Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Is there a better time to be a South African ?

No I'm not talking about the world cup.

But if we must did you know South Africa is not ready for the world cup ?....

Ha ha. Just kidding. That's just one of the many hilarious predictions of the afro-pessimists brigade of a few years back.

Take a look at this post about how we won't be ready for the world cup first. (lol).

There's one constant that goes hand in hand with the Afro pessimists brigade : Failure.

Day after day we're told how in x amount of time everything will have crumbled and South Africa will be the next Zimbabwe 2.0 etc. This has been happening from the early nineties and goes on still today. It's not a sophisticated argument based on any reasons other than "Because black people control the country." But apart from the fact it's intellectually stunted the argument fails on the most important level : It's predictions contradict all available evidence.

We were told our economy would collapse : It recorded record economic expansion.

We were told violent crime would spiral out of control : Murder decreased 44%.

We were told the infrastructure would disintegrate : The building of new skyscrapers, malls, roads , hotels , entertainment complexes, housing complexes etc has boomed massively.

The list goes on. In fact the predictions have been so bizarrely wrong that I challenge anyone to name a time in our History as a country where we have thrived as much as a society than we do today. I'd love to hear someone come up with an answer that is pre 1994 when not even 30% of our people had electricity (and not even 15% had human rights for that matter). Certainly it's not in the 1990's where crime and poverty were at a far higher rate before the South African economic miracle of the 2000's.

Anyway so let's come full circle to the world cup. Personally If I have to watch one more bunch of school kids do the "diski" dance on morning live I'm going to throw something with high density and velocity towards my T.V set. But irritations aside it is a really fun thing to rub into the afro pessimists faces. For years they have been telling everyone how not to come to South Africa because it's a war zone and total sh!t hole. They've escalated it incredibly and totally used the event to try and discredit South Africa's black government and chances of the country succeeding. Now there's a week to go and they've gotten very silent. It's the end game and the total horror of what's about to happen has arrived to haunt them.

"Oh my god" they're thinking " They're going to see for themselves ! This is so unfair ! How the hell are they going to believe us when we tell them South Africa is a total armpit now ? "

Anyway life's way too short to spend much time speculating what the unhinged far right are thinking. 8 short days to go until the world cup ! Get your mirror socks and car flags out (the right way up) ! Get your bafana jersey on and let's get ready to party !

But please don't, no matter how drunk, do the Diski dance in my general vicinity.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with MyBB?

Bitter because they ban you every time you try to troll on their forums?

The Rooster said...

Huh ? Obsessed with your BB ?