Sunday, 31 January 2010

Black people make up 50% of suburban home buyers.

Life was better for blacks under apartheid ?



From here.

Johannesburg - Blacks and other previously disadvantaged groups are now responsible for half of all suburban property transactions.

Between 2005 and 2009 black buyers in suburban areas increased from 23% to 29.5%, according to First National Bank's (FNB's) property barometer for the fourth quarter of 2009, which was published last week.

In contrast, the percentage of white buyers over the same period declined from 57% in 2005 to 50.3%.

The numbers of coloured and Indian buyers remained almost unchanged at 7.3% and 13% respectively.

John Loos, property analyst at FNB's home loan division, said the escalation in black buyers' demand for housing in suburban areas is being driven by the relatively strong growth in their disposable income, which comes off a low base compared with the other race groups.

Data from HIS Global Insight showed blacks' cumulative real disposable income increased by 70.5% between 1999 and 2008, while the so-called "relatively affluent" coloured and Indian groups experienced a 50% increase. The white population group, the most affluent on a per capita basis, experienced estimated growth of 40.7%.

Loos said between 1999 and 2008 the black population increased by an estimated 14%, while the number of black households was 36.9% up.

He attributed this partly to new households being established at a younger age, because an increasing number of entrants to the labour market have the financial ability to do so.

This trend will lead to the demand for smaller dwelling units increasing significantly over time.


Anonymous said...

to be honest i think it was better

i think hospitals were better then than they r now. less crime less illegal immigration so competion for jobs an educated goverment would tackle disease better from what ihear most of the anc cant even read or write i dont

i have seen the hospitals lately and they r filthy nasty dirty

but thats just what i think

Anonymous said...

i just saw invictus i thought it was great

i was only 14 in 95 so i watched it cleary for the rugby .

and i gave a review for it on za sucks and this is what they had to say bout the film


Do you seriously think that Hollywood will portray Mandela and his past as it happened? Was any mention made of the Quattro camps, or the atrocities that happened there? Did Modise, a corrupt incompetent savage if ever there was one, get mentioned at all? How about the rest of the communists? How come the film failed to mention that the ANC played little, if any, part in the Angolan War, yet they crow about their great victory at Cuito! Was Lethuli House mentioned, or that Mandela gave the order to open fire on the Zulus? Any mention of Church Street, or Magoo’s Bar?

Does the film give any hint that Mandela is directly responsible for the carnage in SA, as it is his policies that are still in force? He endorsed Mbeki, enforcer of the ’silent diplomacy’ policy, while Mugabe walked free. Any hint that his best friends are despots like Aristide, Papa Doc, Gaddafi, Castro, who have failed economies, and dictatorships?

Any mention that Mandela spent 10 years in prison, and 7 under house arrest, and that in a house in Milnerton, Cape Town, that would be called elite in any suburb. Any other nation at that time would have hanged him, or shot him. Certainly the despots that he so endorses would have had him shot on the spot. Perhaps he should have been caught with 11 tons of TNT, 115,000 hand granades, etc, in Cuba. What do you think would have happened to him there?

You can believe the lie. I prefer reality.

The Rooster said...

What kak are you talkig ? You're problem is you never went into a black hospital during apartheid. I did that was filthy and disgusting !

In my city 3 of the 4 government hospitals I have visited were very clean and effecient...and get this...fucking free !

1 was a shit hole. I read recently that heads have rolled that tha hospital.

Anonymous said...

i love the speach pienaar gives in the film he says u know why this beer is kak it tastes like defeat lets never taste it again

i did notice that when they threw the beer away they threw at at the natal sharks sign a bit of dutchman english war goinbg on there i want to see it again i might buy the dvd

go bokke

Anonymous said...

well i have seen current hospitals wentworth hospitla is aweful there were no nurses u have to wait all day for doctors but your right they free and if u can aford it i think its 25 rand but maybe your right maybe they r getting better

i heard the hospitals were always free

my friends sister in pe jsut gave birth there somewhere in a government hospital she said it was so flithy she left that day she worried bout catching something

but iam reading the sa newspapers and there have been alot of stuff ups lately

Anonymous said...