Monday, 16 November 2009

Something for you to screamer about.

A few weeks back I creamed all over this site with the news that I'd signed onto a new service provider where I get my data at R29.00 per Gig from afrihost. Now compared to a few months earlier indeed this was a relatively good deal but as I said at the time it's still pathetic on an international context.

Now a new company called screamer has arrived which is offering UNLIMITED internet for R399.00 per month. Now we're STARTING to get somewhere (although this is the tip of the iceburg I imagine and soon we should be seeing half this cost fo high speed internet and "cable" tv . Anyway this I imagine will finally kick start the internet revolution in South Afica for the poorer people. At the current prices people could for example set up an internet cafe in a township , charge 1 rand an hour and be making hundreds of % profits.

More important I have p2p until my heart and music playlists are content.

In other news : I don't know how I missed that but uhuru guru was called out by none other than fellow right winged rednecks as well as fellow anti South Africa sites for posting photos of victims of the Boston strangler and presenting it as a farm killing in South Africa. The fail just keeps coming.

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Anonymous said...

HaHaHa... Nice exposé!
UG trying to slip in picture of Mary Sullivan (Boston strangler victim)as a racial SA crime.
No wonder he hung up his blog.
After that his credibility is sub-zero!