Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh the Aussie Utopia !

Read this.

It's basically some South African in Australia having the guts to say " Guys, why am I freaking miserable here ?"

And then a barrage of other people jumping on the opportunity to also share their misery.

The conclusion and solutions to feeling better and not missing South Africa as much ?

Put fridge magnets on your fridge reminding you why you left. Read news24 everyday and look for bad news. Etc

Lol. Haven't I been saying it all along ? That all these expats writing on the web painting this absurd picture of how terrible South Africa is are trying to convince themselves more than anyone ?

I mean that forum is just dripping with psychological trauma of people who are truly unhappy. It's so bad and disallusional, thatthey have to validate their misery by saying absurd things like "At least my kids can play outside."

Shame, someone should tell them that our kids all play outside too. I mean where did these people live in S.A where your kids can't play outside ? A submarine ?

No wonder they're returning to South Africa in droves.

Tut, tut, tut.

Australia : A boring, stupidly expensive, unfriendly shithole. Going by these people's experiences (most report deep depression, fear, crying everyday etc) you'd wonder why they'd go through that just to avoid the 20 000 to 1 more chance they might get murdered here. You got you shake your head and wonder what gunk got into these's people heads to make them put themselves in such a miserable situation. Where they now work crappy jobs, live impoverished lifetsyles compared to before, endure unfriendly people and a crap climate relative to here just because they feel a little "safer".

I mean how psychologically damaged has this bullshit culture of fear made people they would suffer that ? How overboard have we gone with the fearmongering and alarmism ? I'd have to damn right be sure I would be murdered to make me give away the wonderful life here. Fuck you Carte Blanche and News24 for what you have done to these people all in the name of a good story. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Again white South Africans. You don't need to go through with that. Just get the facts. The chances of something violent happening to you in South Africa are extremely low. If you don't live in Gautend the chance of getting murdered as a person is 8 per 100 000. Then again the black and coloured murder rates are more than double that of the white murder rate (ask for links to any of this as always if you doubt me). And blacks and colourds make up 90% of the people who aren't white leaving you with in fact with a less than 4 per 100 000 chance of getting murdered. Then again most of these posters are women. 1 in 11 murders here happens to a woman (again ask for links for any of this). So as a white women you have less than a 1 in 100 00 chance of getting murdered here.

What's the murder rate in Aus again ?

Shame tog. You've been scared into your current situation of misery based on a bag of bullshit.

Peace and love

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