Friday, 4 September 2009

A salute to Maddox : The word's greatest pirate.

I wrote about why swine flu was a load of bollocks. I wanted to follow up but I got sick and didn't want to temp fate(Heck I'm rational , but not THAT rational).

Anyway there's no point now because Maddox has said it all here. Indeed folks.swine flu is bollocks...if Maddox says so...the deal is sealed. Simple as that.

Those not familiar with Maddox and his "Best page in the universe", apart from being idiots, are missing out on one of the great voices of our generation. Not to mention he's just freaking hilarious.

I of course have my own hilarious site which you can read here. I'm often accused of immitating Maddox, which I consider a great compliment, because compared to him I'm swamp slime. And that's saying a lot given than compared to you lot I'm a fucking god.

From his site...

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