has shown) that lying and misinterpreting information is not doing any good for the real victims of crimes in this country?

Is lying really the only way of drumming up support for your causes? Unfortunately being associated with sites like zasucks doesn't help much either.

Anonymous said...

Is lying really the only way of drumming up support

The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique.

Psychological Warfare 101

1. never allow the public to cool off; (See SASucks)

2. never admit a fault or wrong; (Apartheid was great for everyone - See Dan Roodts video)

3. never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; (See Rooster & Reindeer get attacked for talking)

4. never leave room for alternatives; (Volkstaat or war)

5. never accept blame; (Dehumanize people for generations then expect everyone to love you afterwards)

6. concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; (Hmmm....Constand Viljoen...then FW De Klerk...then blacks..then the NWO....)

7. people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; (See Farm Genocide)

8. and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. (See all the shitty SA blogs)

The Rooster said...

Great post. I'm going to post that up on the front page. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't be distracted by Rooster's tactics...the simple fact is that the gruesome, barbaric, base, animalistic, savage means of torture and murder of even a dozen defenceless soft white targets ought to make him ashamed to even try and muster these endless, endless articles to counter the rights of Afrikaners to publicise the facts...

Hell no, he is more than trying to counter it, he is actively trying to shift focus from the REALITY of the gruesomeness and distorting it onto Adriana Stuit.

See how easy he did it?

Fuck you Rooster, you are a thick skinned, insensitive bastard...Remember the note that was left after Wilhelmien was executed "We killed them, we are coming back"

That ONE single death alone should make this Rooster shut the fuck up and start showing some respect for the death and suffering, and STOP making it into a political point scoring session...

How does he think he will ever win over Afrikaner support for his cause or his view of the rainbow nation with his constant, endless derogatory articles, his open contempt and derision of their feelings?

Watch him now in his response, he will say fuck off I'm not trying to win Afrikaners over, they are all a bunch of old and decayed Boere with pot bellies, fucken unreconstructed racists, then he will say, I never said I hate afrikaners, I have many (young) Afrikaner friends and they are so with it and really love the NSA...

Arsehole Rooster, you are a provakateur with an agenda. You are so sold on the New SA that you cannot stand anyone, particularly an Afrikaner, to beg to differ. You see right past the Afrikaner, you would not know a real Afrikaner if he came up and slapped you in the face (and don't take that as a threat to add more fuel to your recent little drama party, it's a figure of speech)

The Rooster said...

Enough of the Rooster is evil crap. The woman lied. She did it on purpose. Those are the facts I have brought to your attention. You can appeal to emotions as much as you like it won't change the fact she lied.

You're so anti the rainbow nation that you need to believe the cynical predictions of the volkstaters came true and you're now a persecuted class, when they never did and you're still part of the wealthiest, safest group in the country. FACT.

But you'll ignore that and keep making shit up so you can feel like the man victims when you're the least affected.

Anonymous said...

How does he think he will ever win over Afrikaner support

Money always worked with Afrikaners.