Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Today's story time.

The once was a neurotic liar named Huntley who cried wolf. He was a doos.

The end.

Another stomp in the face of professional failer, supernoob Huntley as Cape Town is voted in the top ten party cities of the world by lonely planet. Bwahahahahaha.

Read about it here.

Cape Town has earned a stamp of approval from the well known travel company Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top 10 party cities. This list is part of Lonely Planet’s new guide, the “1000 Ultimate Experiences”.

Camps Bay: A popular place for Cape Town tourists to unwindAccording to Lonely Planet, with the 2010 World Cup bringing a global audience to South Africa the partying will only get harder as travellers converge on a city that is already well known for nightlife.

“Luxuriate on some of the world's best beaches by day and kick back under the moonlight at suave cocktail bars by night,” suggests Lonely Planet

.The guide advises visitors to try South African wine at a Cape Town bar or one of the wineries in the area. Mossel Bay is also recommended as a party destination. “Two hours east, in the Indian Ocean, lies the elegant beach village of Mossel Bay, with more great beaches and chic flair,” says the guide.

Other cities included in the top 10 are Belgrade in Serbia, Montreal in Canada, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Thessaloniki in Greece.


Anonymous said...

The British & Irish Lions tour generated R1.47 billion to the South African economy.
The figure of R1.47 billion was drawn from direct and indirect value to the travel and tourism gross domestic product (GDP) of South Africa. A study commissioned by SA Rugby showed that the tour produced 8.95% of South Africa’s GDP, compared to 2008.

taken from keo.co.za

Anonymous said...

according to a blogger who wrote into za sucks they have been posting pics of murdered people

and those photos were american murders not even sa murders

and he is saying i think sa sucks have mislead the people

go the boks for tonight we should beat italy but u never know

The Rooster said...

Yup. I came across that too. It's 100% true that they posted pictures including victims of the boston strangler (verified) and claimed them to be murders in S.A. I always said if you need to lie to defend your cause it's not a noble one.