Sunday, 31 January 2010


Great post on mybroadband by someome calling themselves lancelot below...

I also found this website very interesting and enlightening... here.

No accusations can be made of bias here as this is a UK government website. The advice given is the sort of advice Ronjay correctly recommends is given. This part was of particular interest considering many people on here seem to be fearing that all the tourists will be attacked when here for the SWC :

More than 460,000 Britons visit South Africa every year (Source: Statistics South Africa). Most visits are trouble- free. 139 British nationals required consular assistance in South Africa in the period 01 April 2008 – 31 March 2009 for the following types of incident; deaths (48 cases); hospitalisations (23 cases); and arrests, for a variety of offences (23 cases). During this period assistance was also requested with regard to lost or stolen passports (871 cases). You should keep photocopies of your passport with you in a separate place to your passport.

So that is a 0.03% chance that a British tourist will be a victim of serious crime (and even then this is assuming that none of those deaths were natural causes or hospitalisation as a result of a self inflicted accident)! Now what was that someone was saying earlier about the chances of getting attacked by a shark being so minuscule as to make for a stupid comparison?!?!

Rooster would like to add the the gross majority of tourist deaths here are from natural causes. Old people plus boozing it up all night = death is many cases. There are extremely little to no tourist murders in the country every year. In fact you're twice as likely to die in a place crash on the way over (1.5 million to one) than to be murdered here in our worst ever tourist murder year(3 million to one..normally 9 million to one as most years go without a single tourist murder.)


Anonymous said...

here a nice story

Kevin Sheedy's willingness to explore different AFL recruiting opportunities has led to South African Bayanda Sobetwa joining the fledgling GWS team.

The 19-year-old from the Khayelitsha Township, near Cape Town, will join Greater Western Sydney on a scholarship.

He is the first international recruit for GWS, where Sheedy is the inaugural coach.

One of Sheedy's traits during his legendary 27-year reign as Essendon coach was his enthusiasm for radical recruitment ideas.

Sheedy was a key factor behind the boom in the number of indigenous players in the AFL.

Sobetwa started playing AFL three years ago and was quickly identified as a talent.

The Rooster said...

Cheers. Nice story. Dumb game.

Anonymous said...

Well I just came back from a holiday in SA and it was ABSOLUTELY GREAT! OK... the beer prices were so ridiculously cheap I did "almost" drink myself to death on more than one occasion :) ...but the combo of sea, sunshine, beer, BBQ's etc etc...AND the generally happy people was a winner for me! There just seems to be an energetic "vibe" going on in SA that you rarely see anywhere else fact you would never say there was a recession on the go the way everyone is just "getting on with life...."
Can recommend it as a holiday destination any-time !!!
And BTW... We never once felt our safety threatened by the "crime situation"! All you have do use is common sense (in short supply at the moment it seems) and NOT wear your money-belt in full view, NOT have that Nikon hanging round your neck, NOT wear those fag floral Hawaiian shirts etc etc etc and you'll be OK. Just remember... Its not like "back home" - Try to fit in as a local and everything & everyone is totally cool!

On a post note though...there does seem to be a HUGE divide between rich and poor in SA...That "township" just outside CT is really a sad indication that something is not quite right yet...

Great holiday though... would go back again at the drop of a hat!

The Rooster said...

Glad you enjoyed it here and had a good time. You attitude reflects 100% that of the hundreds of Brits I meet here each year (Ammong other things I have an internet cafe and Brits and other tourists are most of my clientele for that). All report having a great time and feeling none of the threats and horrors they were warned about would almost certainly happen to them by silly expat South Africans and their ilk.

Anyway...I love comments like this from tourists like yourself. You stand the greatest chance of fighting the needless alarmist and fearmongering the far rights nazi's employ. Here's to many more cocktails in the African sun for you in the future. Give me a shout and I might even join you for one or two next time you here.